Rhinebeck 2010!

October 22nd, 2010

This year’s New York Sheep and Wool Festival was an absolute blast! The weather was perfect – crisp and cold enough to wear our woolies (just barely cold enough on Sunday), with clear blue skies and those beautiful October leaves. Getting the chance to meet so many happy Ravelers is such a treat – thank you so much to everyone who came to our meetups and the party on Saturday night!

The Ravelry party was so much fun! It was our biggest party to date – nearly 800 Ravelers came to the Elks Lodge and there were smiles all night long. There was a bit of a wait for the shuttle bus (next year we hope to have two!) but from what we heard, folks were making all kinds of new Ravelry friends in line, which is so great!

We could not have thrown this party without our sponsors – great big thanks to you all!


qiviut sponsors: Fabulous Yarn and Simply Socks Yarn Company
cashmere sponsors: eat.sleep.knit, The Loopy Ewe, Sandra Singh, XRX/STITCHES Knitting Expos, and Ysolda Teague
merino sponsors: Berroco, Bijou Basin Ranch, Cooperative Press, Indigo Dragonfly, Knit Picks, Potter Craft, Sweet Georgia Yarns, Twist Collective, and Webs!

Thank you all so much for your support – you all rock, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you! (Please visit those links and support our sponsors!)

Once at the party, there were lots of snacks, a great big bonfire, and an awesome photobooth that Ysolda set up! (You can see the photobooth pictures on Ysolda’s site!)

party fun

We had a table full of seriously great door prizes donated from the sponsors – lots of oohing and ahhing (and a few squeals of glee!) from the crowd as we announced the winners!


We also had some fun giveaway project bags printed up, designed by the fabulous Julie of symposi.com. The sponsors provided some coupons and fun goodies for inside the bags.


Once again, we got some printed cupcakes from Deising’s Bakery – these are always a big hit! We had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, with cool printed designs that complemented the project bags and sponsor poster.

party setup

We really want to say a huge thank you to our helpers! They worked for hours: stuffing goody bags, running errands, hanging twinkle lights and garland, moving tables and chairs, arranging cupcakes, greeting partygoers, taking pictures, handing out buttons (we gave out 1,000 buttons over the weekend!), helping to clean up the party, and pitching in all over the place as needed for the whole weekend. There is no way the party could have happened without them, and we just regret not thanking them live at the party so they could get the round of applause they deserve! Emily, Nancy, Cheryl, Laura, Ysolda, Thea, Gudrun, Julia, Kyle, and Erica, as well as Cirilia, Cecily, and Maya (not pictured but still super helpful!): we love you guys!

party helpers

We also had two great meetups during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came by our spot on the hill! There were cupcakes, hula hoopers, and many smiling faces.


These were our largest meetups yet – especially the Sunday meetup – we’ve never had a Sunday turnout like that, it was so great!


If you have photos from Rhinebeck this weekend or any other Ravelry event or meetup, please add it to our Ravelry Events pool on Flickr – we love checking out those pictures! There is also the great Rhinebeck group on Ravelry where you can talk about what you bought and who you saw (and, of course, what you bought!) this past weekend!


Every time we travel to a festival or event, we come away so overwhelmed and grateful for the wonderful Ravelry community. So many people take the time to come and thank us for our work on Ravelry, and we appreciate every single one of you, but we just have to say: THANK YOU! Thank you for everything that you give to the site and to our community! Ravelers rock!


p.s. We know that people will ask about our woolies – so here are some links for you! Casey is wearing his Seamless Hybrid that Jess knit for him for last year’s Rhinebeck, as well as his Hat of Love (an original creation by Jess!). Jess is wearing her gorgeous Vaila sweater, I’m wearing the awesome Orange Pop!, and Sarah is wearing the lovely Gwendolyn. We were warm and cozy!


