Thursday Tip: new Help tab!

January 9th, 2014

get to help tab

For our tip today, we wanted to introduce you to our new and improved Help tab! You can find the help tab by clicking on the ? tab at the top of the page, or the word “help” at the bottom of the page. This tab is a home base for our help information and resources and is a great place to look if you have any questions about Ravelry!

quickstart guide and search

On the Help tab, we have a great variety of resources for you – whether you are brand new to Ravelry or a seasoned user. At the top of the page you’ll find pretty images which link to Quick Start Guides for Ravelry users, Advertisers, Designers, Yarnies (on Ravelry, a Yarnie is a yarn dyer or yarn company), and Yarn Shops. Just underneath those images, you’ll see a search field which lets you search all our help resources. Type in your question for speedy answers! The search field will bring you answers from a variety of helpful resources on Ravelry including these Thursday Tips blog posts!

faqs and guided tips

Keep scrolling and you’ll see a list of FAQs and handy links to our guided tips. The new FAQs here are shorter, more digestable help than the wiki pages, making it easier to find the information you need quickly.


At the bottom of the page you’ll find our help videos and tutorials, and finally, links to other help resources like the Help group, Help chat, and a way to email us for assistance if the resources on the Help tab didn’t contain the answer you were looking for.

Christina and Sarah revamped this page by looking into data about the type of questions people ask, via email and elsewhere, and also into the links people click to try to get answers to their questions, and we’ll continue to look at this information to keep improving the Help tab search results, FAQs, and guides. We hope these changes are useful to you – we’re excited to have an easy way to find all our help resources in one organized place!

Community Eye Candy: Gifts

January 7th, 2014

Now that gift-giving season is over and Ravelers are posting pictures of the items they made, I couldn’t resist focusing on recently completed gifts for this week’s eye candy.

From left to right: richiesoft‘s Happy Wedding, NanaCathy‘s Bigfoot Slippers, and KeTreKo‘s :::HappyNewYearRings:::.

Fron left to right: weaselmomma‘s Latvian Garden, judithlynn‘s Fireman’s Ghan, and SleepyEyesAdelaide in Gray.

Don’t forget, if you’re making a gift for a fellow Raveler (or yourself!) you can mark it on your project page by filling in the “made for raveler” field.  It’s fun to able to see the lucky recipient of a crafty gift when browsing projects!


The end of the year is a time of great activity here at Ravelry, whether you’re making gifts for others, trying to meet year-end crafting goals, or maybe lucky enough to receive yarn as a gift.  Today’s tip is about how you can show off your new stash and projects with your favorite pals using the share with a group feature.

You’ll find the option on the right side of your project and stash pages.  Click the dropdown and select a group and your item will be shared!  You can share with as many groups as you like*, and if you make a mistake, simply click the x next to a group and your item is un-shared.

Want to see the fabulous projects and stash of your group members?  On the overview page for the group we have boxes for the shared items.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the things that have been shared in my groups lately and I look forward to some fun surprises!

*Some groups have guidelines about what sort of projects and stash may be shared.  A mod should be able to help you out if you have any questions about it!

PS Next week we’ll be taking a break from the blog to enjoy some time with our families.  But no worries, we’ll return to our regular schedule the following week.

If you spend time looking through Ravelry’s project search, sooner or later you will notice what seems to be a universal feline truth: cats love blocking projects.

Really, who can blame them – what cat wouldn’t want to lie on a handmade blanket, especially if it has a spot of sunshine?

cats and blankets

anna186‘s guernsey wrap, ccfalcons epic stashdown blanket, and knittywood‘s stash buster granny are all 100% cat-approved!

Of course cats, being elegant creatures, appreciate the finer things in life… you know, like lace:

cats on lace

VargenJ‘s Victorian Enchantment Shawl, needlerknitsQueen Anne’s Lace Shawl, and tickleturtle’s Serenity Blanket.

And I’m sure that these cats really cherish their cozy new sweater-shaped resting pads:

cats on sweaters

Pipapo‘s Vanna’s Choice for Heinz, RhowenknitsEnchanted Mesa, and JosieMacG‘s Girl’s Not Grey.

If you’d like to make a project specifically designed for a cat, there are hundreds listed in the Ravelry database – toys, beds, and hats, and more!

Squam Art Workshops, Spring 2014

December 13th, 2013


It is hard to believe but Elizabeth and her team are already knee deep in plans for Squam Art Workshops retreat in June. And boy, have they been busy.

As usual, there are just incredible classes on knitting, sewing, art, writing, weaving, photography and woodworking. I had to gasp when I saw the teacher list this year. (Amy Herzog, Franklin Habit, Courtney Kelley and Kate Osborn, David Anthony Durham, Gudrun Johnston, John Mullarkey, Maya Donenfeld, Cal Patch, Nancy Bush and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and MORE.) I don’t know how I am going to choose!

