Getting Started

May 20th, 2007

Ok, I’ve signed up. Now what do I do?
Click on your user name in the top right corner to go to your profile page and fill in the About Me section. Then you are on your own :) Explore!

Invites, etc

May 17th, 2007

Hi, everybody!

Just a quick post as I am working on getting our wonderful, gorgeous, hard-working, fabulous (is it working?) pattern Admin volunteers in so that they can get the pattern info all sorted out. (yaay! No more duplicates!)

We have had quite a few requests for invitations from you guys and we will definitely be handing out some invites to you fairly soon. I know your friends are getting antsy!

The reasons we are waiting a little bit:

– I would like to have the pattern and yarn information in a good place before we double the number of users in here (go Admins go!)

– Casey is working on making the site faster so that we can actually handle that many more users

– We want to be fair to the 4500 people on the invite request list. Some of them have been waiting for over a week to get in here.

So… yeah.

Thanks again, everyone! We really appreciate all your support and are so glad that you are enjoying the site!

Info for Admins

May 17th, 2007

Thank you so much for helping us whip the pattern info into shape- you guys rock!

Very important: The column with the Ravelry icon [r] (5th from left) indicates whether the designer of that pattern is on Ravelry. If the designer is here, and you notice a problem with that pattern, please just flag them for me- don’t edit yourself! I have given those designer control over their own pattern info and would rather that I step on toes than you guys. This includes missing photos! (Thanks!)

If you are just wandering around Ravelry, you will have editing privileges in patterns and pattern source pages. (click on the pencil to edit) Please try to watch out for the designers that are on Ravelry though!

So, how do you get started?

You should bookmark the Admin page since you will probably be coming here often to merge and group edit. Click on the Patterns tab next and enter in pattern info in the box. (pattern name, source, designer, etc.) An idea: go through your own books, patterns, Ravelry queue, favorites and projects- fill in missing information.

What information should you enter?

(Try to fill out every field the best that you can)
– Pattern description- the text box is below the ‘size shown field’. Click on the box and it will turn into a text editor. (Make a description up or quote from the pattern source- I usually write something like, “Description from” or something like that)
– Don’t forget the cost information to the right in the pattern details screen. (plug in cost in US dollars for now.) If the pattern is available immediately, I have been clicking on the ‘downloadable’ button- we may need to change that to a different word.
– Yardage: We are really using this field as a general guideline- not to replace the pattern’s info. I calculate the minimum and maximum yardage and plug those into the two yardage boxes. (multiply the yardage of one skein by the # of skeins for the smallest and largest size)
– Plugging yarn info into patterns usually brings up problems in the yarn data as well. Casey has some ideas to clean up a lot of the yarn data but in the meantime, if you notice a problem there, please flag that yarn. You should also enter a new yarn in if you think that another Raveler would be interested in that information. I usually end up googling for yarn information- try to find reputable and up-to-date sources.

Pattern Sources:
I have tried to set the following standard for pattern sources (and sources need a lot of help!) Interweave Knits, Winter 2005. Knitty, Spring 2007, etc. (MagKnits has not been changed to this standard and some of Knitty is still grouped in one section)

– Please set source types (message shows up in the Admin spreadsheet in red, “pattern source does not have type set”) Click on the source in the admin spreadsheet and it will bring you to a screen where you can mark it as ‘website’, ‘magazine’, etc. Casey called the pattern books (like yarn company books, designer books) “pamphlets” If there is a website, you can enter the site’s url in that screen.

– Image missing? Check to if Ravelers have knit the pattern and if there is a good representative photo (please be picky!) click the Request Pattern Photo button in the photo browser. If no Ravelers have knit the item, or the picture does not show the pattern very well, just leave it without the photo and mark the pattern as approved. I am going to be going through and adding photos where I can.

– If you notice duplicates (and you will!), go to the Admin screen and click the checkbox for each pattern. Then click the ‘merge selected patterns’ button. It will bring you to a merging screen and you just need to click the button of the most correct pattern. If there is still information missing, please fill it in the best that you can.

