Thursday Tip: Coupon Codes

July 31st, 2014

I often get emails about how you can find a coupon code or a discount when purchasing a pattern. I also get asked how to use the coupon codes that people discover, so I thought I’d share a bit with you about those in today’s Thursday Tip!

Coupon codes are set up by individual designers or publishers who have their patterns available as Ravelry downloads. The designer who sets it up can make it apply to all of their patterns or only specific patterns. They will usually specify what it works for in any advertisement of the coupon code. There aren’t Ravelry-wide coupon codes at this time, so they will only work for the designs specified for the promotion.

Designers decide how to distribute their coupon codes and will often mention them in their Ravelry groups, an email to their subscribers or other places online like twitter, Facebook or their blogs. Sometimes, the coupon codes will be listed on the pattern page in Ravelry. They may also send you a coupon code directly that is a one time use code just for you.

So, once you have a coupon code, how do you use it?

Step One: If the code requires you to add more than one pattern, go to each pattern page and click “add to cart”.
add to cart

If the code requires you to only buy one pattern, click “buy it now”.

Step Two: A cart window will come up when you click either “add to cart” or “buy now”. Toward the bottom right of the window you will see “use a coupon code” next to the “check out now” button. Click on that before checking out.
use coupon code

Step Three: Add the Coupon Code and click “apply”.

Then, you will see the discount noted there in your cart. Here’s an example of what that looks like.

As long as the discount is applied there, you know that the coupon code has worked and is still active, and you can click to check out. I hope this helps you to use the great coupon codes that designers and publishers on Ravelry make available!

This July, during the Tour de France, 2500 spinners participated in the Tour de Fleece and challenged themselves to meet their spinning goals. The result? 4600 spinning projects were completed this month – that’s double the usual number.

Below, we show the work of a few of this year’s TdF spinners. You can browse through more handspun by looking at the yarns that were shared with the TdF group or by searching the tdf2014 tag in stash.

Above: nahlinse’s Cheerful Disposition (fiber from Three Waters Farm) and winksmom’s Linden.

silmiriel’s …and the garden staged a riot (her own fiber from Abeille Fibre Arts) and squiished’s Save Water: Drink Tequila (fiber from Fondant Fibre).

BellyLaugher’s mad hatter (fiber from Becoming Art) and Ravyn78’s Secretly Spiders (fiber from Nerd Girl Yarns)

Above, we have srz’s spindled Ashland Bay 50/50 Yak/Silk and David’s Pumpkin Luggage which is woven two of his handspun yarns, one made from Spunky Eclectic fiber and one from Hello Yarn.

High fives all around – Tour De Fleece moderators, team mods, and everyone who participated :) TdF is such a cool event. You all challenged yourselves, got some good spinning time in and had a lot of fun with it.


Did you know that we have a special page on which you can see a history of the patterns you’ve viewed? If you’ve ever looked at a pattern you admired but forgot to add it to your favorites or queue, and then wished to quickly find it again soon after, here’s how!

On the main patterns tab, look just under the red hot right now box on the left. If you’ve looked at any patterns on Ravelry recently, you’ll see a little you’ve looked at… section with little thumbnails of your three most recently viewed patterns. Here are mine:

you've looked at

(You won’t see this section if you haven’t looked at patterns recently, so if you see the recently added patterns section under the hot right now box, just click on any pattern to add something to your history so that you can try this out!)

Clicking on the your history page link (shown in the screenshot above) will take you to your pattern viewing history page. From here, you can scroll through your most recently viewed patterns. You can delete patterns right from this page with the delete buttons, and even search your history from the search field at the top to help you find what you are looking for.

pattern history search and delete

You’re the only person who can see your pattern viewing history – this information is private to you, and only accessible to you when you are logged in to your account. We don’t store your pattern viewing history permanently, so if you take a little break from Ravelry or don’t look at patterns for a while, your list will go away. Luckily, there are no shortage of gorgeous patterns to look at here on Ravelry, so you can fill it up again in no time!

Today’s Eye Candy is all about our Nigerian Ravelers.  They’re such a small group that I was able to look at all of their profiles and choose my favorite projects from each of their notebooks.  Here they are!

From left to right: SecretHooker‘s Clutch bag with bow (don’t miss the beautiful lining she sewed in, too!), cindyann1‘s My Ballard Slouch Hat, and Modupe‘s Portable Handbag (I love using yarn to hold yarn).

From left to right: trublvr‘s 2round flower motif, sugarnspice2576‘s Baby Blanket (those colors!!), and VenQat‘s Ethan’s Blanket.

From left to right: lisafroggirl‘s Clara Cowl, sabinecatmoon‘s Woodland Haruni (the bigger pattern pictures capture the sparkle in this FO), and NeneLawani‘s Wole’s Sweater (this is a man who loves his sweater :)

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what our Nigerian Ravelers are creating!  They may be only 27 Ravelers who list Nigeria as their country, but they contribute lots of beautiful FOs to our community :)

It seems like lately I’m constantly packing a bag…a bag for the beach, a bag for camping, a bag for the pool. Here’s a few bags on Ravelry that have caught my eye this week!

Large bags
First off, a few larger bags (from left to right) – erynnedra’s summer bag, CatinaCrochets’ Moroccan Market Tote, and ElkeTeeuwen’s Summer Sling Tote.

Smaller bags
I also ran across a few bags for keeping your smaller treasures – crochet43kidz’ puffy seed stitch purse, RindyRuth’s Le Petit Sacs for sisters, and meigsview’s Shell Carpet Bag.

Colorful bags
Finally, a few bags that caught my eye because of their great use of color! Wickedcrochetlady’s Slump Beach Bag, Talllulah31’s African Flower Shoulder Bag and beckycupcake’s Rainbow Tote.

