Talented and active designers and publishers add new patterns to Ravelry all the time, and our Pattern Highlights feature can be a great way to quickly see new patterns that might be interesting to you!

Pattern Highlights have their own page and a few most recent highlights are also displayed about halfway down the right side of the main Patterns tab.

Customize your Pattern Highlights!


With our recently added Pattern Highlights customization options, you have multiple ways to determine the types of new patterns that are shown to you. Add custom searches, select the crafts you’d like to see, and choose which options on the customization list you want (or do not want!) to see.

Try these customization options!

A couple of neat customization options I wanted to highlight (heh) for this post are the “favorite,” and “newly written up” options, and custom selection. If you, like me, have designers who might as well just keep our PayPal information on file because you want to buy every single pattern they design, you should add those designers to your Ravelry favorites (you can do this from their designer page) and make sure that you’ve selected the top “favorite” option for your pattern highlights customization choices. We’ll show you any new patterns they publish! Selecting “newly written up” patterns will show you new patterns for projects you’ve added to your favorites. If you see a cute project you love for a pattern that is being tested, definitely mark it as a favorite, and we’ll show you the pattern in your highlights once it has been published.

Add your own custom selections!

build custom highlights search

Adding your own custom selections to your highlights will let you build a custom search so you always see new patterns that meet the search criteria you select. Building a custom search for your highlights uses our advanced search filters, so you whether you want to see new patterns for crocheted cardigans in fingering weight yarns, or stranded knit socks (or anything else you can filter and find with Ravelry searches), you can be sure to keep updated on any new patterns for your custom searches.

If you would like to customize your highlights, or if you don’t have any highlights showing for you yet, why not take a moment to create a custom search for yourself? Just click on the “customize your highlights” link on the Pattern Highlights page and you’ll see the option to add your own custom selections. Have fun!

One of the most wonderful (and occasionally infuriating) things about spinning from dyed material is how much control you can have over the color of your final product.  Today’s eye candy focuses on handspun featuring 3 color handling techniques.

First up are the barberpoles.  potentialofyarn‘s Hello Yarn Rambouillet, symonangel‘s Gift of Grace Handspun 2 ply, and SpunRightround‘s Olivia Mix.

Next, the gradient spins.  fuzzylover‘s Elven Winemommato8‘s “Salted Camel Mochaccino”, and Eskimimi‘s Stormborn.

And finally, the fractals.  Nordina‘s Karma, Lumpyjumperlady‘s Seascape, and squiished‘s All the Fun of the Fair.

I was able to find all these beautiful yarns by using the stash advanced search, using the handspun attribute filters.  Want to see some yourself?  Here are links to more barber poles, gradients, and fractals!

There are many ways to search Ravelry groups, but searching by location can be useful if you are new in town, looking for people near you or if you are traveling and trying to find out more about the yarn situation at your destination.

Since many groups cover an area that is larger than a single town or city, the location search has a few extra smarts. Searching by location will also turn up groups with members that are concentrated (according to profiles) around that region.

You can find this search on the groups tab: browse groups by location (also try choosing “only local stitch ‘n bitch groups” after searching)

(in this example, the Churchmouse group is really big, really active, and full of Seattleites so it comes up first)

Local groups can be pretty quiet compared to those that revolve around topic. You might even consider adding your local groups to your forums in case someone who is new to town comes by with a question.

Bonus: sort of on the subject of local stuff, if you like the Hot Right Now section of the patterns tab, take a look at this Hot Around the World page. It’s just something that I’m playing with and it’s not connected to anything, but it is updates throughout the day
and it’s kind of neat.

Spring has sprung where I live and things are really starting to get green, which inspired me to look up the green projects people have been working on for this week’s Community Eye Candy.

First off, from left to right: Curiosa’s Cara Mia, mini cooper’s Grisu, and bumblefish’s Crochet Tunic

And a few more recent projects: anis’ On the grass, Norde’s Kvothe im Dschungel, and spaceystacie’s Sneaky Socks

Searching projects by color can be super inspirational. The color you search for isn’t always the dominant color in the project, but it’s really fun to explore the ways people are using their yarn. To search by color, go to the projects search and typing in a color. Color Family search terms will pop up and you can choose the one that is most relevant. You can find more green projects using my green search.

We’ve posted previously about how to share your projects, but I’m going to cover it again because we have some new enhancements!

Let’s recap, how do I make something public again?

To share any item in your notebook, follow the steps below.

Neat!  But I’ve seen all this before.  What’s new?

Really, everything in your notebook.  Fiber stashes are newly shareable!

A public page for all your public projects.  The url for your project notebook – – shows all your projects to Ravelry users, and all your public projects to visitors who are not logged in.  This page is a nice gallery to share what you create with friends and family who aren’t on Ravelry.


