Knit or crochet any gifts lately?

December 14th, 2012

We have a hunch that lots of you have been making gifts for the holidays lately. (Fun fact: last year, Ravelers made about 9,800 projects marked for “mom” or “dad” in November and December alone!) If your hands have been busy making things for other Ravelry members, we have a new feature, recently built by Christina, that we think you will love: you can now link your Ravelry projects to the Ravelers for whom they were made!

Linking your projects to Ravelers is easy: when you are editing your project, you’ll see a new field up at the top, where you can add the Ravelry username. As you begin to type the username, possible Ravelers will appear for you to select:

made for autocomplete

After you’ve selected the correct Ravelry user, just save your project and his or her Ravelry username and profile picture will appear in the “made for” field for your project!

made for saved

This will be visible to anyone who looks at your project page, but linking up a Raveler does not send the user you made the item for any sort of message or notification, so it’s possible to be a little sneaky (of course, if you really want to be sure the recipient will be surprised, it’s a good idea to wait until after they’ve received the gift to link up their Ravelry profile).

new products

While you’re busy making gifts, don’t forget we have our Ravelry & Knitterella Notions gift tags, in both knitting and crochet versions – and a matching sling tote and notecards! We also just added a cute new “I Heart Ravelry” project bag to the minimart – a fun gift for anyone who wants to show off their Ravelry love.

We hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful end to 2012! Getting to work with Ravelry community and build this site feels like a gift to us every day. Thanks for being so wonderful, Ravelers!

I’ve got a notion…

November 20th, 2012

‘Tis the season when people begin asking you what’s on your wish list and you start looking for (or creating) that perfect gift for people in your life. Whether you’re gift giving this season, or just looking for a little something for yourself, we have some great new products in the mini-mart for you!

We are pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Jill, the very talented designer behind Knitterella, and she’s created some products just for us! First up are gift tags, which are specially created with handmade gift giving in mind. We have two sets, one for knitted gifts and one for crocheted gifts, each with 3 knit or crochet tags and 3 notions tags. They have the care instructions on the back, so they are a great way to adorn your gift with something nice while also giving the recipient the information they need to care for it.
Gift Tags smaller

We love the notions design so much that we also incorporated it into two other products: notecards and a tote bag! The notecards come 3 to a set and are perfect for sending along with a handmade gift, or including in a swap package with a fellow crafter. The sling-style tote bag is a great size for carrying your project along with you and would also make a great gift.
Notions Tote

There are a lot of other great products in the mini-mart, as well. The design contest bags are in stock and we have coffee mugs, logo tote bags, and many other items to choose from.


People can buy from the mini-mart even if they aren’t a member of Ravelry, so if you see something you like, make sure you let those who may be buying for you know!

Wishin’ & Hopin’

October 4th, 2012

We really appreciate all the Ravelers who submitted a wish to our “Make a Wish” form on the front screen. It is helpful to know what you all want to see from Ravelry. We also have The List where you can find things that have been suggested and comment or vote on them, but the wishes helped us see what was most important to you.

From the wish list, we have learned that there are some hidden features many people aren’t aware exist! I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight a few of those features.

Wish #1: Ability to make a project in my notebook public
After you add a project, you can make it public and share it in a variety of ways. To do this, go to the project page and click the “share this” link in the upper right. Then, click “share this page” to confirm.

Share this

You can then choose from the drop down to select how you want to share it.


If you select “invite – access with a link”, you will see a link that you can send by email or post somewhere, as well as buttons to allow you to easily make it accessible on facebook or twitter.

share with link

If you select “public – visible to all” then it will be seen by anyone who accesses it through a link. You will also be provided with a convenient short link to share with people so they can find it, as well as buttons for more direct facebook or twitter sharing. You can change your sharing options for a given project at any time.

Wish #2: Email notifications about messages
This feature is a bit hidden, but it’s very handy! To find the email notification settings, go to your notebook then click on messages. Then, you will see a tab on the far right (alongside inbox/sent/saved tabs) that says “email notification”. When you go there initially, it will look like this because it’s not yet set up.

Not set up
Choose “yes” from that drop down and then enter your email address. After submitting your address & the types of notifications you wish to receive, you will see this screen.

Verification Email

It may take a few minutes, but you will receive an email from us verifying that it is your address where you want things sent. There is a link in the email you will need to click to verify it. Once you click that email, you will see this screen. You can change the types of notifications that you wish to receive at any point.

Notification Setup

Wish #3: Make it more difficult to accidentally click the disagree button
We don’t have plans to make it more difficult to click the forum buttons, as the ease of clicking them is part of what makes them great. However, it is easy to un-click them should you click a button unintentionally.

So, let’s say I accidentally clicked a button. The forum post would look like this…

To un-click it, just click the disagree button again, and the number and bold text will disappear indicating that the button is no longer clicked.


