Tip: Saved Searches

August 3rd, 2017

I enjoy crafting the perfect Ravelry search – not too strict, not too permissive – that captures a group of patterns I like. When one of them is something that I know I will want to return to, I make sure to keep it using the saved search feature. If it’s something new to you, you’ll enjoy today’s blog post where I go through it.

To save a search, click the link by that name on the search page. Give the search a name and if it is a pattern search you will be given the option to subscribe to the search. This means that you’ll get a visual notification if there are new pattern results in the search, like the message below:

To find a saved search again, use the magnifying glass that is in the top navigation of every page. In the center you’ll see a list of your saved searches as well as a link to administer them. This is also where you will see a red bubble if there are new items in a subscribed search.

Some of the ways we like to use saved searches are:

  • keep up with new patterns in our preferred styles (save a pattern search with parameters for your preferences)
  • get a notification if there’s a new pattern by a favorite designer (save a pattern search filtered by a specific designer)
  • look for new projects on an uncommon pattern (save a project search filtered by a specific pattern)
  • look for eye candy (save a project search filtered by something that inspires you)


tdf fo 1

mumlovescloth’s beautiful Resonation Shawl

Last week, Sarah’s blog post showcased some of the beautiful yarn that was spun by 2017 Tour de Fleece participants. For this week’s Eye Candy, I thought I’d take a look at finished projects that were made with yarn spun during last year’s Tour de Fleece!

tdf fo 2

Above are anbrecht’s rotkappchen tuch, CarrieClothwright’s Autumn Rustic Flax, and tyedyediva’s Handspun Toe Up Socks.

tdf fo 3

Here we have deimne’s Handspun shawl for meesies, yancka’s G’day Lill Sister, and Tsovacool’s A Hat for Boromir.

Looking through handspun projects is one of my favorite things to do on Ravelry, and I love seeing people make such beautiful things with their Tour de Fleece yarn!

Eye Candy: Tour de Fleece

July 26th, 2017

As the wheels of cyclists begin spinning for the Tour de France each year, so do the wheels (and spindles) of spinners on Ravelry that participate in the Tour de Fleece. In July, during the Tour de Fleece, Ravelers worked on around 4500 spinning projects. The results are so stunning that it was hard to select only a few to feature.

Above on the left is pnason’s Yarn #120 – Polwarth/Silk and on the right is threadbender’s Hipstrings- Merino/Bombyx.

Here on the left we have Momma2abunch’s Loop “Fish Owl” Bamboo Silk Wool Handspun 2017 #17 with rain’s Three Waters Farm Storm’s End – BFL.

One of the things I love about looking through handspun is seeing all of the different beautiful tools used to make yarn, like in the images from Irieknit’s Pyrenees Delight Cheviot (left) and YarnGiraffe’s TwF Targhee Blurple (right).

Last but certainly not least, we have FluffyK’s New Summer on the left and TRace44’s Primordial SCF Deluxe Club Dec 2015 on the right.

You can go check out more of the amazing yarn created during Tour de Fleece in the Tour de Fleece group and the stash entries that have the tdf2017 tag. It is so fun to see people in the fiber community come together for fun projects like this one. Congratulations to the hard working moderators and team leaders that made it happen and to all who participated!


Moonstruckmermaid’s She Sells Seashells

Most Ravelers are enjoying beautiful summer days right now – but that doesn’t mean our sweaters aren’t getting any wear! Today’s Eye Candy features recently completed sweater projects with photos taken out in the wild.


paigelybparkin’s Tegna, ChristalLittleK’s Second Hugo, and Vasilevna’s Sea Sunset


gudclaire’s Sparkling Innovation, katiegreenbean’s Hanabira, and nestknitting’s April by the Sea.

Here’s to lovely FO’s and gorgeous scenery!

Eye Candy: Good Boy, Bob.

July 11th, 2017

good boy bob

Today’s Eye Candy is inspired by some sad news that is important to share with the Ravelry community. Sweet Bob, Ravelry’s lovable Boston Terrier mascot and loyal dog of our site’s founders, Jess and Casey, died yesterday, peacefully at home with his people, after being sick for some time. Bob was the best kind of dog – goofy, cuddly, a little bit snorty, and very playful, and he’s going to be missed very much. Today, in his honor, I thought I would share a little assortment of projects that reminded me of Bob.

bob projects 1

There are Boston Terriers, of course – Lyndilitz’s Boston Terrier, JennaWingate’s Turbo Portrait Blankie, and hookedbyangel’s Boston Terrier Cup Cozy.

bob small bob

Here is Bob and Small Bob – a cute wee puppet made for Jess & Casey by the nice folks at Malabrigo Yarn. (They have a free pattern if you want your own Small Bob!)

bob projects 2

Bob’s “thing” was balls and he would happily play with any ball at any time. These gorgeous yarn-y ones would be too delicate to be toys for an enthusiastic terrier, but they sure are cute: crochetbug’s Peace Sign Crochet Soccer Ball, amazonchyk’s Earth amigurumi, and lepemalestvari’s striped ball.

