This week we show off some recent projects that were made with a single lonesome skein of yarn:

Above, from left to right: brittney07’s Tropical Paradise , gingergooseberry’s Petite Lisette, and lzi’s Moon Angel.

Above: Meredith0908’s Half Lotus Bunting, BrigitteR’s Bubble Blue(s), and julieasselin’s River Edge.

Above: samy’s Atelier Tricot nordique, ambahobrien’s Magenta Kinta – gradience, and ichigoknitter’s Beans the Cat.

project sorting and filter overview

The projects section of your Ravelry Notebook is such a handy place to track what you’ve made and share your helpful pictures and notes with other Ravelry users (or non-users if you choose!). For our tip today we wanted to give a quick intro to the sorting and filter options available in the projects section of your Notebook, to help you quickly find what you are looking for and choose how you see it.

left project filters

On the far left is the add projects button, which is how you add a new project to your notebook.


Next to that is the drop-down that allows you to sort your projects so that you can view your notebook in various ways (with your WIPs – works in progress – first, by happiness, etc.).


The next option on the left side is a status filter – select this and you can easily switch the default all projects view to see only the projects you have in progress, finished, hibernating, or have frogged.

project search

With the search field, you can quickly search your projects right from your Notebook page.

right project filters

The options on the right side give you more tools to track and display projects.

rss project feed

The orange RSS button lets you subscribe to your choice of various available RSS feeds: projects, finished objects, comments on projects, or friends’ projects.


The cute little picture icon (with the green arrow pointing to it in the above screenshot) will pull up a slideshow of all your project photos.

flickr and advanced search

The button with the two dots is Flickr’s icon, and if you (or the user whose notebook you’re looking at) has linked your Flickr account to your Ravelry profile (it’s an option when editing your profile) you be able to click right over and view your Flickr photos. Next to that is a link to the advanced search, which will allow you to use our regular advanced search project filters on the projects in the notebook you are viewing.

photo buttons

The final options on the right are display choices for different project card views. On the left is the large thumbnail view which will show your project photos in a simple and large format:

large thumbnails

The middle display options button shows smaller photo thumbnails along with other information about your project, such as WIP status and percentage completed as well as icons representing people who have favorited or commented on the project.

small thumbnails

While in this view, clicking on the little arrow on the bottom right of the project photo will bring up some quick editing options as well as a choice to delete the project from your notebook:

project options

The last button to the right will bring up a list view of your projects:

list view

All of these options will work for you to sort, filter, and view other Ravelry notebooks, not just your own! If you don’t have projects in your notebook but would like to try playing with these features, please feel free to click around in my notebook to test away.

I really love bunting.  It is such fun, crafty decor!  This week I want to highlight some bunting that caught my eye.

First up, some floral flags.  From left to right: hddod‘s Flower garland, Meredith0908‘s Half Lotus Bunting, and Claire-clutterbug‘s Daisy Chains.

Next, I love these bundles with names and words. Clockwise from top: shopaholiccat‘s playhouse bunting, -amanda75-‘s Van Bunting, and sandpipersA Room of His Own.

Finally, some patriotic bunting from around the world. Clockwise from left: aahhh‘s Jubilee Bunting, koleslaw12‘s Star Spangled Banner, and Zoomsnoren‘s Flagranke.

I hope you enjoy these fantastic flags as much as I do!

We have definitely caught World Cup Fever around here! We’re watching as many games as we can and my older son has picked his favorite players to follow. With World Cup on the brain, I thought it would be fun to feature some of the great World Cup projects people have made to make things more festive!

First up, some World Cup inspired socks! From left to right, nettischaf’s Germany goes Brasil 2014, RiotousAssembly’s Dodgy Refs, and amberschiwi’s Copa do Mundo 2014.

There are many other ways of showing team spirit, too, like beefcake’s Hup Holland World Cup Jar Jackets, Maisie27’s England bunting, and wifrm’s WM Schnullerkette.

Finally, I couldn’t resist some of the items that have been recently completed featuring soccer balls, including mossmermaid’s Soccer Ball, brysue’s nat’s soccer blanket and ashley1214’s Gramps #3.

The World Cup has just begun, so you still have time to make a project inspired by your favorite team!

christina sarah jess path walking

Last week, all five of us on the staff here at Ravelry retreated to the woods of New Hampshire for the Squam Art Workshops. This is an event that Jess and Casey have attended nearly every year since its inception, though for me, Sarah, and Christina, it was our first year getting to be Squammies. I’ve seen the pictures and heard about the classes and environment that Elizabeth has nurtured for years, and knew that we were all in for a treat, but the experience of actually being by the lake, taking classes in cozy cabins, and spending time with the other Squam attendees left me feeling truly nourished and inspired.

yarn bombs at Squam

Between us we enjoyed classes in knitting taught by Nancy Bush and Franklin Habit (two of the many incredible yarn-y teachers present), art, writing, and photography – a wonderful sampling of the subjects available at Squam. When we recapped our classes with each other, we all kept talking about how we knew we’d be reflecting on the things we learned for some time. We also heard a talk by Jared Flood, swam in the lake, ate yummy food, hiked through beautiful woods and admired the yarnbombed treasures everywhere, listened to loon calls, stayed up late in our cabin chatting and laughing with friends, crocheted on the dock, and ate s’mores… so many s’mores.

squam art fair

The Squam Art Fair and Ravelry Revelry on Saturday night was a blast. Fantastic vendors set up booths in the main hall, and eager Squam attendees and locals lined up before it opened, ready to browse and buy these indie goods.

ravelry revelry 2014

Across the road, our Ravelry Revelry had beer, cake, bunting and twinkle lights, and plenty of room for sitting down, craft in hand, and catching up with old and new friends. The evening was the perfect ending to this event, and we are especially grateful to our sponsors for making it possible!