The New York Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend in lovely Rhinebeck, NY, and once again, we’re hosting a party! This is our 4th party at NYS&W (4th! Can you believe it? We can’t!) and we think it is going to be our best party yet! The party is made possible because of the help from our generous sponsors:

Big thanks to our qiviut sponsors: Fabulous Yarn and Simply Socks Yarn Company; our cashmere sponsors: eat.sleep.knit, The Loopy Ewe, Sandra Singh, XRX/STITCHES Knitting Expos, and Ysolda Teague; and our merino sponsors: Berroco, Bijou Basin Ranch, Cooperative Press, Indigo Dragonfly, Knit Picks, Potter Craft, Sweet Georgia Yarns, Twist Collective, and Webs! Thank you all so much for your support – you all rock, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

Party Details

Once again, we’ll be at the Elks Lodge in Red Hook, in their outdoor pavilion with heated tents, plenty of chairs, music, snacks, a cash bar, amazing door prizes from our sponsors, and hundreds of your fellow Ravelers to hang out and have fun with! The party will be on Saturday, October 16, from 6:30 – 11:00 pm (we’re going to need plenty of setup time so please avoid arriving early if you can!). You can RSVP for the party on its Ravelry Events Page.

The address is:

Elks Lodge
7711 Albany Post Rd
Red Hook, NY 12571

Google maps link!

(Parking information and more below the photo!)

We wants it.

While there will be some parking directly behind the Elks Lodge, we have learned that it will fill up quickly, and street parking is not permitted, so once again we have worked with the Elks to provide a bus service from the parking lot of the Mill Road Elementary School 1 mile down the road. (Google maps link to the school!) This worked out really well last year! :) We strongly encourage folks to carpool and park at the school to take advantage of this shuttle service (it will be running back and forth all night) and save some parking headaches!

Lunchtime Ravelry Meetups!

Bob at Sat meetup

We also have two meetups planned during the day on both Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 1 pm. (Click on those links to RSVP!) The location for the meetups is shown on the map below- it is a shaded field down the walkway from the author’s tent. Come and meet your fellow Ravelers and get a Hello! username button.

meetup map

For more information about the Ravelry festivities at Rhinebeck this year, including the answers to some frequently asked questions, please check out the Final Details thread in the New York Sheep and Wool group!

Be sure to wear your Ravelry shirts and pins and carry your bags around the festival – some vendors are offering a discount to Ravelers!

We just can’t wait for all the beautiful fall leaves, sheepdog trials, fried artichokes, friends, and of course yarn, fiber, and other fibery goodies that NYS&W has to offer… See you in Rhinebeck!


Knit Nation

August 9th, 2010

With our super busy travel schedule, I am finally getting to sit down and write about the lovely event that was Knit Nation in London- we had such an amazing time!

Alice and Cookie were so well organized and such great hosts, the volunteers were amazingly helpful, the attendees and teachers were enthusiastic and we just felt so lucky to be included.

I wasn’t able to take any classes because I can’t knit due to injury (nothing drastic just repetitive stress) but Casey and I were able to join in the fun by going around the great Marketplace, giving our talk on Ravelry, and hosting a fun party on Saturday night!

We arrived a couple days early and got to visit the V&A (the amazing Victoria & Albert museum that was literally next door to the Knit Nation venue), had lovely afternoon tea with the tutors, Alice, Cookie and Katie from Hoxton Handmade, and explored the Marketplace as everyone was getting prepared for the shoppers!

After that, Casey and I worked a bit on our talk about Ravelry as we were curiously nervous about it- we have gotten fairly used to talking in front of people but since we were doing it on our own (without Sarah and Mary-Heather) and since people were paying to see us, we really wanted to do the best we could! It ended up going well, I think, since people told us they enjoyed it during the rest of Knit Nation. :)

(Thanks for the photo, mulene!)

Then it was on to the Ravelry party on Saturday night! Thanks to our awesome sponsors, we were able to host a really fun party and even got some really cute giveaway project bags:

The bags were a big hit with the partygoers- it was fun to see them try to find all the knitting and crochet items hidden in the image. Thanks again to all our party sponsors, we really could not have done any of it without you!

Qiviut: Loop and Ysolda

Cashmere: Kollage and Socktopus

Merino: Denise Interchangeable Knitting and Crochet, Gardiner Yarnworks, Little Knitting Company, The Knitter, Mrs. Moon, Skein Queen, Soak and Rohrspatz & Wollmeise.

Ysolda was kind enough to offer the use of her fun photo booth at the party- we all had a great time going in there and getting snapshots, even the bartenders! hah!

There are Julie, Adam and Sarah in their photobooth shots. Julie and Ysolda surprised us with that image layout with the special Bob/ Knit Nation image- such a fun souvenir! I was so happy that Julie and Adam got to join us at Knit Nation- she works so hard on our graphics for events and she finally got to see them in person.