Whether you are packing for a trip or just heading out for the afternoon, I hope these bags will inspire you to make something pretty for carrying your things, as well!

One thing I love about Ravelry is being able to see your smiling faces (and cats and dogs and shawls and funny quotes) all over the site in the form of your Ravatar.  What’s a Ravatar?  It’s another name for an avatar or a profile picture, a little picture you use to represent yourself all over the site.  Today’s tip is how to upload your own Ravatar.

Step 1: Get to your profile page.

To get to your profile page, click on your username in the upper right corner of the page where it says hiya!

Step 2: Edit your profile.

Click the link under your username that says edit profile.

Step 3: Add a picture

Once you are editing your profile, you’ll want to click in nearly the exact same place on a button that says add profile pics. 

Step 4: Upload a picture

Finally, use the dialog to choose a picture you have saved on your computer, tablet, or phone, and then click the upload button to add it.  The picture will show up on the left side of the screen just under the add profile pics button.  You also have the choice to use a webcam to add a picture, if you have one.

And that’s it!  Now you have a Ravatar to represent you all over the site!  I like to choose a picture of me smiling because I feel like it makes my posts sound friendlier.  Have fun picking something to represent you!

And for those of you that already have a Ravatar, here are some bonus tips.  Did you know that you can manage your existing Ravatars when you’re editing your profile?  Follow steps 1 & 2 above to edit and from there you can remove any Ravatars you don’t want and drag and drop to reorder your gallery of previous profile pics.  I like keeping previous ones around so I can switch quickly if I feel like changing it up.

Summery tops and sweaters in cool, drapey linens and cottons have been catching my eye here on Ravelry lately, and it’s no wonder – Ravelers are making some beautiful warm-weather garments right now! Here are some great recently finished projects:


fancytiger‘s Weathered Pullover, Arune‘s Flex, and knitthehellout‘s Screaming Coral Kit are all just stunning.


I love the classic shapes of Swatson‘s Living the Dream, mamatronic‘s Oud Tank, and electric-mama‘s Independence Day Simplicity Top.


These versatile flowy cardigans and the bold colors and stripes stood out to me: Copilboem‘s cotton hitofude, icmJACK‘s Trying Again, and KonaSF‘s Sandshore.

Bring on the summer garments!

This week we show off some recent projects that were made with a single lonesome skein of yarn:

Above, from left to right: brittney07’s Tropical Paradise , gingergooseberry’s Petite Lisette, and lzi’s Moon Angel.

Above: Meredith0908’s Half Lotus Bunting, BrigitteR’s Bubble Blue(s), and julieasselin’s River Edge.

Above: samy’s Atelier Tricot nordique, ambahobrien’s Magenta Kinta – gradience, and ichigoknitter’s Beans the Cat.

project sorting and filter overview

The projects section of your Ravelry Notebook is such a handy place to track what you’ve made and share your helpful pictures and notes with other Ravelry users (or non-users if you choose!). For our tip today we wanted to give a quick intro to the sorting and filter options available in the projects section of your Notebook, to help you quickly find what you are looking for and choose how you see it.

left project filters

On the far left is the add projects button, which is how you add a new project to your notebook.


Next to that is the drop-down that allows you to sort your projects so that you can view your notebook in various ways (with your WIPs – works in progress – first, by happiness, etc.).


The next option on the left side is a status filter – select this and you can easily switch the default all projects view to see only the projects you have in progress, finished, hibernating, or have frogged.

project search

With the search field, you can quickly search your projects right from your Notebook page.

right project filters

The options on the right side give you more tools to track and display projects.

rss project feed

The orange RSS button lets you subscribe to your choice of various available RSS feeds: projects, finished objects, comments on projects, or friends’ projects.


The cute little picture icon (with the green arrow pointing to it in the above screenshot) will pull up a slideshow of all your project photos.

flickr and advanced search

The button with the two dots is Flickr’s icon, and if you (or the user whose notebook you’re looking at) has linked your Flickr account to your Ravelry profile (it’s an option when editing your profile) you be able to click right over and view your Flickr photos. Next to that is a link to the advanced search, which will allow you to use our regular advanced search project filters on the projects in the notebook you are viewing.

photo buttons

The final options on the right are display choices for different project card views. On the left is the large thumbnail view which will show your project photos in a simple and large format:

large thumbnails

The middle display options button shows smaller photo thumbnails along with other information about your project, such as WIP status and percentage completed as well as icons representing people who have favorited or commented on the project.

small thumbnails

While in this view, clicking on the little arrow on the bottom right of the project photo will bring up some quick editing options as well as a choice to delete the project from your notebook:

project options

The last button to the right will bring up a list view of your projects:

list view

All of these options will work for you to sort, filter, and view other Ravelry notebooks, not just your own! If you don’t have projects in your notebook but would like to try playing with these features, please feel free to click around in my notebook to test away.

I really love bunting.  It is such fun, crafty decor!  This week I want to highlight some bunting that caught my eye.

First up, some floral flags.  From left to right: hddod‘s Flower garland, Meredith0908‘s Half Lotus Bunting, and Claire-clutterbug‘s Daisy Chains.

Next, I love these bundles with names and words. Clockwise from top: shopaholiccat‘s playhouse bunting, -amanda75-‘s Van Bunting, and sandpipersA Room of His Own.

Finally, some patriotic bunting from around the world. Clockwise from left: aahhh‘s Jubilee Bunting, koleslaw12‘s Star Spangled Banner, and Zoomsnoren‘s Flagranke.

I hope you enjoy these fantastic flags as much as I do!