Community Eye Candy: Found in Groups

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Many Ravelry groups have threads where members share photos of their finished objects. I thought it'd be fun to visit a few of these groups to see what people are sharing lately. If you'd like a place to show off your project photos after you mark them as finished, you might like to look and see if some of your favorite things (yarns, designers, podcasts, tv shows, whatever) have groups with FO threads.


  1. Tullymongan's Mellow Mittens (found in I Make Mittens)
  2. Grassharp's Zitronenfalter (found in Crochet Shoulder Wrappers)
  3. kelly-ann's Blue Rainbow Socks (found in The Yarn Hoarder Podcast)


  1. theemuts' Earflap Hats for Charity (found in Charity Knitting)
  2. Katiep43's Land Girl Socks (found in Sock Knitters)
  3. lilp00hbear's Summer Fade in Fall (found in DreaReneeKnits)

A tiny tip: when you are looking at a thread full of projects, you can search them using our regular search by clicking the link at the top that looks like this: