We have some great new ways to give and receive now available on Ravelry!

Non-Ravelers can now send you patterns from your wishlist!
Friends and family may ask you what you want for the next holiday that comes along. Now, they can buy patterns for you from your wishlist even if they don’t have a Ravelry login! Don’t have a wishlist? Never fear, you can find out how to make one by checking out these instructions.

To give those friends & family members a not-so-subtle hint, send them a link to your wishlist. You can find it by going to your queue, and clicking the wishlist tab.
wishlist tab
Then, copy the link from your browser’s address window. Paste that into an email to your loved one and they will then be able to access your wishlist anytime in the future to send you pattern presents through our download system!

Gift patterns can be sent from Ravelers & Non-Ravelers, and they can be sent to Ravelers & Non-Ravelers, you just need the recipient’s Ravelry username or email address. Also, if you are sending a gift pattern anonymously for a secret swap, you can now log out before sending and send a secret pattern gift.

You can now send Ravelry Extras as a gift to another Raveler!
Know someone who would like to have the ability to add images directly to the forums, but hasn’t yet purchased the Ravelry Extras for whatever reason? You can now send it to them. To do this, go to the Ravelry Extras page and click “send as a gift”.
gift extras
Extras can only be sent to Ravelers, but they can be sent from both Ravelers & Non-Ravelers using the Extras webpage.

It is super fun to give and receive gifts! Hopefully these new gifting options will help you to get what you want for that next special occasion or to spread some cheer to another person!

The projects shown this week use designs that span the last century.

korakora’s Princess Louise Bag (1917), knotweezy’s OMG I Knit a Lyra!! (1939) and melanostalgia’s Victory Jumper (1945).

nsangheetha’s I Love Doily (1951), Toreador’s Vintage blouse (1954) and CabledSheep’s Vintage Green (1966).

sarispindle’s Strawberry Swirl (1970), Turbo’s Seamless ski sweater (1981) and HanKnit’s Tutti-frutti Booties (1989).

I started this post by looking for projects made from pre-1950s patterns but it turns out that there just aren’t that many being finished each month. Here is a search that shows patterns published before 1950, with those that have the most projects listed first: http://rav.to/1bRSxhd

Try using a group’s “neighbors” tab as a way of finding similar groups that might interest you. This list can be especially helpful if a group that you liked has gone quiet and you are looking for some new places to visit.

Bonus tip: If you use the group search, today I added an “Active” filter to the sidebar. You can use this to easily filter out groups that haven’t had any new posts in the last 30 days.

From the understated to the blingy, today’s post is about recently completed jewelry.

First up, the sparkly. lesleybridgewater’s crochet chain link necklace, Ingazzz’s Häkelkette, and meliciap’s Silver Viking Knit Bracelet.

Next, the beaded! Ourlolie’s Knitted Braids Necklace, krystalline’s Ribband the Third, and xwordphile’s Bunch Bands.

Finally, the understated (clockwise from left). colette-gabriela’s springtime necklace, Zonneke’s Cousines, MiscNich’s Cable Braided Necklace, and Kattarina’s BabyFun necklace “Amélia”.

PS I know that technically there are no rings in this post, but Beyonce doesn’t have a catchy chorus about necklaces and bracelets.

friend activity

Friend activity has long been one of my very favorite Ravelry features. Found on the Friend Activity tab in the Friends section of your Ravelry notebook, it shows you different types of site activity from your Ravelry friends, so you can see when your friends have:

  • added a project photo
  • added a stash photo
  • added a photo to a handspun project
  • queued a pattern
  • added something to their Ravelry favorites
  • magic-linked a pattern, yarn or project in the forums
  • commented on patterns, yarns, projects, or stashed yarns

displayed activity

If your friend list is large and active, or you prefer to see only certain types of activity, you can filter the specific type of activity you want to see by selecting the appropriate “displayed activity” ticky boxes at the top of your Friend Activity tab. Your displayed activity choices will be remembered, so you don’t have to re-filter every time you check the tab. If you’ve organized your friends into confidential sets (you can do this on the organize tab in your friend section – more info here!) you can also limit your friend activity to only that set of friends with the drop-down menu at the top left.

