Have you ever wanted to quickly find a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook that you just knew was in a project bag somewhere, along with a long-lingering work in progress? (Oh gosh, please tell me I’m not the only one!) Before you go out and buy your ninth size 6 24″ circular (ahem… the more I type, the more I hope I’m not alone in this), did you know you can use the advanced search for your projects to help you quickly find your missing tool? Here’s how!

advanced search projects link

From the projects section of your Notebook, click on the advanced search link to search your projects.

project search wips

You can narrow your search down to just your WIPs (works-in-progress) and projects you’ve marked as hibernating with the “status” filter in the sidebar on the left.

sidebar size filters

In the left sidebar, you’ll also find filters for needle and hook sizes; the sizes with numbers indicate which are being used. Click on the checkbox with the size of the hook or needle you’re looking for, and our search will narrow down to the project you are currently using it with. Now you just have to decide if you really want to pause that project and start something new, or if it would make more sense to finish it up. ;)

Unfortunately this feature will not help you find the needle that slipped between the couch cushions or the hook you accidentally left on an airplane last month, but if we ever come up with something magic like that, you can bet we’ll post about it here!

Do you have a project that you started ages ago and is hiding in a closet somewhere?  Or maybe a long-term project you’ve been working on for years?  Well the projects in today’s eye candy used to be long-term unfinished objects, but now they are done and they were worth the wait!

First, the sweaters! quiltmomoffive‘s Hex Coat, ckknitter‘s De Colores, and Poetmom‘s World’s Longest Fair Isle Project (at nearly 20 years, she is probably close to holding that record!).

And the blankets! makkidi‘s OUR Lizard Ridge, Violiknit‘s Blanket Freelancing, and januaryone‘s Madness.

And the other stuff! DinosaraKnitsInga Hat, yarnRx‘s Vacuum hose ‘hose’…, and EvilOlive‘s Twisted Flower Sock.

My favorite part of finding all these projects was reading the notes – so many of them detail year-long sagas to create these beautiful projects, capturing the inspiration and advice picked up along the way.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Ravelry Revelry at Squam!

May 23rd, 2014

In just two short weeks, all of us at Ravelry will be heading to the Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire, and we can’t wait! This will be the first time that the entire Ravelry staff has attended Squam and we are especially excited about the Art Fair and Ravelry Revelry on Saturday night – if you are in the area, we would just love to see you there.


The Squam Art Fair and Ravelry Revelry will take place on Saturday, June 7, along the shores of beautiful Squam Lake in Holderness, NH – directions and distances can be found here. Jam-packed with wonderful vendors, it begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 10:00 pm. Best of all, it is free (yay!) and open to all – not just Squam attendees (double yay!).

Elizabeth, the lovely creative force behind Squam Art Workshops, wrote about this event on the Squam blog in case you’d like to see more enticing photos.

The evening promises to be filled with creative inspiration, crafty booths with fabulous vendors, lots of camaraderie with happy crafters, and did we mention it is free and open to everyone?

We are so happy to thank the generous sponsors on hand who helped make this event possible! The JOY level sponsors are:


Uppercase Magazine

gather here

gather here

purl soho

and Purl Soho

And even more fabulous sponsors can be found on the Squam website. Thank you so much to all of our sponsors – we are so lucky to have such wonderful companies participating in this event.

See you at the lake!


We have a bookmarklet that you can use to quickly transport yourself from a pattern page elsewhere on the web to the corresponding Ravelry page. If the matching pattern page can’t be found, it will instead bring you to the pattern search and fill in the page title as the search text.

To install the bookmarklet on your computer, just drag this button to your bookmarks bar.

ravel it!

An example (using Knitty) is shown below. Click the image to see how it works

If you are on Internet Explorer and dragging doesn’t work, try right clicking and choosing “add to favorites”. You can also use this when mobile if your mobile device syncs from your desktop Safari or Chrome. Chrome on Android users: type “ravel it” into the location bar and activate it from there.

Bonus: you can also use this on Twitter and Instagram to jump to any Ravelry profile that has the matching social site information filled in. Try it out on instagram.com/rainydaygoods or twitter.com/jessicamf.

As summer approaches here, I find myself on the hunt for summer accessories that will keep me (and those I love) cool and protected from the sun. So, inspired by that, I found some sun hats to share with you today.

From left to right: gbina’s Flower Sun Hat, AllieCatsHats Lady Mary Sun Hat, and eponymous’ Little Lady Sun Hat.

FluseundFussel’s Shell Brimmed girls hat, pb1138’s Nicole’s sun hat, and seasonmw’s “Dress Up Time” Roses.

I hope these cute sun hats made your day a little brighter, wherever you are!

Sarah talked last week about finding yarn substitution ideas for a pattern you’re excited about.  Today, I want to talk about one of the ways you can go the opposite direction – find a pattern when you have a skein you’re in love with.

At the top of any yarn page is a tab called “projects” where you can see all the projects made with that yarn.  I love this for using other Raveler’s projects as inspiration.  (Here’s an example.)

Right on this page you can filter these projects based on how other Raveler’s have rated them, the craft used, and lots more!