For those of you that still have wishes yet to be granted, we can’t fulfill all of your wishes, but Casey has been using the list and granting wishes as he can. We will let you know if your wish has been granted. In the meantime, we hope these tips help you enjoy your Ravelry experience just a little bit more!

Welcome Christina!

September 4th, 2012

Big news!

There are now 5 of us here at Ravelry.

Our search for a 2nd developer is over and we’re excited to welcome our newest teammate, Christina (oharethey on Ravelry)

Christina is a web application developer – she helps build things to make the site better. When not working on Ravelry, Christina likes to run, spend time with her family, and of course, knit and spin. While her heart will always be in upstate New York, her body is in the warm sun of Austin, TX.

Welcome Christina! We’re so happy that you are joining us! Having you on our team is going to be a great thing for the site and for all Ravelers.

Ravelry Favorites

August 20th, 2012

We have an instructional video to share – it’s all about the Favorites feature here on Ravelry! Adding projects, patterns, stashed yarns, yarn brands, designers, forum posts, and Ravelry ads to your favorites is a great way to spread a little love and keep track of these things for later. This video covers the basic features and has some handy tips and tricks on using your favorites to find recent designs from designers you love, discover what your Ravelry friends are adding to their favorites, and more!

Mini-Mart Updates!

August 2nd, 2012

Minimart Collage

You may have noticed that we have lots of new things for sale in our Mini-Mart, some of which are featured above. The Mini-Mart is a great way to support Ravelry while purchasing project bags, tote bags, t-shirts and other items. We don’t usually post every time we add new inventory to the store, but there are ways to make sure you don’t miss anything!

First off, we have a Mini-Mart Chatter group where you can give us feedback on what you’d like to see become available in the store. We may not be able to make everything that is requested, but we definitely use information that we get from folks in that group in creating new products. Within that group there is also a thread where we announce anything that is added to the store. You could watch that thread or, if you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to that thread’s RSS feed for updates, as well.

If you like something that we have but notice that it’s out of stock, we have a handy “notify me” check box on each product page that you can check and you will receive a Ravelry message when it comes back in stock.

Notify Button

When you click the box you will see that little checkmark which indicates that you will be notified when it comes back in stock. Right now the out of stock item in biggest demand is the Design Contest Project bag. We will have more of those in stock this month and will notify you when they are in stock if you have clicked the notify button on that page.

In the coming months, we will be updating the store with new inventory more regularly and discontinuing more items that we had previously stocked. Make sure you pick up some of your old favorites before they are gone (all discontinued designs are 30% off) and check out the new things we have available!

Ravelry Mobile App Roundup

June 19th, 2012

One of the things that I’ve been working on this year is a Ravelry API that allows developers to create applications that connect to Ravelry.

I know that a lot of you want better ways to use Ravelry from your phones and I wanted to tell you about some of the cool things that have been created by other developers and during the last few months.

In case you haven’t heard, we aren’t developing official Ravelry apps for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or other individual devices. Ravelry is only 4 people and I’m the only programmer and we just can’t support apps for both iPhone and Android. Instead, I’m doing two other things: I’m building and improving the API (a way to connect programs to to Ravelry) and working with developers who want to write Ravelry-related applications to make sure that we’re providing the things that they need and want. I’m also working on a Ravelry Mobile site that is designed for small mobile devices.

We’re pretty excited about the cool applications that Ravelers have created so far. Here is a roundup of things that are especially for mobile:

Ravelry Mobile

The Ravelry Mobile site ( is designed to work especially well with small touch screens and slower connections.

It works on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry 6 and higher.

We’re slowly adding features and we hope that it will eventually be a faster and more fun way to use Ravelry from your mobile device.

It’s very much a work in progress but here are afew useful things that you can do today:

  • Look up patterns and view the pattern information

  • Download pattern PDFs that are free or in your library, purchase patterns that are available as Ravelry Downloads

  • Browse the forums, reply, and edit posts

  • Look at your queue and projects

  • Upload project photos (this requires an extra free app)


Wooly is the first Apple iOS app to provide on-the-go access to your Ravelry Notebook. Built by a couple of real knitters with Love for all you fiber fans out there.

Features include:

  • View and edit your Project details and add Project photos
  • Access your Queue and each queued project’s details
  • Access your Stash and each stashed yarn’s details
  • View a list of your Friends, their Projects and their project details
  • Add Photos to your Projects and Stash
  • Built in photo editor allows you to make enhancements to your photos before uploading them directly to Ravelry
  • Edit and update information about Projects in your My Projects list

The knitters behind Wooly (MenKnitToo & dstys) want you to know that we’re here for the long haul…like that never ending scarf you’re knitting. Contact us through the in-app feedback system and get a nearly instant response about your ideas and feature requests.

Please join our Ravelry Group with over 900 members and say hello!


Stitch is a Windows Phone 7 app that will allow you to access your Ravelry information on the go! You can see your projects, queued projects and the patterns for both of these from the slick Windows Phone styled interface. You can view free patterns on the phone, and you can also upload photos to your projects making it even easier to share your work with the world.

