A video message on a special day

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Ravelry has been around for nearly 2 years now but the idea was actually dreamed up on April 11th, 2005. You can see the original baby of an idea over on Jess' blog. Ravelers have since dubbed April 11th "Bobmas" which means that today is Bobmas Eve. Last year, yarn shops and knitting and crochet groups got together and celebrated with yarn, cupcakes, bobtinis (really!), pints, and um... silly hats? This time we put together a short video message for everyone. It's a little hello from the 4 of us (+ dogs) along with some photos from some meetups and events from the last year. Thank you to redplaid Kellie and The Superior Crafters of the North for giving us us the idea! Thank you all so much for spending time with us and Ravelry this year! -- Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather, Erica and Bob Comments...

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