Finally, the last step should always be clicking the approve button (green check on far right column) in the Admin screen saying that you approve this pattern entry. If a pattern is flagged and you have corrected the issue, once you click that approve button it will no longer be flagged.

Thanks so much, yet again. I will edit this page if I have any updates to this information.



FAQ – Stash

May 16th, 2007

Adding / Editing Your Stash:

Q. How do I add yarn to my stash?

A. Go to your Notebook and click on "stash" in the left-hand menu. On that page, click the "Add New Yarn" button. On the page that loads, type in the name of the yarn you want to add, how many skeins of this particular yarn you have in your stash, and any other information about the yarn you’d like to add.

Important: Once you’ve started typing here, you’ll see a link button appear to the right of the field. If you click this button, Ravelry will search the database for your yarn and bring up the results in a pop-up window. If you’re using a handspun or other unique yarn, click the button that says "Unique yarn – don’t add" If you’re using a commercially available yarn, select the correct one from the list. If the yarn you used isn’t listed there, trying using fewer search terms. If you still don’t see it listed, you can add it to the database by clicking the button that says "Add to Ravelry".

Select the correct status for the yarn (e.g. currently in your stash, used up, to be traded/sold, already traded/sold), and then click the "Save and add photos" button at the bottom of the page. If you don’t have any photos of the yarn, then you’re done. If you do have photos, then you can add them by clicking on the "photos" tab up on the top right-hand side of the page. To add another yarn, click the "details" tab and then click the "Save and add another yarn" button on the bottom of the page.

Q. How do I add photos to my stash?

A. Go to your stash page (my notebook → stash), select the stash item you want to add a photo to, and then click the "photos" tab on the top right-hand side. Select the photoset from your Flickr account that the photo is in (if it’s not in a particular set, choose "All Photosets") and click the "Refresh" button. Drag and drop the selected photo to the box with the dashed border — another box will appear. You can add as many photos as you like. The photos are saved as you go along, so there’s no need to go back to the "details" page to click the "save" button when you’re done.

Q. How do I remove a photo from my stash?

A. Go to the photos page for your stash item (my notebook → stash → stash item → photos) and click the "X" directly below the photo you want to remove. This does not delete the photo from Flickr — it only removes the photo from this stash item.

Q. How do I remove an item from my stash?

A. Go to your stash page (my notebook → stash) and click the "X" button below the item you want to delete. (This does not delete the yarn from the Ravelry database — it only removes your particular item from your stash listing.)

Q. I used / sold / traded / etc. an item from my stash. How do I change its status?

A. Click on the stash item you want to change the status of (my notebook → stash) and change the status from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page. Click the "save" button when you’re done.

Q. How do I change the viewing options on my stash page?

A. To view your stash as thumbnails, click the first button (with the little squares on it) to the right of the "add new yarn" button at the top of your stash page. To view as a list, click the second button (with the lines).

Q. How do I download an Excel spreadsheet of my stash?

A. Click the third button to the right of the "add new yarn" button at the top of your stash page. A pop-up window will appear that asks you whether you’d like to open it with Excel or save the file to your computer. Choose whichever option you prefer.

Q. How can I search for / view other peoples’ stashes?

A. If there’s a specific person’s stash you’d like to view, you can go to the People page and search for them by their Ravelry username. Click the link to go to their profile, and then click their projects link on the right-hand side of their profile page. You’ll then see their notebook links on the left-hand side: click the “stash” link to view their stash.

If you’d like to see everyone’s stash images of a specific yarn, go to the Yarns page and search for the yarn you want to see. On the search results page, click the link of the yarn that you were searching for, and then click the “stashes” tab at the top of the specific yarn page. To view information about any of the stash items, you can click on the image or the text link, and you will be taken to that person’s stash details page for that item.


May 15th, 2007

Oopsie – I pushed the wrong button. I apologize if any of you were rudely interrupted by an Internal Server Error between 4:05 and 4:08 PM Eastern time.

