Thursday Tip: Emoji

July 9th, 2015


If you post on Rav with a phone or tablet, you may have noticed that things didn’t go so well when trying to include emoji in your text. Well, we fixed that.

Emoji now work in the forums and in private messages. If you insert them anywhere else, you’ll see the name of the symbol instead of an image.

but how?

  • On a phone or tablet: you have an emoji keyboard on there somewhere. It’s easy to use once you find it.
  • On a Mac: hit ⌘-control-space to bring up the emoji selector.
  • Elsewhere: find and search codes at and type the code that you want (like :sheep:) into a post or message.


If you come to my house in July, you will likely find coverage of the Tour de France on my television. I am no expert, but I love watching the riders meet the immense challenges that they encounter and seeing the beautiful shots of the areas they ride in. For today’s eye candy, I am featuring projects for each Tour jersey.

The White Jersey: Best young rider

From left to right: Vknitts’ My white summer linen top, Marionv’s Lace Flower Tunic, LadyElga’s Sommertop 2015 and NIKOL’s Белоснежная юбка.

The Green Jersey: Points leader (sprinters)

Clockwise from left: ishmaelito’s Tippi, cilvedson’s Arctic Baby Cardi, Casdena’s Guacamole Not Included and JnAknit’s Belmont.

The Polka Dot Jersey: Best climber (king of the mountain)

Clockwise from left: he cannon’s Happy Colours Blanket, koukutettu’s Pilkkulaukku, AmieC’s Clemson Polka Dot Blanket and megancooper13’s Polka Dot Stripes Cowl.

The Yellow Jersey: General Classification leader

Clockwise from left: craftycreoleJenn’s Keep on the Sunny Side of Life, Chleiti’s Baby Sweater on Two Needles (February), KirsiS’ From A Distance and Turtleback’s Warmish.

Each year while the Tour de France happens, spinners also come together on Ravelry to challenge themselves in different ways as a part of the Tour de Fleece. It’s fun to watch the beautiful yarn that is created in the Tour gallery, even if you don’t participate.

Thursday Tip: People Tab

July 2nd, 2015

Hi! In today’s tip I’m going to continue my tour of the navigation tabs. So far I’ve covered the patterns tab and the yarns tab and today I’ll cover the people tab.

You can get to the people section by clicking on that tab at the top of your screen or by visiting Let’s start on the left side of the page.

new kids

This is where you can see the 10 most recent new Ravelers with avatars. The link at the top will take you to an advanced search for people and will include users without avatars. In June we had almost 60,000 new accounts created, so this list is changing fast!

Next, let’s look at the right side of the page!

people search

Use the people search to find people on Ravelry. We’ll search by username, first name, website, location and designer name to find you matches – so it’s a great way to locate local knitter or follow up on a favorite blogger. Below that are a few more links to find people:

  • advanced search takes you straight to the search for people with lots of filters available to narrow down your query
  • Happy Birthdays! is a list of Ravelers with a birthday today (based on the info they entered in their profiles)! You can find birthday buddies or wish a stranger a happy day :)
  • View groups by country takes you to a page to find local groups. You can search for groups by location, find groups near you, or browse groups by country.

friends activity

This shows 4 recent entries from your friends activity – this view only shows new pictures of projects or handspun, so it’s a great peek at what your friends have been creating. You can click the link to see all your friends activity.

a random assortment of favorites

Projects that have been favorited and have a picture can appear here. We pick 9 at random each time you load the page so a page refresh will reveal more surprises. The links at the top will allow you to browse more projects that have been favorited, or check out ughs – projects that have been marked with the lowest happiness rating by their owners.

And finally, let’s see what’s at the bottom of the people tab.

shows us your FOs!

Want to see the most recently finished projects with photos? Look no further! We also have a few handy links in this section:

your neighbors

This section shows you Ravelers who have similar patterns in their projects, queue, and favorites. Clicking on the username takes you to a page where you can see your versions of the same pattern next to each other.

And that’s a wrap on the people tab. The rest of the navigation tabs will be featured here in the coming months so check back if you find these helpful!

July 1 is Canada Day, the national day of Canada which celebrates the birth of that great nation. Canadians make up the second highest nationality of Ravelers and our Canadian members sure do keep busy with their needles, hooks, and looms! In honor of Canada Day, I wanted to show some of the many wonderful recently finished projects created by Ravelers in Canada!

canada day 1

I love the soothing colors and pleased “I’m gonna wear this gorgeous FO all the time” smiles in these pictures! From left to right: Leighsideknits’ My Blue Stonecrop, lubitel’s Top-Down Icelandic Sweater, and and UandIKnit’s Gloria.

canada day 2

I am a sucker for beautiful home crafts and just adore the gorgeous color and skill evident in Celestya22’s Sophie’s Universe CAL, UnderSaskSkies’ Britt’s Tea Towels, and KnitRead’s Everyday Use. Beautiful!

canada day 3

KnitBugVal’s Summer Gansey Tee, Perrinpimpim’s Butter Skin, and Alpach’s Alberta all caught my eye not only because of the beautiful projects, but also the range of moods they captured with their photographs.

