Last week, Casey and I spent a few lovely days up in New Hampshire at Squam Art Workshops. (Ravelry event page!)  I am sure you have heard about it if you know anyone who attended- we all can‘t stop talking about how wonderful it was!  We were so blessed to be invited by Elizabeth, one of my longtime blog friends and organizer of SAW, to attend.

So what was it like? Sort of like combining all the things you love about summer camp: the woods and nature, cabins, beautiful lake views, friendly camaraderie and then adding in all the things that we adults need to have fun: thoughtful organizers, good warm beverages in the morning, amazing food and cozy beds! (Take a look at other peoples’ photos on flickr if you want to see what I mean- they say it all better than I ever could!)


Then, of course, there were the incredibly creative and friendly people- I spent a lot of my time there just being happily overwhelmed by genius- Jonatha Brooke singing,  an impromptu hooping session with handmade hula hoops, inspiring teachers and enthusiastic fellow students!


Casey and I were able to take some great classes!  I took ‘Combination Knitting’ with Annie Modesitt and ‘Knit to Flatter and Fit’ with Sally Melville– both were really excellent. (My first knitting classes actually!)  Casey took the Color Class with Lizzie House, which he said was awesome.  Next year, we will be taking more!

There also was the gorgeous location of the Rockywold- Deephaven Camps.  I love getting out of the city in the summer and, really, it is impossible to not relax at Squam.

And on Saturday night, we got to participate in the great art fair!  Here we are getting hugs from Elizabeth next to our booth:

We brought some beer and waaaaaay too much pizza- I spent most of the time making sure that everyone was fed. ;)

We were so lucky to have great vendors that joined us:

Shepherd Susie and Erin from Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm:


Lisa from Tsarina of Tsocks, Jennifer from Holiday Yarns and Heather from Sereknity Yarn and Fiber.

Caro from Splityarn and Debbie from Stitchy McYarnpants (or if you prefer, Splityarnpants- haha)

Kim from The Woolen Rabbit and Jessamyn from Jesh’s Spindles:


Thank you so much to everyone who planned and participated at Squam this year- we’ll see you next year!


A new arrival!

May 19th, 2009

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our little team!

…drum roll please…

onestitchshort Sarah!

Before we let Sarah tell you all a little about herself, we’d like to send a final thank you out to everyone who applied for the Community Support position. So many *amazing* Ravelers applied for the position and although 1500+ applications were a lot to go through, we truly enjoyed learning a little bit more about each of you. Thank you all for the time and energy that you put into applying. The process was a lot of work for both us and the applicants but it was also fun and educational. Our only regret is that choosing one person meant that we had to turn so many great people down. We were so lucky to have so many incredible, enthusiastic candidates.

Sarah is a creative and dedicated customer support professional. She’s a fantastic communicator and is joining our team with fresh eyes and new ideas, but is also a long-time Ravelry user who really understands the vision and tone of the site. We are so happy to welcome her to Team Ravelry! Once Sarah gets settled and has helped us out with a few immediate things you can expect to see a lot of her. She’ll be actively involved and talking with you all in the forums, email, and other spots just like the three of us.

Without further ado – here is a video message and a short bio from Sarah:


A little bit about me…

I grew up watching my mom crochet and knit, but I resisted learning how until about eight years ago when I decided to try crocheting. My mom spied my crochet project when she was visiting and decided that I should learn to knit, too, so I can help her with the family stockings that she knits each new member of our family. The rest, as they say, is history. I was completely hooked! When I’m not playing with yarn, you can find me chasing my toddler around the house or the playground, cycling with the husband or snuggling on the couch with my miniature schnauzer, Mr. T-Bone (pictured below). Yes, while it wasn’t a requirement, we have a new cute dog on Team Ravelry! I love Ravelry and I am super excited to get to work with each of you in this new role!

Want to leave a comment or a welcome for Sarah?

