Eloise bags smaller

We are really excited to reveal a project that has been in the works for a while now, a new project bag series! We discovered Eloise (worksweet on Ravelry) and her awesome artwork when she was a finalist in the Ravelry Project Bag Design Contest. We loved her little animals and knew we wanted to have them on something in the future, and now they are here!

The Eloise Draws Project Bags include three different designs – Yarn Decisions, Drop Spindle and Winding, each featuring whimsical animals and yarn! The bright colors and adorable cast of characters are a perfect combination. You can pick up each one individually, or get a discount when you buy all three together. The discount is automatically added when you make your purchase. Collect them yourself and pick some up as gifts for your fellow fiber lovers!

While you’re in the Mini-Mart, don’t forget to check out all of our other great gift options! From Soak for washing handmade gifts (or giving along with them) to Ravelry themed items like buttons & nail polish we have a lot of great items that will allow you to support Ravelry and give a great gift. We even have notecards and knitting or crochet gift tags (that have washing instructions on the back) that you can include with your gifts. Remember, anyone can purchase items from the Mini-Mart, not just Ravelry members, so you can add links to Ravelry items to your holiday or birthday wish lists, too!

Thursday Tip: Save your Searches

November 14th, 2013

Many of us find ourselves searching for the same things over and over. For me, I search for patterns for my boys pretty often. To prevent you from having to enter the search fields every time, you can save your commonly used searches so you can access them later! For more detailed pattern search help, you can check out this video, but if you are already familiar with using our search, this is a quick tip that might help you out!

After you’ve selected the criteria you would like for your search, click “save search” in the upper left of the patterns tab and enter what you’d like to name the search. Then, click “save”.

save search

Then, anytime you wish to access the search again, click on the magnifying glass tab and it will show there.

magnifying tab

Just click the name of the search and it will pull right up for you. This is a handy feature that I always forget about, so if you need me, I’ll be off saving some searches!

Community Eye Candy: Down Under

November 13th, 2013

This week, I picked out some recently finished projects from Ravelers in
Australia and
New Zealand.

Pictured above: kathok’s Farmhouse Pretty (me), susiechoi’s Jaffa and Indrani’s Paranel ~ Bunny Girl for my niece.

Pictured above: lynleyg’s Hungry Caterpillar Milo, Donella10′s Lace Yoke and Vicbond’s Miette.

Awesome work, guys!

Ravelry’s main boards and group forums are such an incredible resource if you have a question about patterns, yarns, or just about anything fiber-related. (Or Doctor Who-related, or food-related, or parenting-related… you all are wise in so many ways!) When it comes to questions about patterns and yarns, we have a new feature that will allow you to note that your forum post contains a question about a specific pattern or yarn. This feature also lets you find other users who could use your help!

asking a question?

Want to ask a question?

To use this feature, just start a forum thread (this will work on any forums, whether in our main boards or groups) and type out your forum post as you normally would, being sure to link the pattern or yarn you have the question about. Any type of link will work, even just pasting the Ravelry pattern page URL into your post. When you click the “start topic” button, you’ll see a box appear as pictured above, that asks if you have a question about the yarn and/or pattern that you magic linked. Check the box for the item you have a question about – in my case, I was only wondering about the pattern, not the yarn, so that’s the box I checked.

Now your post will be marked as a question and a special lifesaver symbol will appear for any Ravelry users who have made the pattern you linked (or used the yarn you linked if you marked that as subject of your question).

life perserver

Want to help by answering a question?

If you see that symbol above in a forum thread, it means you may be able to help a Raveler with a question, because you have used the pattern or yarn they are wondering about! The post with a question will be clearly marked as such and easy for you to find:

question post

Ravelry might just have the most helpful users on the internet, and we know that many of you will be excited about this new way to connect with other users. We hope to continue to develop this feature and use it to improve other things (like linked discussion threads on pattern pages), but for now the indicator is a new way to easily mark your posts as a question and also see when you might be able to help a fellow Raveler.

