Community Eye Candy

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There isn't a theme this week - I'd like to use this space to recognize a few people who shared project photos and notes that have helped others. Thank you to everyone who has entered a project and shared it with the rest of us! Without you, there wouldn't be a Ravelry.

Above: koffertraum's sakura, cuddlycritter's Planned Pooling blanket and WallyOne's Endlose Sandbank.

SoxTherapist's Dropping Madness Socks, Calicalew's Lost in Time and Megastar's Dragon Scarf & Hat.

JenACKnitwear's Helical Honey Cowl, cdncarol's Fox Paws and sofiecat's Raspberry Fir Cardigan.

PS: You'll notice that the creators of a couple of these projects used workarounds to add useful captions to their photos. It'd be nice to have some sort of captioning built in to Ravelry. I just started working on some photo improvements and I do want to make a way to add a caption underneath your images.