I love checking my Friend Activity because it’s such a quick way to get inspiration, discover patterns and projects I might not have seen, and see updates to the projects my friends are working on.

You’ll only see activity on this tab if you have added Ravelers to your friends and they are active on the site in ways that display activity. If you haven’t added any Ravelry users to your friends yet, it’s easy to do – just go to their Ravelry profile page and click on the “add to my friends” button:

add to friends

On Ravelry, a “friend” can be someone you don’t even know and there is no approval process or expectation of being friended back, so please feel free to add folks to your friends for any reason. One of the best reasons to friend someone is if you think they make awesome stuff and you’ll like to follow what they are making through the Friend Activity tab. If you feel shy about adding people to your friends list and aren’t sure where to start, please feel free to add any of us on the staff here – we’d love to have you in our Ravelry friends!

As I was driving in the rain today, I was reminded of the expression “April showers bring May flowers,” so today’s Eye Candy is inspired by the April showers we are experiencing here. I did a color search for projects made in blue and grey and selected ones that reminded me of the colors of a rainy day.

grey sweaters
Clockwise, from left: lizjuk’s onwards and upwards cardigan, amyjknits’ calligraphy cardigan and Sanne19’s Sannes Monte Rosa.

Clockwise, from left: snowflakequeen’s All the blues, XineGirl’s Summer Breeze/Brise d’été and contemax’s Longing for Spring.

Clockwise, from left: pierre’s More Camp Than a Row of Tents, KerriSan’s Tea Cozy Kerri’s 6 cup and JustAddGlitter’s True Love Shawl.

If you want to see more projects that might remind you of a rainy day, you can check out the blue and grey color search. If you are experiencing some April showers of your own, here’s hoping that flowers are coming soon!

Thursday Tip: Patterns Tab

April 9th, 2015

Welcome to the Ravelry patterns tab! This post will be the first in a tour of the Ravelry navigation tabs. We’re going to break them all down for you so you can feel more comfortable using the site. There are a lot of great features hidden away so I think novices and advanced users could all learn something new!

You can get to the patterns tab by visiting www.ravelry.com/patterns or clicking the patterns tab at the top of your screen, next to your notebook tab. Let’s get started on our tour with the top left side of the screen.

Search Patterns

The first thing you’ll see is a search box. If you know what you want to search for, you can enter your term and hit search to be taken to the advanced search. If you’re not so sure, right underneath that is a link to the advanced search where you can take a browse.


If you’d prefer your default advanced search results to include just one craft you can choose it here!

Hot Right Now

This is a list of the patterns that have gotten the most views in the past 24 hours. You can jump right to one of those patterns or visit the advanced search sorted by recent views.

Next up, let’s check out the bottom left.

You’ve Looked At

This is your pattern browsing history. I love this when I know I saw something a friend would love a few days ago but can’t remember what it was – I can click the link to my history page and find it easily.

Recently Added Patterns

The most recently added patterns with photos show up here. The link at the top of the section takes you to a special page just for browsing recently published patterns, which you can filter by category.

That’s the left side of the screen. Now let’s check out the right column.

Browse Categories

Did we know we have 200 pattern categories in our database? These are quick links to see popular patterns in each of those categories.

Designers on Ravelry

Here you can find patterns available as PDF downloads from Ravelry. You can see all of them, or we’ve split them out into free or for sale patterns if you prefer to browse that way.

Your Pattern Highlights

These are newly released patterns that we think you might like. You can go directly to one of these new beauties by clicking on a picture or view all your highlights by choosing the link. (And if you don’t like them and you want to customize them, check out this post from Mary-Heather.)

Finally, let’s round this out with the bottom right part of the page.

Something Random

We grab a random pattern attribute and show you some patterns with it :) It’s a great way to learn about some of the attributes we use to categorize patterns, and see some random eye candy.

Popular Attributes

Just like the random attribute above, this is a sampling of the attributes we use to sort patterns. These are the most popular attributes, so these will change over time. Clicking on one takes you to a list of patterns tagged with that attribute.

