Thursday Tip: Group Chat

October 24th, 2013

Ravelry groups are a great way to connect with other members.  If you want to keep the conversation going at an even faster pace than a discussion thread, check out group chat.  It’s a chat room for the members of a group, where you can meet in real time to converse and maybe even craft together.

The entrance to the chat room is on the group page, below the options to leave the group and invite a friend.  Don’t see a box like in the picture above?  Ask your group’s administrator to enable chat for the group from the edit page.  Happy chatting with your fellow Ravelers!


Lately I’ve been obsessed with colorwork yoked sweaters. There are so many amazing projects that it has been really hard to actually pick a pattern and start knitting my own! Here are a few beautiful projects that were finished recently.

Above: smurphy2’s Hiro, HowdyPandowdy’s Woolen Bláithín and shutterhoney’s !li:!li:!li:

Above: stickanni’s Frost cardigan, SweetBeej’s Lively Chickadees and JRoKnits’ Hourglass to Equinox to Cardigan.

Above: miastick’s Gotiska fönstret blå, KnittingEla’s My Inner Viking Test and liselore’s Iceland Lopi

Thursday Tip: Filter your Stash

October 17th, 2013

The stash area is a great way to keep track of the yarn in your yarn closet. To get your stash, click on the notebook tab and choose stash. There are a lot of handy features to help you use the yarn that you have.

One feature is the filter option. You can do this at the top of your stash area by clicking the “filter your stash” drop down. Then, you can easily filter by weight. This is particularly helpful if you find a pattern you like and are looking for yarn to match with it. If you are looking for various weights of yarn, you can choose more than one weight.

stash filter

You can also sort by fiber types and other attributes. Additionally, you can click advanced search at the bottom of the drop down for even more stash searching options. Once you find what you are looking for, you can use the location field in the stash entry to figure out where you’ve stored it. Happy stash hunting!

Shortly after our first Community Eye Candy post, a thread popped up in For the Love of Ravelry where Ravelers shared their ideas for themes. Today, we wanted to use a suggestion we loved – it was brought up by karinaida and chaenorrhinum and seconded by several more users. (Thanks for the idea!) Here is a small sampling of projects that Ravelers have made without using patterns; everything featured here was marked as finished at some point this month.

projects no patterns, sweaters

From left to right above, we have troldefoder‘s Summer Top 2013 (made in her handspun), mtliongrammy‘s absolutely stunning hand knit and handwoven jacket, and IrinaMS‘s lovely and cozy Number One.

projects no patterns 2

Above: ceylangul‘s Fireworks socks (another handspun project), foldi‘s chic little cabled tube scarf, and kendrick43‘s wonderfully creative seashell weavings.

projects no patterns 3

Finally, we have Snowdrop83‘s Pink Winged Pikmin (made for her son and daughter), Knea‘s beautiful Sydänsukat , and BettyAnnie‘s cheerful and cozy Petal Scarf.

These gorgeous projects are just a small sampling of the wonderful things Ravelers create without the use of patterns. To see more stunning projects not connected to published patterns, check out this advanced search for such projects, sorted by “best match.” You’ll be blown away!

I often get asked how someone can know what a pattern will cost in their currency when it is listed in a different one. You can automatically see the price of a pattern in your currency if you set your location in your profile. To set your location, go to your profile page and click “edit your profile” then enter your location there. You can select only your country for currency purposes, but then you miss out on some other location benefits mentioned below. If you are uncomfortable listing your exact city or town, you can enter another nearby city.

set profile

Then, when you go to a pattern page that lists the pattern price in a different currency, you will see the price in your currency listed just below the list price of the pattern.

currency conversion

There are other benefits to setting your location, like being able to easily search for nearby yarn shops and groups and to see local yarn shop advertisements for your area on yarn pages. It’s just one little field on your profile page, but it has a lot of added benefits.

As soon as Mary-Heather told me I would have the opportunity to show off some of my favorite projects, I knew immediately what I’d do when it was my turn – matching mama and baby sweaters!  I mean, look at these!

From left to right: offbeatchic’s Bloomsbury, nadia1981’s Water’s Edge, and knitwisepurlwise’s A Very Violet Alice.

And then while I was searching I realized there is also an amazing trove of matching daddy and baby hats.  And how could I leave those out?

From left to right: annettle’s I’ve Taken A Viking To You, halfbrits’ Squared, and cheerylady’s Cousins Hat (okay, these two may be cousins).