Also, Jared Flood from BrooklynTweed will be there all week as knitter-in-residence and will be giving a talk on Thursday night.

You can sign up to hold your spot here.

Check out the SAW group if you want to chat with other Ravelers about all the fun. Hope to see you there!

Thursday Tip: Find that Ad

December 12th, 2013

‘Tis the season for shopping…well, shopping for others anyway, but that doesn’t keep me from doing a bit of shopping for myself along the way. I tend to go through the forums pretty quickly and there have been many times when I’ve clicked to read the next page only to realize that I really wanted to check out that pretty ad from the previous page. You can!

To do this, put your mouse over the ad space and click “previous ad”.

Previous ad

Then, the previous ad will appear for you in that space so you can click on it and check it out! You can also choose “more” to see all of the ads of that type or if you are in a forum or group, it will show you all of the ads being run in that forum or group.

If you can’t buy something for yourself right now, but you don’t want to lose track of the ad, you can click “add to faves”. Then, you will see “in faves” in that spot.

in faves

Then, go to your notebook tab and click “favorites” and you will see all of your clipped ads in the favorites menu there.

clipped ads

These tips also work for the ads that you see in your notebook! Hopefully, these tips will help make sure you don’t lose track of that yarn, fiber or notion that you want to buy again!

Community Eye Candy

December 11th, 2013

Casey and I started looking for movie inspired projects but then got a bit distracted. Come on, look at that moose sweater!

Above: loupea’s Zombie Apocalypse, KnittingSuzanne’s Starry Starry Night, and michellebt’s First Crochet.

Above: dutte’s The Katniss Cowl, deimne’s Tir Chonaill – baby-wearing edition, and Fanda’s Moose Sweater.

Above: A-Ko’s SPEEDY & DANGEROUS, Cynder’s Snapdragon pullover, and MagischeMaschen’s Swingy “Thanks Cat!”.

incorporated patterns

You may have noticed a new feature when adding or editing projects: a link that allows you to list additional patterns you’ve incorporated into your project. This often-requested feature allows you to connect your project to more than just one pattern in the Ravelry database – perfect for when you use a particular pattern for the bulk of your project, but modify it with details such as a stitch pattern or other design element from another pattern.

To add additional patterns to your project, just click the yellow pencil or “edit project” button and you’ll see the link to add additional patterns underneath the patterns field, as pictured in the screenshot above. Clicking on that link will bring up a box describing the feature; hit the “okay” button to continue to the field that will allow you to link to your additional pattern. You can even incorporate multiple additional patterns!

links to incoporated projects

This new feature will continue to be developed and expanded as we see how people use it, but for now, if you’d like to see ways in which other users have incorporated patterns, just look at the bottom of the “projects” tab for a given pattern. You’ll see the link to an advanced search of projects that incorporated that pattern just next to the link that shows a search for projects made with handspun.

We’re looking forward to see how you all use this new feature, and the creative ways Ravelers have incorporated multiple patterns in their projects!

Community Eye Candy: Rainbows!

December 3rd, 2013

Up here in the Northern hemisphere the days are getting shorter.  You know what I think is the perfect antidote to winter darkness blahs?  Rainbows!

Those lovely bits of brightness, from left to right: metavf’s Rainbow Heart, cleverchook’s Rainbow Love Socks, and bowerbird’s The Blanket (that yarn is handspun!).

Or if you prefer your rainbow toned down a bit by pairing it with a neutral, then these are for you. Cristi-Lael’s Will Work for Yarn #105, surlyturtle’s The Hexagon Project Rainbow Wrap, and strikkeanita’s Rainbow Sweater.

P.S. If you need another thing to brighten your day, we have new Party Bob stickers in the mini-mart!  Perfect gifts for Raveler friends, or yourself :)

Community Eye Candy: Turkey Day!

November 26th, 2013

It’s Thanksgiving week in the US, a time when we take a moment to give thanks while eating copious amounts of turkey and other treats. I thought it would be fun to see what people have been creating that remind me of Thanksgiving.

First we have twirlymama’s Pumpkin Pies for US Thanksgiving, Dmlagas’ Turkey Potholder #3 and showandtellmeg’s Alvin the Turkey.

thanksgiving 2
Next up, cast1on’s Baby Turkey Hat, eiknip’s Turkey Hat and WoollyElf’s Thanksgiving Pumpkin.

We’ll be taking off from our Thursday Tips this week to enjoy a bit of turkey and family time. During this time of thanks, we are SO thankful for each of you who contribute to Ravelry through projects, patterns, posts and many other ways each and every day!