Tip: New Navigation Look

March 16th, 2017

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably noticed that Ravelry looks a little different. We’ve recently refreshed our navigation bar and in today’s post I am going to walk you through it!

We’ve updated both the look and the function of navigation. The left side is dedicated to Ravelry-wide features, and the right is your personalized Ravelry. To start with, let’s explore the left side.

These navigations links function the same as before.

The one thing on the left side of the navigation that has changed is the spotlight search. This is my very favorite feature on Ravelry – from one click you get access to:

  • a search box that searches the entire site
  • links to each advanced search section
  • your saved searches (see how here)
  • your recently viewed patterns

That covers the left side of the navigation, so let’s move to the right side where you can see your Ravelry. This is where you can access your forums, your notebook, your Pro account if you have one, see your unread messages, and access your profile.

If you hover (or tap once on a touch device) over the forums link you’ll get this handy dropdown. Here you can see any unread replies, links to posts of interest to you, and a direct link to your forum tabs. If you have more than 10 forum tabs we only show the first 10 – you can now rearrange your forum tabs on the forum settings page if you want to change which ones show. You can click (or tap a second time) on the word forums to go straight to your last visited forum tab, just like clicking on the link before.

The notebook link is the same as before, just in a new position. You can hover (or tap once) to see a dropdown menu of the different sections of your notebook, or you can click right on the words (or tap a second time) to go straight to your projects.

Finally, your avatar is home to a dropdown with links to your profile, and to log out. As with the other dropdowns, you can click on it to go directly to a link – in this case your profile page.

We have been working really hard on the new navigation and we hope you love it. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know in this thread in For the Love of Ravelry where we’re tracking feedback.

AlixPearson’s Popcorn (Hot Butter) looks great on her… but her cat thinks it is a cushion.

Years ago I did an Eye Candy about projects that were adopted by their makers’ cats as soon as they were laid out to block, and today I wanted to share another group of cat-photobombed FOs. All of these were finished this month, and all of them now belong to the cat.


Marcyssk’s Red Rasta Cowl 2.5 looks really pretty with this cat’s green eyes. KnittingMaire mentions in her project notes that her cat stole her cushion… yes, that is what happens!


knittingcat’s kitty looks sweet and elegant here but, along with its cat siblings, played hide and seek with this lovely Berg #2 shawl and it had to be started over. The perseverance was worth it and a cat this lovely deserves a little fun, yes? NinjaChicken’s lovely cat appears to be coming in for some scratchies but I bet it would happily make a bed out of this lovely Haust sweater if possible…


These projects were made for the cats on purpose! Bixus’s cat is enjoying this beautiful Manta de hexágonos (III) – cat blanket, while miaha88’s cat cuddles up with the newly-made suddenly there was a mouse toy.

Only the finest of projects will receive the approval of their cats!

We love sharing Ravelry tips with you and this week we’re going to try something new – a live Q+A!  Today, Thursday March 9, from 1:00 – 1:15pm eastern time (see that in your local time here) you can join us here and chat with us live!

We’re going to start with a tip on how to use the advanced search filters right from the search box, and then we’ll open up the discussion to your questions. You’ll be able to watch our screens and hear us narrate how we use the site, with a live chat section for you to leave your questions.

We hope you’ll join us! Once the chat is over it will be saved to our YouTube channel, so you can catch it even if you cannot join us live.

We recently added a new feature to let you hide a pattern from search results. You can find it in the little drop down menu that appears for patterns in our advanced search:


On a phone the more dots symbol will bring up the menu.

You’ll always be able to see how many results are being hidden from you here. You can tick this box to show them and un-hide any patterns you want to using the same menu:

ignore patterns 2

Patterns hidden in this way will still appear in other places around Ravelry (such as the Hot Right Now box on the patterns tab and in your friends’ activity if they queue/add to faves/etc.), but you won’t see them in search results until you choose to un-hide them.

Hanna Maciejewska’s lovely Jurata pattern, shown in the photo above, is used just as an example to demonstrate the feature… we don’t think any of you will want to hide it. 😀

One more quick thing – we are testing a new navigation bar for Ravelry, and we could use your help and feedback! If “swatching” something new sounds fun to you, check out this thread on the For the Love of Ravelry board for instructions and details. Thank you!

Community Eye Candy: Crochet

February 28th, 2017

Some weeks I already have an idea for a theme for my eye candy, and some weeks I just open projects advanced search and see what I am drawn to. This week my eye was drawn to several recently finished crochet projects, so I decided to focus my eye candy there!

I love the texture crochet can bring out! Ermakelena’s pug dog Benedict, jessicab2233’s Green Alya, and Yvonne2104’s Orchid 2.

These accessories are lovely and color coordinated. CherryHeart’s Seaflower Mitts, Raccroc’s Cyclone hat experiment, and Mamaloftin’s Tiny hearts .

And finally, three outstanding sweaters. PegStarbuck’s Labyrinth sweater, imgonnastitch’s Acute sweater, and canuck40’s Savannah Sweater.


Community Eye Candy: Under Cover

February 21st, 2017

I have been spending lots of time looking at home design things lately, and that got me looking at the stunning things for the home that people have been making on Ravelry. I found a lot of really great blankets to share with you!

First off, I love the simplicity of these three blankets. The color blocking and simple edging make for great finished items. From left to right, Dee’s blanket by nomysteryleft, Burusia from anatejeyteja and Neon Blankie from K8Craft.