Another person we were *so* thrilled to see in person was Velvet/Louisa, one of our wonderful and hardworking moderators of the main six!

Not surprisingly, she was so sweet and got lots of compliments on that shawl of hers!

If you were at Knit Nation and want a digital version of your party photobooth images, you can see all of them here. I am nudging Casey to put up a nice gallery but that is what we have right now! There are some pretty funny ones in there.

Thanks to everyone that came out to Knit Nation to see us, the party sponsors, the volunteers and of course Alice and Cookie!!

Comments here…

New Pattern Search Video

August 2nd, 2010

It’s been an exciting summer here at Ravelry as we have worked with many of you to implement the new Ravelry search! The new search has a lot of great features, but it may seem a bit complicated at first.  While we wish that we could come to each of your houses and sit down with you to show you how to use it, unfortunately that’s just not a feasible option.  Instead, we’ve put together a new pattern search video for you to show you how it all works.  It’s the next best thing and doesn’t require you to straighten up the house or get out of your pajamas!  There are more search features than what’s included here, so we hope to have some additional videos that get a bit more specific for you in the future!

To view the video bigger, you can view it full screen by clicking the arrows icon beside vimeo in the bottom right when you mouse over the video.  If you don’t see it above, you can view it here.


Ravelry at Knit Nation

July 24th, 2010

Casey and I are preparing to head over to the United Kingdom next week. It is our first time visiting the UK and we couldn’t be more excited! We have a few fun events planned for our trip, both in England and Scotland and in between, but first up is Knit Nation, organized by Alice and Cookie, at Imperial College in London!

This awesome knitting and spinning expo starts on Thursday and ends with our Ravelry party on Saturday night. There are classes with amazing teachers, our talk on Ravelry on Friday, booksignings and a really incredible marketplace!

Our party should be tons of fun! We are borrowing Ysolda‘s photo booth and have lots of room to spread out knit, hang out and get a drink. It would not be possible if it weren’t for our sponsors:

(Click on the logos to get more information about our sponsors!)

Please check out Knit Nation if you haven’t already and are accessible to London- there are class spots still available and Marketplace tickets will be available online until tonight at midnight GMT. (They will also be available in person for £8.)

For party details and to RSVP, please go here. There are no tickets for our party, to make it welcoming to all, but RSVPing will help us get a head count.

You can also chat about all the fun happenings at Knit Nation in the KN group on Ravelry!


At this point, we know that the Ravelry community is filled with amazing, enthusiastic people, but every so often there is an event on the site that just blows us away. The Search Party was definitely one of those events! It was overwhelming (in a good way!) to see how quickly the patterns were categorized, checked and re-checked, attribute definitions honed and discussed, and then the patterns were checked some more. During the week-long Search Party, 23,500 Ravelers categorized and assigned attributes to nearly 160,000 patterns. There were 1 million classifications/checks made to the database patterns. Just amazing!

We can’t wait to roll out and begin testing our new search later today! We think it’s pretty great and there is no way we could have done this without all of you – thank you so much!

Of course, we did have some lovely prizes to award to some very lucky winners! We announced the Search Party Prize recipients yesterday – in fact, there was kind of a party all day long on the For the Love of Ravelry forum. Here’s a quick recap of the winners and prizes:

Prize Collage 1

The Designs by Romi prize went to , chrispindle won the Buffalo Gold prize, heather296 is the lucky winner of the package from Webs, The Loopy Ewe goodies are going to live with HeatherInPortland, and the Sweet Georgia Yarns basket has a new home with Beccak!

Prize Collage 2

The XRX/STITCHES Knitting Expos prize was awarded to Sara6908, Kailiope won the goodies from Bijou Basin Ranch, the Rowan Yarns prize will be sent to marvelg, and cuppatea won the package from Eat Sleep Knit!

Prize Collage 3

MagpieMabel won the package from Berroco, eweniquerzt gets to bring home the Louet prize, the Knitspot goodies will be going to gherkin, and wells201 won the Wollmeise discoball!


The Malabrigo winner is anglerfish, awesomegan is the lucky winner of the Namaste package, upandatom won the package from Schacht Spindle Company, and we’ll be sending a package of Ravelry goodies to knitter246!