On the other side of the page are a series of buttons.  Advanced search allows you to look at the projects made in this yarn with even more filtering options!  The paired buttons control the look of the projects – the card view includes notes whereas the large is all photo eye candy.  Both views highlight the pattern used for the project, so you can be gathering ideas for what you’ll make with your special skein.

This is just one way to find patterns to match a yarn.  In future weeks we’ll show you some other ways to get ideas for the skeins in your stash (or soon to be there).

This past Sunday, May 11, was Mother’s Day in many countries around the world, including the United States, where all of us on the Ravelry staff live, so for today’s Eye Candy we took a look at projects that Ravelers have made for their moms (all of these projects have “mom” in the project’s “made for” field) and finished within the last two months. So much yarny love!

made for mom 1

From left to right, we have litfoh‘s スケスケ Cowl, LotzSkånevantar II, and foxinbox‘s Oceanic Venus.

made for mom 2

Above we have FlutePrayer‘s Vintage Frisson, sjordan255‘s I Can See Clearly Now, and LouSquared‘s Crashing Gulf of Mexico Waves. If you take a peek around LouSquared’s notebook, you might notice that this is just one of 5 beautiful shawls and scarves that she has finished for her mother so far this year – how sweet!

made for moms 3

Our final “made for mom” projects are Spunknit‘s Pair of Keets, Lilac 99‘s Lemon Tidewater, and Sherbre‘s Green Tea T-Rex.

I had such a hard time choosing just 9 projects to highlight for this post – it is clear that Ravelers sure love to make things for their mothers. (Awwwwwwww.) Up with moms!

I often get asked why you should add your stash to Ravelry. Here is one of the many ways having your stash section up to date can be helpful.

When you are looking at a pattern you like, you might want to see what yarns you have from your stash that would work for that pattern. You can do this easily by clicking the “yarn ideas” tab on the pattern page!

If there are items in your stash that might work for the pattern, that will be indicated at the top of the page. You can click “show stashed items” there to see the items in your stash that might work.

Here are a few of mine that come up when you click that link. You will see the images and then information about how many skeins you have of each yarn listed below each yarn image.

This is way easier than digging through that yarn bin (or bins as the case may be) to find out if you have yarn for a project on hand!

Nerd Wars is an ongoing competition where teams from different parts of nerddom compete for points by proposing and completing projects in different challenges. Each Nerd Wars tournament offers a number of themed challenges that are 1 month long plus a 3 month “dissertation” project.

Nerd Wars Tournament 10 just ended a few days ago, so now is a perfect time to show a few of the thousands of challenge projects that were completed in April.

I’ve included some “nerd wars” links that will bring you to each creator’s (very cool!) proposal. Read those posts to get a feeling for what Nerd Wars is all about.

Above: millicurie’s I Want to Believe (nerd wars), LadyKatka’s Hagrid Illusion, and drdomestiKated’s 10 toward ∞ (nerd wars). Happy anniversary drdomestiKated!

Above: WonderWhyGal’s Where the Lilacs Bloom, baroquepurls’ Shocking orange shawl (nerd wars) and AlterLace’s Hedgehog Clutch (nerd wars).

Above: roben’s Robin! Girl Wonder! (nerd wars), PixelBamf’s Pillage Before You Burn!, and winemakerssister’s One Does Not Simply…. (nerd wars)


Talented and active designers and publishers add new patterns to Ravelry all the time, and our Pattern Highlights feature can be a great way to quickly see new patterns that might be interesting to you!

Pattern Highlights have their own page and a few most recent highlights are also displayed about halfway down the right side of the main Patterns tab.

Customize your Pattern Highlights!


With our recently added Pattern Highlights customization options, you have multiple ways to determine the types of new patterns that are shown to you. Add custom searches, select the crafts you’d like to see, and choose which options on the customization list you want (or do not want!) to see.

Try these customization options!

A couple of neat customization options I wanted to highlight (heh) for this post are the “favorite,” and “newly written up” options, and custom selection. If you, like me, have designers who might as well just keep our PayPal information on file because you want to buy every single pattern they design, you should add those designers to your Ravelry favorites (you can do this from their designer page) and make sure that you’ve selected the top “favorite” option for your pattern highlights customization choices. We’ll show you any new patterns they publish! Selecting “newly written up” patterns will show you new patterns for projects you’ve added to your favorites. If you see a cute project you love for a pattern that is being tested, definitely mark it as a favorite, and we’ll show you the pattern in your highlights once it has been published.

Add your own custom selections!

build custom highlights search

Adding your own custom selections to your highlights will let you build a custom search so you always see new patterns that meet the search criteria you select. Building a custom search for your highlights uses our advanced search filters, so you whether you want to see new patterns for crocheted cardigans in fingering weight yarns, or stranded knit socks (or anything else you can filter and find with Ravelry searches), you can be sure to keep updated on any new patterns for your custom searches.

If you would like to customize your highlights, or if you don’t have any highlights showing for you yet, why not take a moment to create a custom search for yourself? Just click on the “customize your highlights” link on the Pattern Highlights page and you’ll see the option to add your own custom selections. Have fun!