The patterning on these two is just striking. On the left is the Evening Mesa Blanket by knitlomat and on the right are the Saterglantan blankets by wexford.

Finally, these blankets are so bright and cheery. I love the colors used in each one! On the left is radioselma’s Paint Box Blanket, top right is saltypurl’s Quilt for Mom and bottom right is MaresiB’s Octagon Throw.

Blankets are a large project, so I’m in awe of the time and effort spent on the blankets featured here and the thousands of other blanket projects Ravelers have created. I hope you found these projects to be as inspiring as I did!

Today we are sending you all some love and hearts – Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some recently completed Valentines-y projects.

valentine's hat
ehalf’s Kierki Hat looks like it was made with love!

valentine's day 2

Above, kmspillman’s Heart Coaster or Mini Doily, bevans59’s heart, and mmhiscox’s I Heart U.

valentines 3

Here are mzcurran’s Heart and Flower Bunting, mvckr’s Woolly Kiss for DH, and delighted40’s Valentine’s Day Wreath.

Fun reminder: we have Valentine’s Day Ravelry cards available for sending again this year!

valentines send

To send a Valentine, just go to the Ravelry profile of the person to whom you want to send it, and click on the special send Valentine link you’ll see just under the regular send message link. (If the Raveler has Ravelry messages disabled, you won’t see either of these options.) Once you click on the send Valentine link you’ll get to choose from among several cute vintage Valentines. Type in your own note if you want, and send your friend some love! These are available for the rest of the day – we hope you enjoy!

The most commonly asked question I see about the forums is how to get back to conversations that you’ve joined. There are so many options available to you that today’s tip post is all about keeping up with conversations in the forums.

Get an Overview of Your Forum Activity

At the top of your forums page, between your forum tabs and your settings is your forum activity, overview of what has been going on in your forums since you were last there. You’ll see replies to you, new threads in your groups and posts in threads you’re watching. It’s easy to remove content you don’t want to see from this feed.

We also grey out posts you’ve already read, trying to keep it to the thing you’ll be most interested to see.

Finding Direct Replies to Your Posts

If someone has replied directly to you, you’ll see this at the top of your forums page. Click on that link and you can get back to the discussion.

Finding Unread in Your Threads

It’s possible to reply directly to the thread instead of any specific user. In that case, you don’t get a notification on your forum page. To find those, you can go to the bottom of your forums page where you’ll see your stats.

Click on the posts you’ve made or topics you’ve started to go check out a list, and navigate back to any discussion you want to check back up on.

Browsing Forum Threads I Have Participated In

Your browse tab is also a great place to check up on conversations you’ve participated in.

Select which threads you want to look at from the selections. Then you can look at the table to see when it was last posted to and if there are any posts you haven’t read yet.

I hope this makes it easy to remain a part of chatter you’re interested on the forums!


Tip: Pattern Database FAQ’s

February 9th, 2017

The patterns tab is where the Ravelry pattern database lives and we get a lot of questions about how it works, so here are a few frequently asked questions that you may be wondering about, too!

1. How does a pattern get added to the database?
Our pattern database is user maintained. Patterns can be added by designers, publishers or members who are familiar with a particular pattern (often someone who has made the pattern and wants to link it to their project). We also have volunteer editors who help us make sure that what is added to the database meets our pattern database guidelines.

2. How does a pattern become “Hot Right Now”?
Automagically! :) No really, the Hot Right Now pattern order is generated automatically based on traffic from the last 24 hours. It is updated more than 50 times a day, so it changes frequently allowing you to see what is getting the most interest right now. You can sort patterns by “Hot Right Now” at any time in the advanced search by choosing that option in this little drop down menu.

3. This pattern is no longer available, why can’t you just delete it from Ravelry?
When you add a project to Ravelry, you are able to link it to the pattern entry. Then, you can look at all of the projects made with that pattern. Therefore, we allow any pattern that has been available to be added to the database. Even if it isn’t currently available, people may still have that book on their bookshelf or that file saved on their computer and will still be making projects from it. You can search for patterns that are currently available as Ravelry downloads under the Availability heading in the advanced search. This can be found on the left of the page with the other filters.

4. My most frequently received question about the pattern database is “How do I get that pattern?”
I have written a much more involved post about that where you can find all of the steps for finding a pattern depending on the pattern source.

The pattern database is one of the most helpful parts of the site. The ability to look for patterns using a lot of different criteria and to see projects made with those patterns before embarking upon your own project can be really useful. I hope the answers to these questions help you understand the database just a bit better.

February is my least favorite month in New England because it I start to feel like I am finished with winter and I’ve forgotten, again, that it’ll be a long time before things are green. I’m not really sure what that has to do with fruit. I started looking at garden-related projets and then I got a little sidetracked after finding this Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Above: BistitchualE’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar (complete with fruits, vegetables and sweets!), fleurdelys516’s Pineapple Beanie and SweetBeej’s Carrots and Beets.

Pepsie’s Fruit Trio, Dirka’s Garden playmat for her grandaughter, and Yvonne2104’s Orchidee.

kitknits1’s Beekeeper Hats, amberfyre’s Fruitmarks, and vikkyzm’s *legwarmers* made using the Garden Dreams Mittens pattern.

Many of these were gifts and wow, I wish there had been photos of the happy people receiving these awesome presents!