Social sharing!  After you make an item public we give you the option to share it via social media or Ravelry private message.

I look forward to seeing what you share!

Community Eye Candy: Plants!

April 16th, 2014

This post is especially for those of you dealing with dreary weather right now and wishing for beautiful Spring or Fall days (depending upon your continent): some lovely yarn flora from around the world, in the forum of cheery plant projects.

crocheted plant flowers

First up, these pretty flowers: vantUILtje‘s Vrolijke zonnebloem, anitapeetersAmigurumi Potted Plant, and jfenwick11‘s Plumeria Baby Mobile.

crocheted cactus

Something about soft and cozy yarn cacti makes me smile! I just love lalabob11‘s Cat Cactus, MorethanitSeamsCactus Garden #1, and sockmunky‘s gratis cactus de punto with bonus feline supervisor.

If you’d like to see even more gorgeous plant projects, you can check out this project search, and even use filters on the left to look for projects made using a specific craft, yarn weight, and more. Have fun!

Thursday Tip: For my queue

April 10th, 2014

In your Ravelry library, there is a handy feature called “for my queue”. When you go to your notebook tab, then click library, you will see all of the things you have added to your library. On the left of the page is a green box that has different ways to look in your library. “For my queue” is found there under lists.

When you click that, you will see books and magazines that you need for your queue. The default view is “in my library”. So, the first thing it will show you is books and magazines that you already have that include the patterns you’ve decided you want to make. You can also switch this to show you books and magazines you need for your queue that you do not currently have in your library. To do this, just click “not in my library” near the top of that window.

not in my library

My favorite part of this feature is that if there are multiple patterns that I want to make from the same book or magazine, they will show there in that listing. This makes it easy to decide to go ahead and pick up that magazine since I’ll likely make more than one item from it. Here’s what it looks like when there is more than one item from the source that you want to make.

So, the next time you’re going to buy a book or magazine, you might check and see what you need for your queue using this handy feature!

The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup ended their spring semester on March 31st. These are just a few of the 2000(!!) projects that students posted in the March class threads.

To find out more about what goes on in the House Cup group, take a look at this this nifty slideshow.

Pictured above, from left to right: MrsDanvers’ Arithmancy Mandrake, simplyme5252’s Riddari cardi, and Jayannell’s Rose and Thorn Cardigan.

AnnieCC’s Charon, TheWindWraith’s Rams & Yowes….and a Collie too, and Marushka’s Summer Splendor.

kirsts’ V’s Easter basket, LarcYarn’s Cruciatus Wellwood, and frimptes’ spring roses.

Friday Tip: Group Pages

April 4th, 2014

There are thousands of Ravelry groups dedicated to just about every subject under the sun, and so many of them are fantastic sources of information. Sometimes, groups want that information to be easily accessible in a permanent place so that it’s easy for members to find. In those cases, Group Pages can be so useful!

stranded pages

Every group has a Pages tab, and if you are a group admin or mod, you can make pages for anything you choose. Common topics are things like group rules or FAQs, techniques and tutorials to reference, errata links (for designer or publisher groups). Just go to the Pages tab in your group, and click the create a new page button:

create a new page

You can then type in the information you want to post your forum page. Adding images and formatting your page works just like posting in the forums. You can also choose who can edit your pages: just the group admins, admins and mods, group members, or all Ravelry members.

group pages making

When you’re done, click the save changes button, and you’ll be all set!

For inspiration (and fun!), we wanted to share a few groups that make great use of the pages feature! Stranded pages have loads of colorwork knitting techniques, Family Favorite Recipes keeps their recipes pages updated regularly, Loom Knitters pages feature fantastic resources and tutorials, and S221b’s pages give a great overview to the way their group works as well as provide lots of links for Sherlock fans (judging from the ever-increasing number of Benedict Cumberbatch Ravatars, that’s a lot of you!).

It’s April Fools’ Day!  We like to celebrate by giving you silly hats in the forums, so today’s eye candy will be about the silly hats you create!

First up, some crocheted beauties: honeyorange‘s MD’s Silly Monster Hat, dragonbird‘s Boba Fett’s Malendorian Helmet, and PlayinHooky‘s Along Came a Spider Halloween Beanie.

And check out these knitted ones: ByGumByGolly‘s Fox Isle, Narapoia‘s Fuzzy Rainbow Shapka, and dpwisnewski‘s Lucian’s winter dragon hat.

And finally, hats that make you look like an animal.  How can you not love these? Malkyra‘s Chicken Hat, TheresaMarie1972‘s crawfish, and r-b‘s deer hat.

I hope you enjoyed these hats and that you enjoy the ones in the forums!  (And if not, April Fools’ will be over tomorrow ;)