Happy Canada Day to all in “the True North, strong and free!” flag

This is your friendly not-so-regular reminder that you should check your email address on your profile to make sure it is correct. Your email address is the way that we contact you to help you reset your password should you ever lose access to your Ravelry account, so it is very important that it is kept up to date. We don’t share your email address and only use it when we need to help you with your account or if you have submitted some other help request to us.

To change your email address, or check to see what you have listed, click your username in the upper right of the page. Then, click “edit your profile” just below your username on your profile page.

Once there, you will see your email address listed at the top of the page. If the address listed there is not accurate, click “change”. That will bring up this window.

You can enter the correct email address here under “primary email address”. You can also choose if you want to send email notifications to this address when you receive messages on Ravelry.

When you click the dropdown under “Should we send email notifications when you receive Ravelry messages?”, you will see these options.

“No” means you will not receive email notifications of messages, “Yes – send to my primary email” will send notifications to the email you list in this window and “Yes – send to a different address” will bring up a window to allow you to enter a different address for email notifications.

Once you update your address, enter your Ravelry password and click the “save” button. Even if you think your email address is good, I encourage you to go take a quick look, just to be sure! If you do lose access to your account, I’m here to help, but checking your information will ensure that you can quickly regain access to Ravelry should you lose your password.

These projects were created using design elements that came from more than one place. I added links to the incorporated patterns so that you can more easily see how each project was created.

left: EllyMayy’s Capri Tunic starts with Capri Cover and takes a little from Keepsake Lace Shawl.

center: pooki’s Boxy Combo mixes Boxy with cancun boxy lace top.

right: tatty152’s Project 8 – Adult Shetland dress draws from Christening Robe Apron and Victoria – Fine art lace stole.

emteedee’s Grüne Mamba is a machine knit tee that is based on the Summit shawl.

MillieMilliani’s Carprean combines the Carpino and Aibrean pullovers.

Sigrid1703 just finished her Evenstar Dress today! Her version adds Lucy and her Sisters to Evenstar Shawl.

pattern search arrow

In several places throughout Ravelry, you’ll see a little arrow on the bottom right corner of a photo. Clicking on this arrow will always bring up a menu with some cool options or features; today, I’m going to guide you through the options you will see when you click on the arrow in the Advanced Pattern Search!

dropdown options 1

photos icon Clicking on the first option on the list, which shows the number of photos, will bring up all the pattern photos in a pop-up without your ever having to leave the pattern search. So handy if you want to quickly take a closer look!

comments icon Next, you’ll be able to see the number of comments on the pattern. Clicking there will take you straight to the comments tab of the pattern’s Ravelry page.

projects icon The third option on the list shows you the number of projects made with that pattern; with a click here, you will go right to the projects tag of the pattern’s Ravelry page.

friends icon Next on the list, you’ll see if any of your Ravelry friends have made this pattern. Click on this link if you’d like to see their projects – such a speedy way to quickly get project information from people you know!

favorites icon The fourth item on the list will either show you if the pattern is already in your Ravelry favorites, or let you add it to your favorites right from the search page! If you choose to add the pattern to your favorites, you can now also add it to a bundle here, too! (New feature alert! The options to add to favorites and bundles from this drop-down were just added!)

add to bundle

remember star The final option in the drop-down is the Remember and Compare star, and you can read all about that feature in our previous Remember and Compare Tips post!

There are a lot of cool features packed into that tiny little arrow – we hope it helps to make your time looking up patterns using Ravelry Advanced Search even more enjoyable!

Pooling – when the colors in a multicolored ball of yarn group together – can be the bane of a crafter’s existence. You may find yourself trying countless gauges or patterns to break up the colors more evenly. But sometimes, by accident or as the result of a lot of math, pooling can have amazing results. Today we’re hanging “pool”side and checking out some great recent projects that involve pooling.

Sometimes pooling can create bright, unexpected patterns! From left to right: kimfluck’s Saint Valentine Socks, And3UglyOnes’ Socks chvv7, ckkeepstricken’s It had to be Franz! & now Pfau for the neighbor, and VictorianStudio’s Rainbow “Snake” Scarf.

I loved the shared geometric pooling in all these projects! From left to right: Klar651’s RED CARPET, sternchen11’s Ein Wal in Pool, QuietDissident’s Purple makes even washing dishes better, and pixieface’s Scream Queen.

Weavers, you are killing it with your pooling scarves! From left to right: kath1996’s pooling scarf, hockeymom1’s Color Pool Scarf, Theamia’s Pooling Scarf, and Twistedalpaca’s Blue iris Pooling scarf.

If you’d like to try collecting your favorites into bundles but you have so many faves that just thinking about it makes you tired, you might like the new “organize” feature:

In organize mode, you can scroll through your favorites and put ’em into bundles with a minimal amount of tapping and clicking.

I have enjoyed seeing friends posting pictures of beautiful flowers in their areas lately, and I was pleased to find that there are numerous floral themed projects on Ravelry right now, as well. Here are some of my favorites!

First off, some flowers for your home (clockwise from top left): lot-artimis’ Painted Rose Blanket, Mina-art’s Vase cover and Kerstinsdottern’s Dishcloth Dalia.

Secondly, some flowers you can wear (from left to right): kushkush’s Mai-Flower Cardigan (adult version), Murzi’s Flower and MASHAISL’s Dandelions by Natalie Moreva.

I hope these bright and cheery floral projects brightened your day as much as they brightened mine!