Once I was down the rabbit hole, I was powerless against this sweetness.  Matching family sweaters!  Big and tiny feet!  Bolo ties!  Monkey family!

From left to right: Kattak’s Family knitalong top, magentabird’s Socks Just Like Dad’s, lirin’s Dad & Tommy’s Matching Christmas Vests, and mykidsmomx2’s Monkey Hat.

Thanks to all the parents of the kids above for permission to feature their cuteness :)  Seeing all these matching FOs sure made my day, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them, too!

advanced search types

The Ravelry database is the heart of the website, and the pattern browser and advanced search (linked on the top left of our patterns tab) is without a doubt our most popular feature. Using our advanced search, you can filter your pattern search with the 239 filter options for everything from yarn weight to design attributes. But did you know that across the top of the screen in the advanced search, we have advanced searches for things other than patterns as well, with their own filters and sort options to help you find exactly what you are looking for?


From left to right, at the top of the advanced search page, the first options you will see are all related to patterns.

  • patterns searches all the patterns in the Ravelry database
  • projects searches the projects that Ravelry users have added to their notebooks
  • designers searches designers who have patterns in the Ravelry database
  • sources are for pattern sources like books, magazines, ebooks, and websites – things you would find linked on the “published in” field on a Ravelry pattern page
  • yarn related searches

    The next search options are all related to yarn.

  • yarns searches the yarns listed on Ravelry; you can also get to this search quickly from the main yarns tab
  • stash allows you to search the stashes of users on Ravelry, with filters like “available FSOT” (for sale or trade) and even special handspun filters.
  • brands searches yarn brands or companies who have yarns listed on Ravelry
  • community related searches

    Finally, we have the community-related searches.

  • people is where to go to search Ravelry users. If you are friends with someone on another social network and they have that connected in the “social networks” section of their profile, you can search by their username on that network and find them on Ravelry!
  • groups searches Ravelry groups, and you can filter by group category, craft, location, and more.
  • events searches the Ravelry events section
  • forums searches the Ravelry forums, which have a wealth of helpful resources and posts from all of you!
  • We hope these search options help you find whatever information, inspiration, or just plain awesomeness awesomeness you are looking for!

    It has been a few years since I was last able to attain the most glorious trophy: a completed sweater in time for New York Sheep and Wool. These days, I am more of a Rhinebeck hat person. So if you are like me and are looking for a relatively quick yet festive wooly to celebrate the autumn season, here is some inspiration.

    From left to right: Rutast’s Yellow Memories, Zanetta’s Wurm / Rikke Hat, and tanisfiberarts’ Framed Slouch.

    From left to right: Tatterz’ Nara Hat, MisKnitz’ Seedling larisa’s Peak Hat …and Eloise and Casey’s pick: loopysue’s Minion Hats.

    Thursday Tip: Topic Tools

    September 26th, 2013

    The Ravelry forums are home to more than 2.5million topics (y’all are chatty!), and the topic tools are how I manage the conversations I want to follow.  From the topic tools menu I can choose where to enter the thread, adjust which posts are marked as read, and choose to watch or ignore it.  Ignored threads no longer show on my list of topics, while watched threads will show at the top of their forum when there are new posts, so I’m guaranteed not to miss them!

    You can pull up the topic tools menu by clicking from the topic list, as shown by the green arrow above.  It’s also available while you’re reading a thread in the bottom right of the screen.  Enjoy wielding your power over the 10.5 million forum posts!

    Sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I search Ravelry for pictures of animals in clothes. I don’t know why, but they never fail to make me smile. I particularly love animals in hats, and creative Ravelers have made it possible for their animals to have a hat for every occasion. Here are a few of my favorites:
    Pet Hats 1
    From left to right above: pnwbookgirl’s Leeloo’s Halloween Hat, flintknits’ crushmouse, and –Kath–‘s Pet Beret.

    Pet Hats 2
    Here from left to right, we have: BoatkrazysWife’s Cat ‘fro, xmoonbloom’s Frog Costume Hat for Pet and elapine’s Carmen Miranda foster-cat hat.

    Pet Hats 3
    And last, but certainly not least: PirateFoxy’s Horsie Santa Hat & Elf Hat, The GrouchyCairn’s Maisie Celebrates Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, and TerriRoyea’s Oh the Humanity Greyhound Hat.

    You can see the most recently completed pet wear projects using this search. If you need to save it for a rainy day, just click “save search” at the top left of the page after you click the link & it will be stored in your magnifying glass tab. Hope it brightens your day like it brightens mine!