May is just flying by and we are almost to June and our festivities at Squam Art Workshops!

Casey and I will be participating in the Workshops as well- I am so excited about the classes that I am taking!  After our very busy spring, relaxing by the lake and being creative sounds like a perfect way to start off the summer.

And YES!  There are still spaces available to attend the Workshops- please come play with us!

(This June is the first fiber- focused SAW so they’ll have more fiber photos for their video next year! ;)

The registration info is here but Elizabeth says that if you have any questions to not hesitate to contact her! ( elizabethATsquamartworkshopsDOTcom or call 603.677.2157)

Also, we are going to have our very first Ravelry party in New England up at Squam on Saturday, June 6thThe party is open to all Ravelers and friends, not only those attending the Workshops!

We are very excited to have some amazing vendors help us kick it off:

Please help us get a headcount by RSVPing attending on our Ravelry Events page for this event!

There is also a Ravelry group for SAW here if you are attending and would like to get planning for the fun!

Casey, Mary-Heather and I traveled down to rainy Maryland for the awesome Sheep and Wool Festival this past weekend!

We met up with my mom, Ysolda and Laura and had some lime fizzes!

Saw, and were kissed, by some cute animals!

Had two great meetups, on Saturday and Sunday, with tons of friendly Ravelers!


Gave out some special MDS&W buttons:

Enjoyed Guido’s After Party!

… and we ended the weekend sleepy and muddy but very happy!

(Like the Ysolda Teague / Laura Chau / Mary-Heather Cogar traveling trunk show? We were warm goshdarnit!)

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hello!

If you have photos from this weekend or any other Ravelry meetup or event, be sure to add it to our Flickr Events Pool!

(Edited to add details of knitwear, since we are being flooded with emails!)
Mary-Heather is wearing Ysolda’s Verity:

Ysolda is wearing her Ishbel beret and shawl:

Casey’s hat is Ysolda’s Cairn:

Laura is wearing Mary-Heather’s Simple Things shawl (pattern coming soon to Ravelry!)

She also has her Lucy in the Sky Cardigan:

I am wearing Ysolda’s Ishbel shawl knit in Fyberspates laceweight silk. It is scrumptious.


It’s warming up here in the US, which means that festival season is here! This summer, we’ll be traveling quite a bit, and it all begins this weekend with Maryland Sheep and Wool!

We have our official MDSW Meetup times and locations! On Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, we are meeting in the Rabbit Buildling from 12:00 – 1:00 pm. Click on the dates to check out their event pages right here on Ravelry, so that you can RSVP!

You can check out the location of the Rabbit Building on the Fairgrounds Map page of the MDSW site; here is a little closeup:

MDSW map

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and mark that you were attending MDSW on its own Ravelry Events page! :)

The Maryland Sheep and Wool volunteers are always so helpful in finding a space that is accessible to all, available for use, and large enough to fit a whole bunch of Ravelry members and curious Ravelers-to-be in between their other scheduled events. We’re so pleased to be able to have a good spot for our meetup! Last year, on Saturday, we were pretty crowded (heh) when trying to fit everyone inside the Rabbit Building, but there is a lot of space on the lawns all around it so we’re able to spread out, which is great.

We’ll have buttons to hand out at the scheduled meetups and sharpies so that you can write your usernames on them. We really can’t wait to meet everyone and say hello!


Ravelry has been around for nearly 2 years now but the idea was actually dreamed up on April 11th, 2005. You can see the original baby of an idea over on Jess’ blog.

Ravelers have since dubbed April 11th “Bobmas” which means that today is Bobmas Eve. Last year, yarn shops and knitting and crochet groups got together and celebrated with yarn, cupcakes, bobtinis (really!), pints, and um… silly hats?

This time we put together a short video message for everyone. It’s a little hello from the 4 of us (+ dogs) along with some photos from some meetups and events from the last year. Thank you to redplaid Kellie and The Superior Crafters of the North for giving us us the idea!

