Tip: Forum Activity Tab

April 6th, 2017

You may have noticed a recent addition to the tabs in your forums – the activity tab!

When you click that tab, you will find the activity for your forums including replies to you, replies to your threads, new topics in your groups, replies to threads you are watching and threads that have a question you might be able to answer because you made the pattern or used the yarn.

If you would like to adjust the activity you see in the activity tab, you can do so by clicking the little drop down beside one of the posts. In that drop down you will see these options and you can choose whichever option you prefer.

If you accidentally hide something that you would still like to see in your activity tab, you can click “undo hidden forums & users”. On the page that follows, click the little “x” next to anything you would like to unhide (no offense to any groups listed there, I just hid a few as an example).

The forum activity tab is a great way to quickly catch up with what is going on in the forums that you follow. This also looks great on tablets and mobile devices. If you aren’t currently participating in the forums, I encourage you to find some groups that might interest you. This blog post has some great tips on how to locate your new favorite group.

Eye Candy: Terrible Lizards

April 5th, 2017

I bet that you know a kid who loves dinosaurs. I live with one. This morning we listened to one of her favorite songs, “Dinosaur Stomp”. The singer wears a shiny gold fanny pack and rhymes: “I hang with Littlefoot, he gives me great input, we eat at Pizza Hut”. My daughter doesn’t remember those pizza ads because she is 5 but she loves the song anyway, because anything that involves dinosaurs is awesome. Here are some awesome projects that involve dinosaurs.

Above, on the left, is SpinKnitUp’s CavySaurus Rex. This little squeaker is very cute in his dino costume. More importantly, his name is Pete the Cat kavisagi invented an amazing Dino Cowl and TendonitisSuitsMe made this baby a Triceratops hat.

Above: dendrobe’s Cera Tops Baby Blanket will captivate this baby for years, kjayneb made the cutest Stegosaurus, and kamidake created an artful modification that isn’t quite a dinosaur but that is so cool that I had to include it: Laly Thunderbird

Tip: Hats and Flair!

March 30th, 2017

Every year, April Fool’s Day becomes Hat Day on Ravelry: we give every user a random silly hat that appears above their Ravatar on their profile pages and when they post on the forums.

hat day 1

This year for the holiday, you’ll be able to choose your hat and even add some fun flair to your Ravatar! To do this, on April 1, go to your profile page by clicking your picture in the upper right of your screen.

hat day 2

Next, click on the “add some flair” button, and you’ll see this menu:

hat day 3

Dragging the little icons onto your picture and arrange them however you like. If you decide you don’t want something after all, just drag it back out. Click “I am finished” in the bottom right when you’re done, and now your awesome flair-filled Ravatar will show on your profile page and when you post in the forums for all of April Fool’s Day.

hat day 4

Have fun!

Eye Candy: Brown

March 28th, 2017

I feel like brown is an underrated color. It is my most worn neutral, so warm and versatile. For today’s eye candy I picked some recently finished projects made in a single shade of brown.

First up, some rich chestnut pieces: Jundee’s Squirrel berry, Dussiflette’s Morning in Engelberg, and iglinz’ 163 : I love crochet.

Next, some cool grey beige FOs: emimaru’s Shoji, Kazyuk’s 16 Cable Hat, and kcol’s baby cables 2.

Finally, these classic tan beauties: mere’s Loulou, KnittingElisa’s Syndanmaa Mittens, and Lyyra’s Light Gale.

Here’s a link to a search for projects made with brown yarn. Want to make sure your projects show up on a search by color? Fill in the color family field on your stash entries, that’s where we get the info from.

Eye Candy: Transitions

March 21st, 2017

Spring and Fall are my favorite! I love the transition from the cold to the warm summer weather and the transition from the heat to the cool winter air. Since we’re entering into Spring and Fall (depending on your location), I thought I’d share some recently completed projects that are perfect for that transitional weather.

First off, a couple of tops that would work great over a long sleeved layer or a tank, making them an excellent wardrobe staple for this time of year. On the left is Marilyn’s Shibui Tunic by Sue2Knits and on the right is alysonhere’s Carolyn Top.

Next up, a few shawls that are super versatile. They can be worn equally as well over a heavy layer to keep out the cold or with a light layer to protect you from a cool breeze. Clockwise (starting at top left) we have bigdamnhero’s Marie Anoinette, MissJinty’s Lost in Time, Lousquared’s The Conversation Went Up In Smoke and CannyCat’s Daybreak.

I hope that these projects inspire you, whether you are looking forward to the upcoming warmer spring days or cooler fall nights.

Tip: New Navigation Look

March 16th, 2017

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably noticed that Ravelry looks a little different. We’ve recently refreshed our navigation bar and in today’s post I am going to walk you through it!

