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One of my favorite types of Advanced Searches to browse is a search for projects made without patterns. As someone who usually improvises or writes my own patterns, I just love looking through the pages of creative projects I might not have seen if I only looked at project tabs on pattern pages in the database!

project category selector

This week, we made an improvement to your project pages for projects you made without a pattern: we added a category selector, so you can select a category for them! Just click to edit your project and, if it’s not connected to a pattern on Ravelry, you’ll see a “pattern category” drop-down option just underneath the craft and tags fields. These are the same categories we use for patterns on Ravelry, so many of you will be familiar with the options already.

As more Ravelers fill this information in, we’ll be able to use the category filters on the projects-made-without-a-pattern advanced search, as well as see these projects included when we’re browsing for all projects in a particular category with the project search. I’m already looking forward to going down the rabbit hole of beautiful sweaters, blankets, socks, etc. that you all have made that aren’t connected to any patterns in the database.

When you add a project to Ravelry, you can rate how happy you are with the project, from very unhappy all the way to very happy. This is a great way to record how pleased you were with the both the process of making the item and the end result, so you can have that information for future reference. You can do this in the upper right of your project page when you are editing it by clicking on one of these smiley faces.


Today, I’m featuring recently completed projects that were rated “very happy” by their makers.

Top row (from left to right): BetsyJo’s Girasole, Tammyari’s Baby Girl’s blanket and 33Rayelle’s Rickrack Stripes Throw
Bottom row (from left to right): Girdy38’s Ammolite, blackolydog’s Stripey stripeyness and indigonightowl’s Pyukkleen

Top row (from left to right): perlestrikk’s Chloe, telogirl2003’s Rhonwen Cardigan and PprmntMochaMama’s Evergreen Christmas
Bottom row (from left to right): kellygirl’s Effortless Chic Poncho, amybyoung’s Rockabilly Yellow Rose and AFwifeCrochetNut’s Arizona Sunset

We are so excited, because it is time to register for Squam Art Workshops! Every year we so look forward to the creative classes, wonderful teachers, and nurturing attendees, all in one of our favorite parts of the world: Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

squam collage

Elizabeth has some amazing plans for this year’s retreat. Just check out this fantastic list of teachers! We love that at SAW we can not only take yarny classes from incredible folks we know and love (like Kate Atherley, Bristol Ivy, Amy Christoffers, Thea Colman, Gudrun Johnston, and Amy Herzog), but we can also branch out and try our hands at classes in woodworking, writing, mixed media, embroidery… the list goes on. On top of that there are yoga classes, poetry readings, and ample time to hike or enjoy the beautiful lake. It is going to be a wonderful experience!

Registration is open now – check out the Squam Art Workshops website for more information!

You can also join the SAW group if you want to chat with other Ravelers about all the fun. We hope to see you at the lake!

My daughter’s school is studying continents, so life in different parts of the world has been a hot topic of conversation in my household lately. Inspired by that, today’s Community Eye Candy showcases what our Brasilian Ravelers are creating during their summer.

First up, some lovely shawls. colorlessblue’s NotMine Wedding Veil (what a shawl to knit as a gift!), danimyls’ Pink Lemon (Citron), and Bertilia’s Freya Shawl – Noemi.

Next, some colorful treats! Solange’s mini squares, vlmteixeira’s Circles of love, and laisscortegagna’s Fair isle Tam in a Loom.

And finally, some warm weather garments in these lovely tanks! lele’s Blusa Mandala and danielepolotow’s Saturn Rings.

As our Brasilian community members would say, feliz artesanato (happy crafting) to you all in this New Year!

December 24, Christmas Eve, is traditionally the busiest day for finishing projects on Ravelry, and this year was no exception: 3,915 projects were marked as finished on that day! Many of these were made as gifts (finished in the nick of time!) for lucky family and friends, and still others were made as treats for the Ravelers themselves. Here are just a few of the projects finished on December 24 that caught my eye:

christmas eve finished 1

Above, from left to right, are maja-blue’s A Wee Bit Knitty Mystery Sock KAL, Gudrun’s Little Waves 3, and amelie-claire’s Christmas Reindeer. Such beautiful photos of these lovely projects!

christmas eve finished 2

AmyFal’s Christmas Strokker (she made more than one as gifts this year – click through for an adorable family picture!), Mawther’s Riddari for Christmas, and Mafitzge’s Pumpkin Cowl for Grandma are all well-loved by their recipients – as they should be!

christmas eve finished 3

Susara’s Loro Vest, SuzyParkerYarn’s Eliza’s Christmas Mermaid, and Chrissaah’s Christmas Jumper all made me smile.

It was even more difficult than usual to choose projects for this Eye Candy, because there were so many wonderful photos of happy knit-and-crochet-worthy gift recipients! If you’d like to browse through all of them you can check them out in our Advanced Search.

This will be our last blog post of 2014, so all of us here at Ravelry wanted to take a moment to say thank you to you all for being a part of our community this year! We feel so fortunate to work on a site with such wonderful and dedicated users. We’re looking forward to making Ravelry even better in 2015 and hope you’ll join us along the way. Happy New Year, Ravelers!