Thank you all so much for spending time with us and Ravelry this year!

— Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather, Erica and Bob



March 30th, 2009

We are overwhelmed with the amazing field of candidates we received in response to our job listing – nearly 1500 applications in all. To say we were blown away by the response would be an understatement! We have an amazing field of applicants to review this week. With every email we read, we are more and more impressed with the talent and skills of the applicants, and passion that shines through in the letters, videos, blog posts, and slideshow presentations that have been submitted! To everyone who applied: thank you so much!

Bob says Nominate

We want to remind everyone that the nominations for the Bobbys are going to end on March 31! If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to check out the categories and nominate some of your favorite Ravelry posts, patterns, projects, stashes, and more! You can find more information in our previous blog post about the nominations process. Soon, the Bobbys will be open for voting!

Nominate here


help wanted

Hi Ravelry! Erica the Email Fairy is moving on, and Ravelry is looking for a new team member! This is a part-time (~20 hours per week), work-at-home position with flexible hours, and a definite possibility of growth with the company over time. :) We are looking for someone tech-savvy, friendly, and positive who is very familiar with the Ravelry site and community.

essential responsibilities include:

– Provide the first line of helpful support to all emails coming in via our contact-us page, the, and the email addresses (and alerting the rest of the staff to potentially important issues that come in). Topics in these emails can cover anything under the sun – designer/yarnie issues, confidential forum issues, happy people, Ravelry mini-mart questions, advertiser help, and more!

– Hook up designers, yarnies, and design teams with their Ravelry profiles and answering basic questions or directing to helpful on-Ravelry resources as needed.

– Assist users with Ravelry invitation issues.

– Provide help as needed on the Ravelry “work” forums: For the Love of Ravelry, Help!, Ravelry Shopkeepers, Ravelry Editors, Advertisers’ Caboodle.

– Assist Jess and Mary-Heather with ad approvals (image feedback, checking groups for competitors, etc.).

– Must be familiar with Ravelry’s site, vision, and tone!

– Must be able to stay motivated, level-headed, and work both independently as a self-starter on your own tasks, and as a part of our tightly-knit (har) team.

– Ownership of cute dog not required.

To apply for this position:

Please email with your resume and an email telling us more about your experience and why you are interested in the job. Please include your Ravelry username! We will need to receive it by Friday, March 27. You don’t need to write a formal cover letter… heck, you can make a video, upload it to the internet somewhere, and send us the link. :) Whatever works!

We do have some questions we would like you to answer:

1) Why do you want to work for Ravelry?
2) What qualities, technical experience (computer and crafty!) and skills could you bring to our little team?
3) If you were a yarn-producing fiber, what would you be and why?

Go Team Rav!

p.s. if you have questions about this position, please email Thank you! :)

Updated Monday, March 23 – Frequently Asked Questions!

Can you apply for this position if you live outside of the United States?

– Sure! International applicants – please go ahead and apply, and thank you for your interest! We are checking out all the labor law and employment tax details we would need when it comes to hiring a non-US-based person, but we are open to the possibility! :)

How old do you have to be?

– You must be 18 years old to apply.

What do you mean by “tech-savvy?”

– You don’t need to be a computer programmer to apply by any means – Casey does all the code here. :) You should be very familiar with Ravelry and the way the site works; we will help get you up to speed, of course, but familiarity with The List, the Ravelry wiki, our Community Guidelines, and how to “work” the technical things on the site (uploading photos, linking blog posts, etc.) is important. You should be very internet-savvy in general. The customer support emails are handled through a web-based email system, and you will often be helping users with very limited computer experience with a very wide variety of tasks, so proficiency with basic computer tasks (in both Mac and PC operating systems) is needed.

Is this position paid?

– Yes! This position is paid an hourly wage and requires about 20 hours a week. Pay is competitive with customer service and administrative jobs in the Boston area.