The JOY level sponsors are:


Uppercase Magazine

gather here

gather here

purl soho

and Purl Soho

There were even more participating sponsors who can be found on the Squam website.

Thank you so much to everyone at Squam for making it an unforgettable event!

obligatory dock picture

It’s time for another round of “What Do I Do With That Skein?”, the blog post series that helps you get from cherished skein to beloved finished object.  Last month I posted about looking at projects made from a specific yarn.  Today’s focus is going to be on finding the patterns that have a specific yarn as a suggestion.

To start, let’s go back to our handy yarn page tabs and check out the pattern ideas. (An example.)

On this page I see a listing of patterns that were designed for this yarn, and even examples of projects knit from it!  The filters on this page allow me to narrow down the patterns to a single category, so I can focus my search.

For those of you who love the flexibility of the advanced search, you can perform the same one there.  In the dropdown at the top of the screen there’s a filter called “Suggested yarn name” – filling that out will pull up patterns designed for that yarn.  Then you can sort, filter, and peruse those results to your heart’s content!  (Again, an example.)


I hope you’re enjoying this series and that you’re finding the inspiration to cast on your favorite yarns!

squam pics

Casey, Jess, Christina, Sarah, and I spent the past week at the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire. We’ll have a full recap post up later this week, but it’s safe to say we all came away relaxed and inspired by the time we spent in the woods creating, taking classes, laughing around campfires, eating meals with friends old and new, and of course swimming in the beautiful lake. For today’s Eye Candy post I looked for projects that reminded me of this special week.

squam yarn bombs

During the Squam Art Workshops, the grounds of the camp are full of whimsical yarn bombs: everything from a canoe cozy to garlands of pom-poms hanging from the trees. (Don’t worry, everything is taken down when the camp ends, and the camp staffers are as enthusiastic about finding these treats in the woods as the Squammies are.) I found a few fun yarn bombs made by Ravelers this year: nirvyarnah‘s Locks of Love, monibknitsStop Sign Flower, and miloco‘s 2014 UrbanYarnage Travisaurus Rex.


So many Squam campers were wearing handmade tunics and smocks (especially after Cal Patch’s Squam Smock class the first day) that I even heard one sweet tunic-clad camper call them “the Squam uniform!” I’m definitely feeling the urge to make a cozy, summery, smock-y tunic now, and Patstar‘s Hexa-Penta v4, ichstrickewieder‘s Lanesplitter Tunika, and MissKadri‘s Still Light Tunic are such inspiring project examples.


Finally, I couldn’t help but include kelleyjogirl‘s Cutie Mosquito, because, well, they were a big part of the past week too. ;) If only the real ones were so adorable!

Ravelers in the Netherlands finished 2000 projects in April and May. This week, we’re showing off a few of those projects.

Above, from left to right: Breigh’s Convergence Top, bloemenjansje’s Shetland jumper and some’s Floral Fusion.

Above: Karinita0607’s Hitofude, stilte’s TGV II – Handspun and isa304’s Ariel pixel blanket.

Above: Boknits’ Combination Tee, radiolazy’s noise, metavf’s Easter bunny

I wanted to say something clever in Dutch but the only word that I know is “sinaasappelsap”. My high school spanish teacher taught us a few of his favorite words in other languages, and the his favorite in Dutch was the word for “orange juice” :)

Have you ever wanted to quickly find a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook that you just knew was in a project bag somewhere, along with a long-lingering work in progress? (Oh gosh, please tell me I’m not the only one!) Before you go out and buy your ninth size 6 24″ circular (ahem… the more I type, the more I hope I’m not alone in this), did you know you can use the advanced search for your projects to help you quickly find your missing tool? Here’s how!

advanced search projects link

From the projects section of your Notebook, click on the advanced search link to search your projects.

project search wips

You can narrow your search down to just your WIPs (works-in-progress) and projects you’ve marked as hibernating with the “status” filter in the sidebar on the left.

sidebar size filters

In the left sidebar, you’ll also find filters for needle and hook sizes; the sizes with numbers indicate which are being used. Click on the checkbox with the size of the hook or needle you’re looking for, and our search will narrow down to the project you are currently using it with. Now you just have to decide if you really want to pause that project and start something new, or if it would make more sense to finish it up. ;)

Unfortunately this feature will not help you find the needle that slipped between the couch cushions or the hook you accidentally left on an airplane last month, but if we ever come up with something magic like that, you can bet we’ll post about it here!

Do you have a project that you started ages ago and is hiding in a closet somewhere?  Or maybe a long-term project you’ve been working on for years?  Well the projects in today’s eye candy used to be long-term unfinished objects, but now they are done and they were worth the wait!

First, the sweaters! quiltmomoffive‘s Hex Coat, ckknitter‘s De Colores, and Poetmom‘s World’s Longest Fair Isle Project (at nearly 20 years, she is probably close to holding that record!).

And the blankets! makkidi‘s OUR Lizard Ridge, Violiknit‘s Blanket Freelancing, and januaryone‘s Madness.

And the other stuff! DinosaraKnitsInga Hat, yarnRx‘s Vacuum hose ‘hose’…, and EvilOlive‘s Twisted Flower Sock.

My favorite part of finding all these projects was reading the notes – so many of them detail year-long sagas to create these beautiful projects, capturing the inspiration and advice picked up along the way.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!