Thursday Tip: FO Radar

December 18th, 2014

There are so many different ways on Ravelry to see projects that other crafters have finished and shared with the site. One really fun way to see the most recently completed projects is our FO (Finished Object) Radar. This is a constantly updated stream of projects that appear on the radar as they are marked finished.

watch FO radar link

To get to the FO Radar, click on the People tab at the top of the screen, and then scroll down to the show us your FOs section (which also shows recently-marked-as-finished projects). To the upper right of this section you’ll see a link next to a little TV screen icon that says “watch FOs live.” Click on that link and you’ll go to our FO Radar page!

FO radar page

It may take a few minutes for the projects to start to stream in, but once they do, you’ll see a steady parade of recently-finished crafts from your fellow talented Ravelers. Clicking on any of the photos will take you to that project’s Ravelry page so if you see something you especially love, you can click on over and add it to your faves or leave a friendly comment for the Raveler. Have fun watching the FO Radar!

Perhaps because the days are shorter here making darkness much more prevalent in my life than light, I’m not sure, but today I was drawn to things that are bright!

First off, some brightly colored sweaters. I just loved these stripes!

Clockwise from top right: JessieJula’s Caramel, petro’s Sage folie and EditrixEmma’s Jerrica Benton.

Next, some fun accessories.

Clockwise from top: hotcheese’s Mind the Gap mitts, IgnorantBliss’ Exploration Station and tammyari’s Chevron lace infinity scarf.

Finally, a dress and a couple of bright blankets.

Clockwise from top right: 7800farenheit’s Flying Colours – December, LaurelCraft’s Grandma’s knickknacks and skripka-lisa’s Декабрь.

I just loved seeing all of these great colors and the amazing ways people combine colors for striking results. They brightened my day and I hope they brightened yours a bit, as well!

Community Eye Candy: Bulking Up

December 9th, 2014

Cuddled up with some cozy woolens is the only way I leave the house on chilly days.  Today’s projects made with bulky yarns look like the perfect thing for keeping the cold away.

First up some hats: Margotchien’s Galicia (with a very handsome friend!), ThePoorGirl’s The Vermonter from Maine, and GingerTwistStudio’s Mint Tea.

Next, some cowls: lisaviolinviola’s Tesserae Scarf, buenger60’s Cabernet Infinity Cowl, and xstitch’s Candy Crush Frieze.

And finally, some sweaters: knitthehellout’s Paloma, purpurschnecke’s justus, and callas’ Lund.

I hope that whenever you see cold weather, and however cold it is, you can snuggle up with something cushy and warm.

So you receive a message that a pattern you have purchased was updated, now what? There are three different easy ways to get the most recent version of the pattern.

1. Click the link in the email or Ravelry message you received notifying you of the pattern update.
There is a link at the bottom of the message that says “Follow this link to download the updated pattern”. Clicking that will take you to a website where you can easily download the most recent version of the pattern.

2. Find all of your available updates in your library
If you know there was an update, but don’t want to hunt down that message again, you can update patterns in your library. I often don’t download the update when I receive the notification, and sometimes those updates can stack up, but there’s an easy way to update them all at once. Go to your notebook tab and click library. Then, click the “updates available” button that shows in the upper left.

That will take you to a page where each pattern update is listed and it will tell you what the designer has updated. On that page, you can click “update now” under each pattern that needs to be updated.

3. Update from your library shelves
If you just have one pattern you want to update quickly, you can do this from the library shelves. Go to your notebook tab and click library. Click the “update available” button under the image of the pattern that needs to be updated.

That will bring up a page that lets you know what has been updated. At the top of that page, you can click “update this pattern”.

Then, the newest version will replace the older version in your library. If anything looks funny after you update, just refresh the page and it should all look fine.

Ravelry pattern updates make it easy for designers to let you know when there has been an addition or correction to their patterns. It’s a great way to make sure you have the most accurate version of a pattern you have purchased, so make sure you have the most recent versions in your library today!

While browsing projects for this week’s Eye Candy, I noticed a bit of a theme in the recently completed projects – lots of Ravelers are making projects in bunches lately, whether for gifts, to decorate or use in their homes, or just because sometimes patterns are so fun and quick that evenings pass in a blur and end with a pile of washcloths on the coffee table. (It happens!)

Voolenvine’s Handspun Birds of Happiness, Strick-Stick-Brit’s Määäähhhhh…., and LaGitana’s Cottage Tea Towels are all so beautifully made.

Lots of little things add up to big piles of cuteness in TruffleShuffler’s Holiday Gnomies, macweaver’s Blocks and Dots, and BumbleBeeBaby’s Wine Cork Army!

I just love the bright colors in smaggio’s Christmas Balls 2014 (these are just a few – be sure to click on her project link to see them all!), LykkeTAK’s Bears, Bears, Bears!, and aubreehanson’s Stripy Mittens for the Kiddos.

As always, thank you all for sharing your projects on Ravelry! If you’d like to see more of what Ravelers have finished lately, check out this advanced project search for projects finished in December 2014.