Bobby Award Nominations!

March 13th, 2009

Have you noticed something new in the Ravelry footer?

Bobby Footer

Bob’s little ears mean only one thing: nominations are open for this year’s Bobby Awards!

Bobby Nominations Poster

The Bobby Awards are the unofficial Ravelry awards, organized and run by the moderators and members of The Bobbys Group here on Ravelry! With categories chosen by the group and ranging from “Best Handspun” to “Funniest Single Forum Post” to “Best Disaster,” there is sure to be something on Ravelry you would like to nominate for a Bobby.

This year, Ravelry got involved with the nominations and Casey made a handy nominator – since the site has grown so much since last year’s Bobby Awards (which were huge!), we wanted to make things easier on the mods and be sure that every Raveler who wanted to participate and nominate something for the Bobbys would be able to do so.

You can check out the categories and their descriptions on the Bobbys nominations page. If there is a project, pattern, person, image, forum post, etc. that you would like to nominate for a given category, you can nominate it by pasting in the URL in the “link” field, making sure that the right category is selected in the green box, adding a comment if you wish, and clicking the nominate button.

Nomination example

If you happen to be looking at a page on Ravelry that has a Bobbys category and you’d like to nominate it, clicking on the Bobbys icon in the footer will take you to the nominations page with the link automagically filled in for you. You just have to be sure to select the appropriate category before you hit the “nominate” button!

Nominations are open until March 31… after that, the voting for the winners will begin! (We’ll have more info about that later.) There are even prizes for the winners! If you are interested in donating a prize, you can contact Jesh to let her know.

We’d like to give a huge thank-you to the moderators of The Bobbys group here – it’s a lot of fun for us to get involved with a big group project that is open to all Ravelry members. Thank you to Jesh, Kateyj, knit2gether, smittenknitten, telcontar, ThatOtherRedhead, and Veriton!

Have fun!


Ravelry Loves Texas!

February 20th, 2009

We are still reeling from the fabulous weekend we had at the Valentine’s Day “Texas Loves Ravelry” party at The Knitting Nest in Austin (they have an online shop, too!). They gave us a warm Texas welcome and made us feel at home right away – Stacy, the owner of The Knitting Nest, wrote to the office of the Governor, and had us officially declared Honorary Texans, y’all!

Honorary Texan Certificates!

Everywhere we looked around the shop, there were special, fun details for the Ravelry party. A banner made from a whimsical drawing of Bob and Hank, the shop dog at The Knitting Nest, drawn by none other than Franklin, was up on the wall for Ravelers to sign (and Jess and Casey to take back to Ravelry World Headquarters). Handknit and fulled stockings, needle-felted with our names and filled with chocolates and Valentines, hung below the banner. Project bags with the Bob & Hank banner were available, and there was even a gift basket filled with doggie treats and toys for Bob!

lovely, thoughtful gifts!

Stacy and her beautiful shop!

One of our favorite things to do is get out and meet Ravelers. We hung out at the shop all day, got to look at beautiful projects, connect faces to the avatars and projects, and talk in person with users we’ve known from the forums for months. Such a great time!

meeting people!

meeting more people!

There were even sweet dogs at the party, to help keep us from missing Bob and Charlie too much! Sweet Hank, the cutest Westie on the planet, gave us lots of snuggles. Halfway through the day, a lovely Raveler walked into the shop carrying her Boston terrier girl! Jess made a beeline to the front door to give some ear scratchies.

sweet puppies!

Thank you so much to all the Texas Ravelers who came to say hello, and especially to the staff of The Knitting Nest – we had a great time, and we can’t wait to come back!

Rav Teamies Modeling Knitting Nest T-Shirts

Thanks, Stephig, for the last photo of Team Rav! To check out more pictures from our weekend in Austin, you can view the Flickr sets in Jess‘ and Mary-Heather’s photostreams, or by searching Ravelry Weekend on Flickr!