Casey’s Dispatch #1

May 11th, 2007

Hey everyone! So tonight is the first night in I-don’t-know-how-many weeks that I haven’t added new features to Ravelry.

Jess and I went to the Burren and then Redbones (I know there are a few Bostonians lurking around here) to drink beer and eat BBQ. We didn’t think that we could do it, but in the end taking a break from Ravelry wasn’t *that* hard ;) Jess is easily swayed – she loves her some okra and buffalo shrimp.

I hope that you all are had an excellent Friday night!

…okay, I admit it – I did add one small feature to the site. Jessica made me tell you.


May 9th, 2007


And we’re back!

May 9th, 2007

You guys have sure been busy in here- so great to see everyone adding projects and using the site. :)

I had so much fun in Maryland- thanks to all the Ravelers who came over to say hello. It was awesome to walk around the festival seeing all the buttons!

Few quick notes here before I fall asleep on my keyboard:

1. One thing that would help us out enormously is if you guys could use the forum to keep track of bugs and ideas for Ravelry. I am spending a lot of my time taking emails from you guys and reordering them into categories. It would be awesome if you could use the Ravelry topic in the forum to categorize things for me- at least until we get a new system in place. (Thanks for the idea, Kelly Sue!)

2. I have heard from a couple people that the natives out in blogland are getting restless- getting upset that it is taking longer than they would like to get into Ravelry. We would be so grateful if you could assure anyone you hear getting grumpy that we are inviting people every day and we really appreciate their patience. The list of requests topped out at 3,000 this evening. Casey is doing the best he can to get everything ready for that large a group on here but he does work a full time day job and is staying up every night until the wee hours as it is.

Maybe we should have had you guys wait a bit longer before posting on your blogs about the site but, honestly, we never realized how quickly the idea would catch on! Dealing with bugs in a new website is not fun and I am surprised that many people would want to deal with it. Anyway… Live and learn.

3. Finally, I was wondering if any of my fellow Type A’s would be willing to help out here as a Moderator. A couple weeks ago, I was able to keep up with the influx of pattern and yarn info- making sure the information was correct and as complete as it could be, clearing up duplicates, etc.

Now, though, it is too big for me to handle on my own. So, do any of you have any time to help moderate the pattern and yarn info? We will be adding more moderation tools very soon and I just thought I would get the question out there.

If you would like to help out, and are anal, ahem, detail- oriented, please go to this thread and let me know!

Thanks so much, everybody! We really appreciate all the feedback and emails- we are doing our best to respond as quickly as we can.


May 4th, 2007

Casey and I are leaving for the airport in a little bit- me to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool (woohoo!) and Casey to visit his friend in Baltimore.

So… our internet connection throughout the weekend will be spotty at best. Everyone play nice now, ya hear? :)

One quick request: We really do want to hear feedback and suggestions on the site but it would really help us out if you could send us just one email for the weekend. Keep the window open and add a few things at a time… That would help enormously.

Some people had some questions about invitations. Casey and I will be inviting more folks from the invite request list sometime next week. The list is very long (2,000 people!!) so it may be a little bit before we assign you guys more invitations to give out. We also want to be fair to the people that have signed up for an invitation. (Although your beta tester invites will still be fully operational while we are gone.)

Please come say hi if you are at Maryland- I will be there with my Ravelry tote bag and have some Ravelry buttons to give out!!

Oh and please know that we tried to respond to all the emails and suggestions that you guys sent us- if you didn’t hear a response, we read your message and will certainly get back to you as soon as we can! One quick thing, please also check out the information on the front page in the “help! help! where am I?” box, some of your questions can be answered there. (I know there is a lot of text but please do read them.)

Thanks so much everyone! Casey and I have just been blown away by the support of the community- I cried yesterday because I was so happy.


May 4th, 2007

Hey guys,

I made a change to the search at 2am Eastern and I woke up to find that it didn’t go so well. If any of you ran into any error messages this morning, I apologize. It’s all fixed now.

Also, the survey was sooo useful that I added a new 2 Question Survey. (It’s related to photos) Thanks!