Bliss at Squam Art Workshops!

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 Last week, Casey and I spent a few lovely days up in New Hampshire at Squam Art Workshops. (Ravelry event page!)  I am sure you have heard about it if you know anyone who attended- we all can't stop talking about how wonderful it was!  We were so blessed to be invited by Elizabeth, one of my longtime blog friends and organizer of SAW, to attend. So what was it like? Sort of like combining all the things you love about summer camp: the woods and nature, cabins, beautiful lake views, friendly camaraderie and then adding in all the things that we adults need to have fun: thoughtful organizers, good warm beverages in the morning, amazing food and cozy beds! (Take a look at other peoples' photos on flickr if you want to see what I mean- they say it all better than I ever could!)    Then, of course, there were the incredibly creative and friendly people- I spent a lot of my time there just being happily overwhelmed by genius- Jonatha Brooke singing,  an impromptu hooping session with handmade hula hoops, inspiring teachers and enthusiastic fellow students!     Casey and I were able to take some great classes!  I took 'Combination Knitting' with Annie Modesitt and 'Knit to Flatter and Fit' with Sally Melville- both were really excellent. (My first knitting classes actually!)  Casey took the Color Class with Lizzie House, which he said was awesome.  Next year, we will be taking more! There also was the gorgeous location of the Rockywold- Deephaven Camps.  I love getting out of the city in the summer and, really, it is impossible to not relax at Squam. And on Saturday night, we got to participate in the great art fair!  Here we are getting hugs from Elizabeth next to our booth: We brought some beer and waaaaaay too much pizza- I spent most of the time making sure that everyone was fed. ;) We were so lucky to have great vendors that joined us: Shepherd Susie and Erin from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm:     Lisa from Tsarina of Tsocks, Jennifer from Holiday Yarns and Heather from Sereknity Yarn and Fiber. Caro from Splityarn and Debbie from Stitchy McYarnpants (or if you prefer, Splityarnpants- haha)     Kim from The Woolen Rabbit and Jessamyn from Jesh’s Spindles:     Thank you so much to everyone who planned and participated at Squam this year- we'll see you next year!    

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