Thursday Tip: Use #ravelry to add photos from Instagram

Posted by onestitchshort on

This Thursday Tip taught me something new! You can now add photos easily from Instagram by adding #ravelry when you add the image. I added a photo to show you how it works.

1. Link your Instagram account

Right now, the only way to do this is to go to any project or stash page on Ravelry, then click "Upload from Instagram" tab under "photos". If you've ever added a photo to Rav from Instagram, you've already done this. Here are more detailed instructions.

2. Add a photo to Instagram and add #ravelry in the caption.

3. After you post it, log in to Ravelry and you will see that you have a new message.

The message will look something like this.

4. Click “yes, add this photo” and you will be shown a list of options as to where to add it.

I scrolled down to “use an existing yarn” as my picture is of my handspun that was already in Ravelry and chose it from the list there.

5. That will take you to the photos tab of that yarn where you can rearrange the order of the photos if you like.

My new Instagram photo is there on the right.

Please note, this only works with newly added photos, so you can’t add the tag to earlier photos and make it work. For earlier photos, you can use the Instagram upload. Mary-Heather wrote a great post about that to get your earlier photos from Instagram into Ravelry.

We hope this helps make it easy for you to get Instagram photos into your Ravelry projects and stash yarns!