Stitch is completely free and is an open source project which is continually being worked on and improved to add new features – for more information check out the website at


Ravulous is an Android app which uses the Ravelry API to offer a couple of potentially useful knitterly things on-the-go. It’s no substitute for the amazingness of the Ravelry website, but here are some things you can do from your pocket:

  • Upload photos to projects and stashed yarns straight from your phone’s camera or gallery! (Requires Ravelry Photo Uploader, a separate free app)
  • Receive notifications when you get new Ravelry messages and unread forum replies
  • Search for patterns and yarns by name, and look at photos and yardages required
  • Look at your queued projects, with recommended yarn and yardages required – handy for yarn shopping!
  • See your project details and edit your project notes
  • Admire your stash

Ravulous works on both phones and tablets and is in both the Google Play Store and the Amazon Marketplace. Come and say hello in the Ravulous group if you want to find out more!


Yarma is an iOS camera app designed to work with your Ravelry notebook. Take a picture of your latest WIP, FO or new yarn, apply filters to finesse your image and upload it direct to the relevant project or stash!

Designed to work with iphone & ipod touch, it will also work on your ipad.

$0.99 on the Apple App Store

Ravelry Photo Uploader

Upload your photos directly to from your Android phone or tablet!
Works with:
– Ravelry mobile site
Go to to find out more…
– Ravulous
Take a photo with your phone’s camera, or choose one or more photos from your gallery, and select Share with Ravulous. Your photos will be uploaded to Ravelry, and you can add them to a project or stashed yarn!


KnitKapp is the full-featured, cross-platform app for knitters that doesn’t require a Ravelry account. But if you do, you unlock the power of a Ravelry-fueled knitting life! Manage projects, yarn stash, needles & hooks on the go, and use the handy tools in the app to keep track of in-progress projects. As the Ravelry API expands, so will this app. Keep an eye on this space!

County Plus

Knitting / crochet row counter.
Super simple user interface, with a big friendly number to tell you what row you’re on. Tap the screen at the end of a row to count up or down. The phone stays awake while you’re on the counting screen, so you don’t have to keep turning it back on again.
The Plus version allows you to have multiple row counters going. Ravelry users can also import your current WIP names, and edit your project notes. (Press menu on the first screen to sync with Ravelry – other counters you have set up separately won’t be overwritten).
You can also share finished projects on Twitter/Google+/Facebook/email/whatever other sociable type apps you have installed on your Android device!

And the winner is…

May 22nd, 2012

After two rounds and 117,056 votes cast on more than 200 entries, we have a winner for the project bag design contest! A big thank you again to all who participated, either through submitting a design or taking the time to vote! I know that the voters had a really hard time deciding between the excellent designs.

And the winner is….


Winner mockup

As a reminder, the first place winner will receive $500 and an additional $500 if more than 500 bags are sold. We hope to have the project bag in the mini-mart in about two weeks so you can have one of your own! Make sure you go to the voting page to choose to be notified when the bag is in stock and we’ll send you a message to let you know.

We also wanted to acknowledge the designs that came in second and third. These winners will receive a $100 gift certificate to the yarn shop of their choice.

Second place was designed by manfredovna.

Second Place

Third place was designed by worksweet.
Third Place

We have been impressed by the immense talent of the people who submitted designs to the contest. Elloknits did a great job using the theme and incorporating many elements of Ravelry in her design. We’re glad it was up to a vote, though, as if it had been up to us, it would have been really hard to pick just one! We can’t wait to see the finished project bag!

PS – are you wondering which Raveler created your favorite design? We’ve updated the contest page and added usernames/avatars next to each of the entries:


A big thanks to the nearly 73,000 people who voted in the first round of our project bag design contest. The finalists have been determined, based entirely on your selections, and you can now vote in the final round of the contest. Voting will be open until Monday, May 21st at Midnight EST. You can only vote for one design. Vote now at

Congratulations to all of the finalists and thanks to each person who took the time to submit a design! This contest would not have been nearly as much fun without each of your submissions.

This is the final round in the contest, and the winner will have their design printed on a project bag that will be made available through the Ravelry Mini-Mart! If you didn’t vote in the first round, this one only has one page of images to choose from, so please take the time to vote. Ten voters will be randomly selected from this round of voting to receive a free project bag made from the winning design. We can’t wait to see which one you choose!

design contest submissions

We are excited to announce that the voting is now open for the Ravelry design contest! You can review all of the submitted designs that fit the guidelines and vote between now and Tuesday, May 15th at midnight EST at

Each Raveler will get one vote. Since there are so many submissions, there will be another round of voting to select the final project bag design. We will announce the next round after we process the results from this one.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted a design! We had a great response from Ravelers of all ages and are looking forward to seeing which ones are your favorites! If you have questions or comments about the contest, you can talk about it in For The Love of Ravelry.