We’ve updated both the look and the function of navigation. The left side is dedicated to Ravelry-wide features, and the right is your personalized Ravelry. To start with, let’s explore the left side.

These navigations links function the same as before.

The one thing on the left side of the navigation that has changed is the spotlight search. This is my very favorite feature on Ravelry – from one click you get access to:

  • a search box that searches the entire site
  • links to each advanced search section
  • your saved searches (see how here)
  • your recently viewed patterns

That covers the left side of the navigation, so let’s move to the right side where you can see your Ravelry. This is where you can access your forums, your notebook, your Pro account if you have one, see your unread messages, and access your profile.

If you hover (or tap once on a touch device) over the forums link you’ll get this handy dropdown. Here you can see any unread replies, links to posts of interest to you, and a direct link to your forum tabs. If you have more than 10 forum tabs we only show the first 10 – you can now rearrange your forum tabs on the forum settings page if you want to change which ones show. You can click (or tap a second time) on the word forums to go straight to your last visited forum tab, just like clicking on the link before.

The notebook link is the same as before, just in a new position. You can hover (or tap once) to see a dropdown menu of the different sections of your notebook, or you can click right on the words (or tap a second time) to go straight to your projects.

Finally, your avatar is home to a dropdown with links to your profile, and to log out. As with the other dropdowns, you can click on it to go directly to a link – in this case your profile page.

We have been working really hard on the new navigation and we hope you love it. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know in this thread in For the Love of Ravelry where we’re tracking feedback.

AlixPearson’s Popcorn (Hot Butter) looks great on her… but her cat thinks it is a cushion.

Years ago I did an Eye Candy about projects that were adopted by their makers’ cats as soon as they were laid out to block, and today I wanted to share another group of cat-photobombed FOs. All of these were finished this month, and all of them now belong to the cat.


Marcyssk’s Red Rasta Cowl 2.5 looks really pretty with this cat’s green eyes. KnittingMaire mentions in her project notes that her cat stole her cushion… yes, that is what happens!


knittingcat’s kitty looks sweet and elegant here but, along with its cat siblings, played hide and seek with this lovely Berg #2 shawl and it had to be started over. The perseverance was worth it and a cat this lovely deserves a little fun, yes? NinjaChicken’s lovely cat appears to be coming in for some scratchies but I bet it would happily make a bed out of this lovely Haust sweater if possible…


These projects were made for the cats on purpose! Bixus’s cat is enjoying this beautiful Manta de hexágonos (III) – cat blanket, while miaha88’s cat cuddles up with the newly-made suddenly there was a mouse toy.

Only the finest of projects will receive the approval of their cats!

We love sharing Ravelry tips with you and this week we’re going to try something new – a live Q+A!  Today, Thursday March 9, from 1:00 – 1:15pm eastern time (see that in your local time here) you can join us here and chat with us live!

We’re going to start with a tip on how to use the advanced search filters right from the search box, and then we’ll open up the discussion to your questions. You’ll be able to watch our screens and hear us narrate how we use the site, with a live chat section for you to leave your questions.

We hope you’ll join us! Once the chat is over it will be saved to our YouTube channel, so you can catch it even if you cannot join us live.

We recently added a new feature to let you hide a pattern from search results. You can find it in the little drop down menu that appears for patterns in our advanced search:


On a phone the more dots symbol will bring up the menu.

You’ll always be able to see how many results are being hidden from you here. You can tick this box to show them and un-hide any patterns you want to using the same menu:

ignore patterns 2

Patterns hidden in this way will still appear in other places around Ravelry (such as the Hot Right Now box on the patterns tab and in your friends’ activity if they queue/add to faves/etc.), but you won’t see them in search results until you choose to un-hide them.

Hanna Maciejewska’s lovely Jurata pattern, shown in the photo above, is used just as an example to demonstrate the feature… we don’t think any of you will want to hide it. 😀

One more quick thing – we are testing a new navigation bar for Ravelry, and we could use your help and feedback! If “swatching” something new sounds fun to you, check out this thread on the For the Love of Ravelry board for instructions and details. Thank you!

Community Eye Candy: Crochet

February 28th, 2017

Some weeks I already have an idea for a theme for my eye candy, and some weeks I just open projects advanced search and see what I am drawn to. This week my eye was drawn to several recently finished crochet projects, so I decided to focus my eye candy there!

I love the texture crochet can bring out! Ermakelena’s pug dog Benedict, jessicab2233’s Green Alya, and Yvonne2104’s Orchid 2.

These accessories are lovely and color coordinated. CherryHeart’s Seaflower Mitts, Raccroc’s Cyclone hat experiment, and Mamaloftin’s Tiny hearts .

And finally, three outstanding sweaters. PegStarbuck’s Labyrinth sweater, imgonnastitch’s Acute sweater, and canuck40’s Savannah Sweater.