Congratulations to all the winners, and a huge thank you to the companies that donated prizes for the Ravelry search party! We wish we could have given prizes to all of the Ravelers who participated – it has been really fun to work on this (enormous!!) project with the Ravelry community. We think that the new search is going to be the best prize of all – and we hope you agree!


search party bob

For a long time, we’ve been talking about improving the pattern information so that we can provide a better search and more ways to find patterns. We’ve been working hard on new categories and attributes, and we need you to help reclassifying patterns that are still missing information by using the Search Party Tool: http://www.ravelry.com/searchparty.

We know that going over the 166,000+ patterns in our database is going to take a lot of work, but we have some incredible donations from some fantastic companies to help reward your efforts! For every pattern you reclassify (that is not your own design), you will be entered for a chance to win one of the sweet prizes listed below. There are 17 amazing prizes with a total retail value of over $5,000, and each one is absolutely drool-worthy! Be sure to scroll down to check them all out – and a huge, huge thank you to our friends who so generously donated these wonderful prizes!

Prize #1: SweetGeorgia Yarns!

Sweet Georgia Prize

  • 2 skeins of Superwash Sock in Tourmaline and Pomegranate (new for Fall)
  • 1 skein of BFL Sock in Autumn Flame (also new for Fall)
  • 2 skeins of Merino Silk Lace in Black Plum and Cayenne
  • 2 skeins of Buttercrunch Silk in Saffron
  • 5 skeins of Silk Crush in Goldmine and Marigold

Prize #2: Buffalo Gold!

buffalo gold prize

  • Buffalo Gold canvas/bison leather tote
  • 2 skeins of Buffalo Gold Lux – Mountainberry colorway
  • 2 skeins of Buffalo Gold Moon – Smoke colorway
  • 100% Pure Bison Roving
  • Buffalo Gold collectors mug

Prize #3: WEBS!

WEBS prize

  • WEBS Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Set
  • Valley Yarns Pattern #327 Sojourner Cardigan
  • Valley Yarns Valley Superwash DK in Blue Mist – 15 balls to complete Sojourner Cardigan
  • Valley Yarns Pattern #301 Oriel Cardigan
  • Valley Yarns Greenfield in Grey – 10 balls to complete Oriel Cardigan
  • $50 WEBS Gift Card

Prize #4: The Loopy Ewe!

The Loopy Ewe Prize

  • 1 Namaste Newport Bag
  • 3 skeins of Wollmeise Superwash
  • 3 skeins of exclusive Sock Kit Club yarn
  • 1 Della Q Travel Needle Case
  • 1 Loopy Accessories Tote with knitting gadgets
  • 1 Little Loopy Traveling Pal

Prize #5: Designs by Romi!

Designs by Romi Prize

  • a 2011 membership to the Designs by Romi Pins and Lace Club, Romi’s Choice option – includes 4 quarterly shipments of custom yarn, shawl pin and new shawl pattern
  • 7 Small Shawls eBook subscription
  • 3 skeins of sock yarn

Prize #6: Rowan!

Rowan Prize

  • 1 bag of Rowan Pure Silk DK in Damson
  • 1 Rowan Classic Reminisence
  • 1 copy Rowan Winter Gifts
  • 1 Amy Butler bag

Prize #7: eat.sleep.knit!

eat.sleep.knit prize

  • $200 eat.sleep.knit gift certificate
  • eat.sleep.knit T-shirt
  • Vine Bolero pattern
  • 5 skeins Ravelry Red colorway of Malabrigo Silky Merino (enough to make the largest size of Vine Bolero)
  • eat.sleep.knit mug with scarf pattern on the back and a skein of our exclusive colorway of Malabrigo to make the scarf
  • 1 12 oz bottle of the Ravelry Unleash scent of SOAK Wash

Prize #8: Bijou Basin Ranch!

Bijou Basin Ranch prize

  • 4 skeins of our Bijou Spun Mountain Treks 50% Pure Yak/50% Prime Alpaca
  • 2 ounces of 100% pure yak roving – perfect for spinning or thrums
  • Finally, 2 Bijou Spun patterns designed specifically for Mountain Treks and Bijou Spun roving: thrummed mittens for your hands and a hooded scarf for your neck and head

Prize #9: XRX/STITCHES Knitting Expos!