Search Projects by Tag

We close out the page with another search field – this one for lets you enter a tag and find projects tagged with it.

So, here ends our tour of the patterns tab. I hope you learned something new and look forward to walking through the rest of the site over the coming weeks!

For today’s Eye Candy post, I looked to our weavers, and was thrilled to dedicate some time looking through all the beautiful recently completed handwoven work. Here are a few weaving projects that caught my eye, all completed in March or so far this April:

recent weaving bluey grey

From left to right, in beautiful moody greys: LizChristine’s Opalized Wool Shawl, Wollga’s Für die Antarktis gerüstet, and mcbu’s Burberry Inspired.

recent weaving brights

In this lovely bright group are comnurse’s Berry Crush, justanotherbrick’s Faux Ikat Pooling Scarf Nbr 27 – rogenbogen, and archiana’s candy tartan.

recently woven texture

Finally, we have MNKnitter’s Sleeping Beauty Baby Wraps, FifiLeFox’s Sograes, and singastory’s pink and brown turned taquete towels.

If you’d more handwoven inspiration, check out this project search for weaving projects finished so far in 2015. There is so much beautiful work to admire! Thank you, weavers!

I’m currently participating in a knit along and it is so fun to make a pattern alongside other knitters and see their progress. Today I thought I’d share a bit about how to find and participate in a knit along (often abbreviated KAL), crochet along (CAL), spin along (SAL) or other craft along. In a craft along, groups of crafters will join together to cheer each other on as they all work on similar projects – sometimes the same pattern, sometimes a group of patterns all from the same book, sometimes using the same yarn/fiber.

If you are looking for groups who are doing various kinds of knit and crochet alongs, you can find those in the groups tab. Go to the groups tab and click the option you want under “search -alongs by craft”.

groups tab alongs

If you are looking for something in particular in this category, you could use the search box there, and you can further sort the order in which you see the groups using the drop down on the right.

There are many groups doing -alongs of different kinds, whether they are making the same pattern or just the same sort of project. Even if you aren’t looking to join in right now, it’s neat to see what people are making in these groups.

If you find a pattern and you want to know if there is a knit or crochet along for that pattern, you can often see that mentioned in someone’s projects. If you don’t, you could search the groups tab for the pattern or to see if the designer has a group where you could look for information about a knit or crochet along.

Once you join an -along, what do you do? First of all, there is often a discussion thread where you can post your progress. Post in the appropriate threads (each group structures it slightly differently) with your progress and questions you may have for the other participants. You can also share your project with the group so people can see the project pages of those participating. You can find instructions about sharing your project with a group and seeing the other projects shared in this post. Most importantly, have fun and encourage each other along the way! That’s the best part of doing an -along for me, sharing each other’s victories and encouraging others when they have a setback.

If you don’t see an -along for a pattern you’d like to make, you could start one. You could check with others at your craft night or local yarn shop to see if they are interested, or check with other folks you know on Ravelry and see if they would be interested in knitting or crocheting along with you.

Each one of you make up this great community we call Ravelry, and it is so fun to see people making things together on these pages. I hope this tip helps you to find more ways to make things together!

Community Eye Candy: Hat Day

March 31st, 2015

Tomorrow is Hat Day here on Ravelry.

On April 1st every year, your posts in the forums are adorned with a bonus silly hat. I hope that you all receive a great hat that fits perfectly, but if it doesn’t you can always adjust your avatar to match :) Here are some Ravelers and their headwear on the first Hat Day in 2008:

For eye candy, I picked out some great hats that were finished in February and March. Some silly, some not.

Above: dragonbird’s Roly Poly Pill Bug
flarkin’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and
Anisbee’s Marie-Antoinette.

Above: itsSOfluffy’s Ewok Hood, bohoknits’ Tartan Beanie and Headband,
and MiaSelf’s The Amazing Brave and Fizzy Chemo Snood Head (photo credit: fizzysnood on Instagram)

Above: lindsaymudd’s Peggy the Lurcher’s Daft Hat!, tempolinse’s Starry night in the Fjordland, and
HonestBloom’s Plus a Hat.