Community Eye Candy: Finished!

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Some projects like to take their time. They'll sit in your queue waiting for the right yarn or the right day, then they don't cooperate or something else comes along and they'll be sent off to wait in a basket or bag. These projects were all 2 or 3 years in the making but now they are finally done (woohoo!) and they look SO GOOD! Congratulations, everyone.

CLEOCMC's Vivien: queued in 2013, started in April 2014, and finished in October.

hiro25neko's Noro Melody Skirt: queued in 2012, started in May, finished in October.

clairesoleil's Couronne. Queued in 2013, started this April, and finished last month.

mrspremise's Laura Shawl. Queued in 2013, started this March, and finished in October.

taniaho's Puffin. Queued in 2012, started 1 year ago, and finished in October.

dimples74's Gilded Grace. Queued in 2013, started this July, and finished last week.

motorharp's Blue sweater. Queued in 2012, started this March, and finished last month.

Cathri's Splashes. Queued in 2013, started in February 2014, and finished last week.

hurdygurdygirl's Lovage . Queued in 2012, started in January, finished last month.