Winner’s choice – either the “Works” package from STITCHES Knitting Expos, redeemable at any STITCHES Knitting Event in 2010 or 2011, and which includes:

  • Opening Day & Opening Day Lunch
  • 21 class hours
  • Fashion Show & Fashion Show Dinner
  • The Student Banquet
  • …and of course access to the Market all weekend long!

  • Or, in the event that the winner would not be able to travel to a STITCHES Knitting Expo during this time, the winner’s choice of $300 worth of XRX books!

Prize #10: Berroco!

Berroco prize

The entire 2010 Berroco Design collection, which includes:

  • Comfort Afghan Book
  • Norah Gaughan Men
  • Norah Gaughan Volumes 6 and 7
  • Spring/Summer 2010: Booklets #292, 293, 294, 296, 297
  • Fall/Winter 2010: Booklets #298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303
  • Plus! A $200 (retail) Berroco yarn credit!

Prize #11: Louet!

Louet Prize

  • Yarn and pattern for our Gems Light Worsted “Ribs on Diagonal Pattern” (your choice of Gems Light Worsted color)
  • 2 14 oz bottles of SOAK in the scent of your choice.
  • $150 of Louet North America Spinning Fiber of your choice of over 150 handspinning fibers to make whatever type of yarn or felted project you like

Prize #12: knitspot!

knitspot prize

  • the les Abeilles shawlette sample, knit by Anne Hanson in Briar Rose sea pearl, which measures approximately 19 inches long x 50 inches across the top edge.
  • a $50 gift certificate to the knitspot pattern shop to be emailed to the recipient at time of award

Prize #13: Wollmeise!

Wollmeise Prize

  • A Wollmeise Discoball! 15 skeins of either Wollmeise Twin (80merino/20pa) or Wollmeise 100% merino superwash, dyed especially for the winner in her choice of any of Wollmeise’s colorways. Have them all dyed in the same colorway for a sweater or cardigan, or each skein dyed in a different colorway – it’s the winner’s party!

Prize #14: Malabrigo!

Malabrigo Prize

  • Two bags of Rios, the all new superwash worsted yarn from Malabrigo – one bag in the Ravelry Red colorway, and the other in a surprise colorway from Malabrigo. The winner will have the chance to try the new yarn before it is available in stores!

Prize #15: Schacht Spindle Company!

Schacht Prize

The total Get Started Weaving Kit and Caboodle:

  • a Schacht Cricket Loom with a full complement of reeds (5-, 10-, 12-dent)
  • a pick–up stick
  • a copy of Weaving Made Easy and Time to Weave.

Prize #16: Namaste!

Namaste Prize

  • Monroe bag in Hollywood Pink
  • Wallet in Hollywood Pink
  • Mini Clutch in Peacock
  • 15″ Cozy in Eggplant
  • 8.5″ Mini Cozy in Eggplant
  • Buddy Case in Red
  • Binder – Red

Prize #17: Ravelry!

Ravelry prize

  • a Ravelry hoodie
  • winner’s choice of large Ravelry tote bags from the minimart
  • winner’s choice of small Ravelry project bags from the minimart
  • 1 bag of Louet Gems Light Worsted Merino in your choice of any of the Ravelry colorways
  • 1 bottle of Unleash Ravelry SOAK Wash
  • a sweet assortment of Ravelry buttons, stickers, and drinkware!

WOW, right?! We are so grateful to all the donating companies for giving such amazing prize packages for this! We can never get over the generosity of this industry and the people in it – thank you, thank you.

As with all big Ravelry updates, we’re talking about this in For the Love of Ravelry – you can chat with us and other users in our thread for general discussions and chatter; if you need help choosing a category for a pattern, we’re talking about that in this thread. We’re going to be drawing the winners throughout the day on Monday, July 19 – the same day our brand new pattern search (that you are helping create!) is released on the site!

We hope you have fun with this huge reclassification project – we couldn’t do it without you! Good luck – we’re already looking forward to seeing who the lucky prizewinners are!

A few months ago, Elizabeth from Squam Art Workshops wrote me an excited email asking for some photos of Casey and myself to use in a new project.

“I wrote your story as a fairy tale and I think you are gonna love it!”

Experience has told me that when Elizabeth writes you, don’t ask too many questions and just give her what she needs. The result is always the same: she will surprise you with something wonderful.

