I’m currently participating in a knit along and it is so fun to make a pattern alongside other knitters and see their progress. Today I thought I’d share a bit about how to find and participate in a knit along (often abbreviated KAL), crochet along (CAL), spin along (SAL) or other craft along. In a craft along, groups of crafters will join together to cheer each other on as they all work on similar projects – sometimes the same pattern, sometimes a group of patterns all from the same book, sometimes using the same yarn/fiber.

If you are looking for groups who are doing various kinds of knit and crochet alongs, you can find those in the groups tab. Go to the groups tab and click the option you want under “search -alongs by craft”.

groups tab alongs

If you are looking for something in particular in this category, you could use the search box there, and you can further sort the order in which you see the groups using the drop down on the right.

There are many groups doing -alongs of different kinds, whether they are making the same pattern or just the same sort of project. Even if you aren’t looking to join in right now, it’s neat to see what people are making in these groups.

If you find a pattern and you want to know if there is a knit or crochet along for that pattern, you can often see that mentioned in someone’s projects. If you don’t, you could search the groups tab for the pattern or to see if the designer has a group where you could look for information about a knit or crochet along.

Once you join an -along, what do you do? First of all, there is often a discussion thread where you can post your progress. Post in the appropriate threads (each group structures it slightly differently) with your progress and questions you may have for the other participants. You can also share your project with the group so people can see the project pages of those participating. You can find instructions about sharing your project with a group and seeing the other projects shared in this post. Most importantly, have fun and encourage each other along the way! That’s the best part of doing an -along for me, sharing each other’s victories and encouraging others when they have a setback.

If you don’t see an -along for a pattern you’d like to make, you could start one. You could check with others at your craft night or local yarn shop to see if they are interested, or check with other folks you know on Ravelry and see if they would be interested in knitting or crocheting along with you.

Each one of you make up this great community we call Ravelry, and it is so fun to see people making things together on these pages. I hope this tip helps you to find more ways to make things together!

Community Eye Candy: Hat Day

March 31st, 2015

Tomorrow is Hat Day here on Ravelry.

On April 1st every year, your posts in the forums are adorned with a bonus silly hat. I hope that you all receive a great hat that fits perfectly, but if it doesn’t you can always adjust your avatar to match :) Here are some Ravelers and their headwear on the first Hat Day in 2008:

For eye candy, I picked out some great hats that were finished in February and March. Some silly, some not.

Above: dragonbird’s Roly Poly Pill Bug
flarkin’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and
Anisbee’s Marie-Antoinette.

Above: itsSOfluffy’s Ewok Hood, bohoknits’ Tartan Beanie and Headband,
and MiaSelf’s The Amazing Brave and Fizzy Chemo Snood Head (photo credit: fizzysnood on Instagram)

Above: lindsaymudd’s Peggy the Lurcher’s Daft Hat!, tempolinse’s Starry night in the Fjordland, and
HonestBloom’s Plus a Hat.

When using the Advanced Search to find that perfect pattern, it can sometimes be overwhelming to see the many great options you have even after you’ve used all the filters on the left to narrow your search. If you want to get a closer look at your favorite options from your search results, try our remember and compare feature!

remember and compare

If you see a pattern in your search results you’d like to compare to others, just click on the little triangle below the pattern picture. That will bring up a menu with several options – click on remember and compare at the bottom and your pattern will be added to a compare list. You can go through your search results and select all the patterns you want to compare in this way.


When you’re ready to compare all your selections, just click on the little star at the bottom right of the screen – the number here shows the number of patterns you’ve chosen to remember and compare.

remember compare results

Seeing all these patterns side by side should help you decide which one you want to make! But don’t worry: if you aren’t quite ready to decide yet, we’ll save your options forever – the next time you come back to Advanced Search, you’ll see the same little star in the bottom right of your screen, so you can see your selections all over again. You can even save this group of results by clicking on the little start, and then the save search link at the top left of the Advanced Search filters (more on saving searches here!), or share or bookmark your compared patterns with the share link at the top left.

If you no longer need this remember and compare group (or you’d like to remember and compare a fresh group of patterns), just click on that same bottom-right-corner star and click the clear link.

Community Eye Candy: Green

March 24th, 2015

Everywhere I look lately I see green. Trees are budding and grass is growing and flowers are blooming. Inspired by that, today’s eye candy is green projects finished in March.

First, some light green lovelies: Heikku’s Marina, MNakata54’s Girasole, and beforesunrise’s someday in the sky we’ll see the same sun on the rise.

How about some bright green beauties? ErinB’s Welcome to the Flock, Svipser’s In Transit (5), and KotCheshirskiy’s “Family Look” part II.

Last, let’s round it out with some dark green delights: HoleyFiber’s Green Moss Cowl Sweater, estregger’s stregg nog, Amigo74’s Spring Hazel, and Mary-Pet’s Green dress.

I think you’re all feeling the green love lately too, since 10% of the projects from this month were green. You can check them all out using this link!

Your Ravelry queue is a place to keep track of the projects you are going to do next. Many of you use your queue to keep a list of patterns that you want to make, but did you know that you can also use your queue to list the stash or fiber that you want to use next?

