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We are thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to our team, our new Product Designer, Livia Nelson. I am so, so excited about the future of Ravelry now that she has joined us.

As Product Designer, Livia is in charge of everything related to researching, planning, and developing the user experience and visual design of Ravelry. I just know that together, we are going to make Rav more useful and more approachable and more fun.

Everyone, Livia:

Hi! My name is Livia and I'm so excited to be joining Team Ravelry — what a dream to be able to combine two of my favorite things: digital design and knitting. My job is to make sure that Ravelry is as fun and easy to use as possible, which means we'll all be talking a lot! I've been knitting since I was a teenager and joined Ravelry as a member in 2012.

Lately I've become a baby gift machine because all of my friends are starting to have kids, but it's so much fun! When I'm not designing or knitting I'm usually reading a book, rock climbing, eating my way through NYC's food scene, writing a story, traveling, or chasing around my very bad cat Lulu.

I'm livia on Ravelry and you can also find me on Instagram @liviamadethis.

..and just like that, we're a half dozen.

  • Jess & I (2007)
  • Mary Heather (2008)
  • Sarah (2009)
  • Christina (2012)
  • Livia (2019)

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