Through an accident of real estate we don’t get many trick-or-treaters at my  house, so I’ve been thrilled to see people uploading pictures of their Halloween projects.

First up, I love these Halloween-related accessories.  Yes to seasonal decorations!

From left to right: kellys’ mummy yarn bomb, caseyplusthree’s Bat Garland, and Wineta’s Witch Face.

Next, check out these incredible handmade costume pieces.

From left to right: free2bee’s Madhatter, merboh’s cobweb faerie wings, and pentalia’s Whimsical Witch.

Finally, these costumes all made me smile.  I wish I had seen them at my door!

From left to right: lilianic’s Candy Buttons Halloween Costume, chocky’s Lady Bat, and EmeraldEmpress’ Velma.

If you like to look through project notes on Ravelry while preparing to work on a pattern (and we hope that you do!) you might have wondered how to easily get back to useful projects that you’ve come across.

Any project that you favorite or mark as helpful shows up in two special places:

  1. On the “projects” tab of patterns that you’ve researched, there is an option to filter for projects that you favorited or marked as helpful
  2. Once you’ve started your own project, all of the projects that you marked as helpful or favorited appear on the lower right of your project page in a section called “related bookmarks”

Community Eye Candy: Warm Hands

October 29th, 2013

It is finally beginning to get cooler here in Texas so I’m feeling like it’s wool time! I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration for future projects from the recently completed projects for keeping your hands warm. These are just a few of the projects inspiring me right now.

From left to right: totokoko’s lacy fingerless gloves, Teal’s Maine Morning Mitts for a Maine Retreat, LiliTupili’s spring comet

Above: NEC’s In the Bleak Midwinter, susna’s Sheep Mittens, joanie1803′s Quaternity

Finally, we have cgitard’s Mitaines aux rubies, Alenna’s Pearl Lady and suppan’s Knottys.

This week we also released a new product in our mini-mart to keep your hands festive, a nail polish Soakbox featuring Ravelry colors and fun fibery polish names.


We are only able to ship them to the US and Canada, which is a bummer, but we have more new products coming soon that don’t have shipping restrictions.

Here’s hoping your hands stay warm, festive and filled with yarn this fall and winter!

Thursday Tip: Group Chat

October 24th, 2013

Ravelry groups are a great way to connect with other members.  If you want to keep the conversation going at an even faster pace than a discussion thread, check out group chat.  It’s a chat room for the members of a group, where you can meet in real time to converse and maybe even craft together.

The entrance to the chat room is on the group page, below the options to leave the group and invite a friend.  Don’t see a box like in the picture above?  Ask your group’s administrator to enable chat for the group from the edit page.  Happy chatting with your fellow Ravelers!


Lately I’ve been obsessed with colorwork yoked sweaters. There are so many amazing projects that it has been really hard to actually pick a pattern and start knitting my own! Here are a few beautiful projects that were finished recently.

Above: smurphy2′s Hiro, HowdyPandowdy’s Woolen Bláithín and shutterhoney’s !li:!li:!li:

Above: stickanni’s Frost cardigan, SweetBeej’s Lively Chickadees and JRoKnits’ Hourglass to Equinox to Cardigan.

Above: miastick’s Gotiska fönstret blå, KnittingEla’s My Inner Viking Test and liselore’s Iceland Lopi

Thursday Tip: Filter your Stash

October 17th, 2013

The stash area is a great way to keep track of the yarn in your yarn closet. To get your stash, click on the notebook tab and choose stash. There are a lot of handy features to help you use the yarn that you have.

One feature is the filter option. You can do this at the top of your stash area by clicking the “filter your stash” drop down. Then, you can easily filter by weight. This is particularly helpful if you find a pattern you like and are looking for yarn to match with it. If you are looking for various weights of yarn, you can choose more than one weight.

stash filter

You can also sort by fiber types and other attributes. Additionally, you can click advanced search at the bottom of the drop down for even more stash searching options. Once you find what you are looking for, you can use the location field in the stash entry to figure out where you’ve stored it. Happy stash hunting!