I have a feeling that this journal book will be no different. I hope that you check it out and get a peek at the rejeuvenating, calming, exciting and educational experience that is Squam Art Workshops.

TNNA Summer 2010!

June 22nd, 2010

Wow! We had such a wonderful whirlwind of a time at TNNA – we all got back last week but have been working hard to go through our photos and catch up on email (ha) so that we could share about our week with you all!

At January’s TNNA show in Long Beach, we started thinking about ways that we here at Ravelry could participate more with the show. We really wanted to focus on two things: enhancing the sense of community that is already there within the industry at the show, and finding a way to share the excitement with all of our users.

The Ravelry Ice Cream Social on Friday night got the ball rolling at the show. Held just after the fashion show, we took over the Hyatt Lounge and a private dining room, and thanks to our sponsors, we had unlimited scoops of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (YUM – it’s truly the best) and plenty of drink tickets for all. Casey even came up with a Guinness and dark chocolate ice cream float. ;) Jeni herself came to the party, which was extra fun – she got a lot of yarny love!

Ice Cream Social

About 600 people (and Bobsolda!) attended the party, and we didn’t even run out of ice cream! (The scooper RJ was a real pro – my arm would have given out in no time.) Thank you so much to everyone who came, and special thanks to our sponsors – we could not have thrown this party without your sponsorship help!

Our Banana Split Sponsors were Rowan and Ysolda Teague.

The Waffle Cone Sponsors were Buffalo Gold, Knitter’s Magazine, Malabrigo, and Namaste.

And our Single Scoop Sponsors were Bijou Basin Ranch, Classic Elite Yarns, Dream in Color Yarns, Kollage Yarns, Lantern Moon, Skacel, and St-Denis!

Thank you so much, sponsors! We really appreciate your help – we just love working with such great companies!

The ice cream social was a great way to kick off the weekend, but it was Saturday on the show floor when the real business of TNNA began. The summer trade show is when companies bring out the new yarns, patterns, designs, and notions that will be available in stores for the fall. Retailers from around the country come to check out the new products and place order for their shops. There was such a positive feeling to this show! Exhibitors were happy, retailers were busy, and everyone was chatty and excited to be there.


Before the show, we worked with TNNA and got permission to set up a special website for the show – helloTNNA.com. Throughout the show, Sarah, Jess, Casey, and I posted photo and video updates from the convention center. Since TNNA is an industry-only trade show, we thought the Hello TNNA site would be a fun way to share the show happenings with interested folks around the world. We got permission from everyone who participated (thank you so much to you all! We wish we’d had the time to post from every single booth!) and had a great time asking the exhibitors to show off their new goodies for fall. The companies in this industry are so creative – we were blown away by all the new products! You can still browse the Hello TNNA site (and archives) if you want to check out anything you might have missed – and check to see if it will be in your local shops!


Each TNNA show gives us so much inspiration. We’re just full of new ideas for Ravelry! (Which is great, because we definitely have a lack of ideas and things we already want to do… ha.) Getting to spend time with our friends in the industry is so encouraging, and one of our favorite parts of these twice-yearly shows. We can never take for granted how lucky we are not only to have such a wonderful community of users but also to work in such a creative, supportive industry. Yay yarn!


If you’d like to see more photos from TNNA, check out Jess’ set on Flickr! We also started a Hello TNNA Flickr group; if you attended the show and would like to share your photos, please add them to the pool!


Ravelry visits Yarnmarket!

June 17th, 2010

Last Thursday, we had a really nice visit with Yarnmarket and got to meet some local Ohioans! We usually are so busy when we come to Columbus for TNNA in June that we fly in and out pretty quickly, so this was quite a treat!

Deborah and Alex from Yarnmarket were such great hosts- they let all of us run around their (omg yarn up to the ceiling!!) warehouse and hang out in the lovely showroom and office.

They even invited the great people from Della-Q, Kollage Yarns and Denise Needles to come show off their products and hang out with us all.

We wished we got more photos but apparently we were too busy talking with all the Ravelers and enjoying our sandwiches. Thanks so much to Yarnmarket and to all the Ohio Ravelers who came out to see us!

If you are in the Pickerington area, definitely stop by and see Yarnmarket! They have a nice showroom to sit and knit, with couches and lovely yarn to touch. Info here!