Community Eye Candy: Gradients

Posted by jessicamf on

Gradients were everywhere at Rhinebeck this weekend! Here are a few recently finished gradient projects from all over. If you like these, you might like to visit the newish (started 5 months ago) Gorgeous Gradients group.

Above, from left to right: chamade's Ruby Boomerang, Quaere's Sea Dragon Shawl, and MillieMilliani's ...Little Miss Sunshine... test.

Above: Melaroniandpeas' My peacock is a cherry bomb, greenfiber's Mia's Dress, and Linda315's Gradient Starshower

Above: Mom2Schnauzers's Rhinebeck 14 (you may have spotted her at the meetup!), kukorka's Wurm by Katharina Nopp and KatColorado2's Pulswärmer / Wrist Warmers.