To do this, use the “add to queue” button in your queue and click “use stash yarn” or “use stashed fiber”. If you don’t have a pattern in mind, you can use the pattern field to give your future project a title.

Here is an example from Mary-Heather’s queue. She’s earmarked some of her stash for a scarf and pillow and she’s also planning on turning some fiber into a cowl.

It’s that time of year here when the temperatures start to warm and things start to thaw out. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you may be experiencing the reverse, and be preparing for things to cool down. Either way, it’s a time of transition as far as weather is concerned. My favorite accessory to bring along with me when I’m not sure if I’ll be too warm or too cool is a shawl. It is easy to bring along and keeps me warm when the weather cools off, without making me look too bundled up.

It looks like I’m not the only one as there are lots of finished shawls popping up on Ravelry! The shawls featured below were all completed within the last five days.

Top left: ValerieJ’s Brush Creek Shawl in Aquarius
Top right: LadyGryphon’s Tunisian Shell Shawl in Deep Maroon
Bottom: tjensen1962’s Mom’s All Shawl.

Top: kokonoir’s California blue-sea shawl
Bottom left: vervlogendagen’s St. Patrick’s can can
Bottom right: Mamalaw’s Spreading the love around

There are so many great shawls being completed right now that it was hard for me to narrow them down for this post. You can see more shawls finished so far this month using this search. Enjoy!

Thursday Tip: Mobile Forums

March 12th, 2015

I know that a lot of you are like me – even when you’re away from the big screen of a computer, you can’t stay away from the lure of the Ravelry forums. We’ve recently launched a revamp of the forums for mobile devices to make them easier to use on smaller screens.

Here are some highlights of the new features you’ll find in this view:

  • all your forums are in a single column which means they can be bigger and more legible
  • the buttons are increased in size and much easier to click
  • the reply box where you type your text is larger

You don’t have to do anything to get this view – just navigate to your forums  with a mobile device and it will come on automatically.

What if you don’t like it? Well, it’s easy to opt out of.

At the bottom of every forums page there’s a big button you can click to return to the old view. (And if you change your mind, you can turn it back on in the same place!) There are some other great buttons at the bottom of every mobile forums page, which I annotated above – you can return to your forums, to the index for that specific group, to the top of the page, and to the next thread with unread posts.

We hope you’ll give this new view a shot! If you have any questions or comments, we’ve got a big thread going here in For the Love of Ravelry.

Cabled sweaters are classic for a good reason – they are lovely, warm, and fun to make. For today’s Eye Candy post, I am highlighting some of the beautiful cable sweaters that Ravelers have completed so far in 2015!

cabled sweaters 1

Verabee’s Hawser, PaperDaisy1’s Lisa’s Rowe, and ehalf’s 8 Days of Wheat all strike a perfect balance between flattering and cozy.

cabled sweaters 2

The proud photos for stacychi123’s quickdraw, SamanthaLW’s Burrard, and edmondskathy’s (crocheted!) Irish Twist make me happy – there’s really nothing like finishing a fantastic new sweater!

cabled sweaters 3

Finally, I just adore Suzy-Creamcheese’s striking adventurous, Konrad’s luxurious Usk, and -Jenya-‘s intricate Grit.

To see more beautiful cabled FOs (finished objects) from this year, you can search for “cables” in our project search box for page after page of inspiration.

If you are looking for patterns from a specific publisher, simply typing phrases into the text box might let you down. For example, just typing “Knitty” is going to turn up all kinds of things. Here are some different, more precise ways to browse through the patterns that are published in a series or listed on a particular website.

If you are looking at any book or magazine (we call this a “source”) on Ravelry and that source is part of a series or other group, you can click the title at the top of the page to view a chronological list. From here, you can search through all of the patterns within.

If you are interested in looking through all of the patterns that are published on a specific site, you can use the “Website” filter (far down on the left hand side) in the pattern search and type in the domain name of that site: for example, “brooklyntweed.com”.

While playing around in the advanced project search a few weeks ago, I realized that it’s possible to find projects done with more than 1 yarn weight. It was tough to tear myself away from the amazing projects I found in the results, and I immediately penciled this in for my next Eye Candy post. I’m really excited to share some of these beauties with you today.

I really love the effect of different colors plus different yarn weights in al these projects! Clockwise from top left: KimDenise’s Fifty Grifty, SpringerB6’s Restekiste – two teddy bears, and apedawn’s Frostline.

These sweaters are all gorgeous pairings of different yarn weights. procleusmatic’s northern beauty (why yes, I would like to start adding a luscious cuff edging to all my sweaters!), iikku’s True friend, and hydrangealover’s Thandie Funnel Neck.

All these projects are the result of two different weights knit together. What amazing results! Clockwise from left: eritml’s Polaris, EspaceTricot’s Mira’s Cowl, VincentandFriends’ Josie, and himawari’s Aurelia Cowl.

PS Here’s an example of the search I used to find projects for this post – select 2 yarn weights and make sure the filter says AND between them. You might notice in your searches that you turn up diversely international results, a great glimpse into popular techniques in different places.