All of these projects make me smile, but I also want to say to Jess and Casey that people around the world are so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a furry family member, but we thank you for sharing Bob with all of us throughout the years!

bob running

And Bob: you were always a good boy.

Every year in June, we fly the rainbow pride flag on Ravelry. June is LGBT Pride Month and it is a time when people all over the world celebrate diversity and community and stand together against hate and bigotry. Pride happens in June in remembrance of the Stonewall riots, which began on June 28th, 1969. After a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, transgender women of color led an uprising to fight back against the police brutality that the LGBTQ community was, and still is, experiencing. These riots were the spark that began the modern LGBTQ rights movement. On Ravelry, we usually hoist the flag around the June 28th anniversary and keep it up into July.

We fly the flag in solidarity with LGBTQI+ Ravelers, to celebrate diversity of gender and sexuality, to state that we stand against hate, bigotry and discrimination, and as a reminder that so many in our community are suffering.

The yarn community would be absolutely impoverished without LGBTQI+ knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, designers, dyers, yarnies, educators, writers, publishers, and shop owners. We who love this craft need to stand against hate and work and advocate for inclusion and equality. Not only in our yarn world, but locally, nationally, and globally as well.

rainbow 1
LindaDavie’s Rainbow Amineko Cats

Today I’m sharing bright, beautiful rainbow projects!

rainbows 2

From left to right: Ullamarike’s incredible Rainbow Umbrella, psyche-dog’s incredible Horse Sculpture, and RadicalWeft’s cheery “Izzy’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Wrist Warmers. (Thanks to Raveler missmalarkey sent me a message alerting me to psyche-dog’s incredible project while I was writing this post – I was delighted to see the rainbow colors matched today’s theme, and also, WOW.)

rainbow 3

Above are Ambiknitrix’s cozy Double Happiness Socks, Beth02116’s cool bike rack (and adorable dog Purl!), and redvoodoo’s moody woven rainbow scarf.

I hope these rainbows brightened your day!

Tip: Blog Post Archive

June 22nd, 2017

When we see people in person, they often tell us that they enjoy our blog posts. We are so happy to get this feedback and wanted to show you how to look through the blog post archive in case you missed a post or two.

When you are on Ravelry, click the help tab that shows next to the magnifying glass.

When you scroll down, you’ll see a Blog Posts heading. To see our full post archive, click “go to the blog post archive” at the end of the list of recent posts.

If you are looking for something specific, you can search for it in the search box in the help tab, instead. The search looks for your search topic in both blog posts and wiki pages that are community maintained to help you.

Our past posts contain a lot of great information and inspiration, so we hope that you find it helpful to access all of it in the same place.

Today in the Northern Hemisphere, we are enjoying the Summer solstice: the day of the year with the most daylight! Where I live, we’re also hitting highs of 100 degrees (and up!) Fahrenheit all week, and I thought it would be appropriate to share projects made with bright, sunny colors.

sunshine 1

First up, beautiful bright sweaters: Hiiragi’s Holiday test, Julieanne02’s For the love of speckles and stripes, and Louice’s Flower Power.

sunshine 2

Next we have sunshiney shawls! Woll-moe-re’s Summerleaf, citric4blue’s Eight Tiny Foxes, and aduary’s Sevilla Shawl.

sunshine 3

Finally, a few vivid projects: RavenEphemera’s Sweetgrass Prairie Socks, tanace’s Diagonal Beach Skirt, and zoltnerly’s Owl’s eyes cowl.

All of these have been completed so far this month! If you’d like to check out more projects in these colors, try this project search link.

Eye Candy: Bags!

June 7th, 2017

Bags 1

MrsDanvers’ Spring Hexagons bag – so pretty!

I love a good bag (handmade or otherwise), and today I found some great bag projects to share with everyone! So far this year, Ravelers have made well over 4,000 bags – here are just a few that popped out at me when I searched those projects.

bags 2

Above: mustrimardikas’ woven laptop bag and iKnitnstitch’s Felted Boho Knot Bag are so chic.

bags 3

I love the whimsical Unicorn Farts Bag from lindseyatk and Zin-Carla’s Shark Bait!

bags 4

Finally, aren’t these vibrant colors gorgeous? Crochet green purse from Santtuqs, TracyMarie’s Beach Day Tote Bag, and Marionv’s Mochila Liza.