Thursday Tip: Groups Tab

August 14th, 2015

Time for another tour of one of the main tabs of Ravelry! If you’ve missed the previous posts on this topic, or just want to review them, here are some handy links to learn more about the patterns tab, yarns tab, people tab, and the forums tab.

The groups section is accessible by clicking the groups tab in the main navigation or by visiting

Let’s look at the left side of the page.

you’re a member of 24 groups

This is a list of all the groups you’re a member of, listed in alphabetical order by group name. You can visit any of those groups by clicking on the icon. (The blurring is because not all group icons are homepage-friendly images.)

recently started

If you want to see the most recently created groups, check out this section. We show the 20 most recently created groups that have an icon and are not hidden from radar. You can click on the group icon or title to visit the group and see if it’s one you’d like to join! There’s also a link to browse the recently created groups, which takes you to the groups advanced search sorted by creation date.

Now, let’s check out the right side of the page.

search groups

If you want to search for a group, this search box is a great way to enter a term and go to the advanced search for groups where there are tons of sorting and filtering options. There’s also a link to browse all groups, which takes you to groups advanced search sorted by number of members.

need help finding groups?

There’s a lot of great stuff in here!

 To find groups by location, use the link here. It takes you to a special page where you can see groups near you, enter a location, or browse by country. Casey wrote a great blog post about this, which you can check out here.

 Groups can be added to categories by their administrators. The link here takes you to a page that allows you to browse those categories to find groups of interest. For more info about that I recommend this great post that Sarah wrote about it.

 Another way to find groups that may be of interest is to browse by tag. There’s a link to a special page that’s a giant tag cloud, with the option to enter a search term so you can narrow it down.

 We know that swapping is a very popular activity on Ravelry, so near this icon you can find a link to a list of swap groups.

 Another popular Ravelry activity that has spawned many groups is -alongs  – KAL and CAL events where people make the same pattern together. We have handy links to search for these groups – check out this blog post of Sarah’s to learn more!

 Maybe you’ve browsed the existing groups and haven’t found the one for you – there’s also the option to create a new group! You can use the link to create your new group and start your own corner on Ravelry.

looking for events?

We close the groups page with links to find events. You can go straight to local events, or you can go to the advanced search for events where you can enter search terms as well as sort and filter.

That wraps up the groups section of Ravelry. I hope you’re enjoying learning all our nooks and crannies!

Community Eye Candy: Pillows!

August 12th, 2015

This week’s Eye Candy is all about pillows! Decorative and practical, soft and squishy, Ravelers have finished over 500 cushions and pillows over the past three months. Here are just a few of my favorites!


I love everything about this first group of pretty pillows: above from left to right: A Little Birdie Cushion by Catherine21, Turkis Marius-pute from mimouna, and Triangle Pillow #7 from solveigg.


These whimsical pillows made me smile! Andichaz’s Campervan Cushion Cover, fluffandfuzz’s Oliver Fox, and Karine81’s Roodkapje kussen.


Finally, I was so impressed by these intricate pillows: nannybell24’s Flower Basket Pillow Top, LanaTejedora’s la almohada de bailarines mexicanos, and annemariep’s Celtic Tree Pillow.

As always I’m grateful to everyone for sharing their projects on Ravelry – now I want to go cuddle up with a cozy handmade pillow and a cup of tea! (Iced tea, that is… it’s still hot where I live.) ?

Tip: Find Local Yarns

August 7th, 2015

Improving yarn search features has been on our minds a lot lately. We’d love it if you could search for specific breeds, sources and locations, attributes like “gradient”, things like that.

Anyway, I was poking at the yarn search today and I noticed something that I had forgotten about. Yarn spinners and dyers can link their Ravelry profiles to their yarn pages and if you have a location set in your Ravelry profile, you can search for yarnies (spinners and dyers) that are creating yarns near you. The search filter is at the bottom of the yarn search and it’s called “yarnie within”.

Try it out: within 30 miles, within 60 miles.

Anyone who links their yarns to their Ravelry profile page will show up so you might see large yarn brands in there too.

I love handmade socks. They take something that is often very utilitarian and transform it into something beautiful. Today I decided to take a look at some of the great socks that have been made recently on Ravelry.

I am a sucker for stripes, so I just kept finding myself drawn to them. Here are a few that caught my eye.

From left to right: patskein’s teacup socks, LeahB’s Vanilla Latte, marlenasusanne’s Squircle and MerriFromm’s Pretty Strong Socks I

I just love the creativity in these socks. They really make something special out of an item made to keep your feet warm.

From left to right: JanaNav’s Shamrock Socks, choosehappiness’ Harlequino, ChezShea’s Drachenschwingen and seaofgin’s Just an Illusion FE Demo pair.

Looking at all of these socks has inspired me to go through that sock yarn stash and get started on some for myself. I hope it has inspired you in some way today, too!

Thursday Tip: Forums Tab

July 30th, 2015

It’s my turn for a tip again and I am back with another installment of the tour of our navigation tabs. If you’d like to review the previous posts, here you can learn more about the patterns tab, the yarns tab, and the people tab.

The forums section is available by clicking that tab at the top of your screen, or by visiting This time I’m going to work from the top to the bottom of the page.

The List is at the very top of your forums page, and it is the place to go to look at the list of known bugs and feature requests. You can filter by topic, run a search, or just peruse. Once you find a list item you’re interested in it’s possible to add a comment, vote for it, or watch the item so you’ll be notified when it’s completed.

Below that are my forum tabs – I’ve customized mine, so yours will have different titles and you may even have a different number of tabs. The tabs allow you to sort your groups into different sets. I like having all my local boards together, for example, so I can get a glimpse into what’s going on this weekend. If you’d like to set up your own forum tabs, you can do so from the settings tab at the end of that row.

 Next to my forum tabs is a special tab called activity. It’s a subset of my forum activity and shows me posts in watched threads, new threads, and replies to my posts. It can be a handy way to quickly check in with all your groups at once. The default is for this tab to be off, so you may not see it on your forums – it can also be enabled on the settings tab at the end of that row of tabs.

Next up is the reports tab – another one that only some of you will have. Specifically, it’s only visible for group moderators. This is the place to look at flagged posts. If you’re a moderator who wants to know more about reports, check out this section of the wiki.

 Now we have the browse tab with the magnifying glass on it – this is a universal tab. This is another place to get an overview of the forums – you can look for threads with unread posts, threads you started, threads you’ve looked at, threads you’ve posted in, watched threads and ignored threads. And you can do all that by forum tab set or by forum.

 Second to last is radar where you can eavesdrop on conversations around Ravelry. As new replies are posted they show up here (unless the group is hidden from radar). You can read more about radar in this post from Sarah.

 And the last tab in the row is the settings tab – here is a treasure trove of settings, mostly related to the forums. You can remove the big 6 forums from your forums page, hide your voting buttons, control report messaging if you’re a moderator, organize your groups into tabs and more!

Finally, just below that row of tabs is a search box. You can enter a search term and a set of boards to search, and then we’ll take you to the advanced search for forum posts.

Next up, let’s look at an individual board.

If you want to start a new thread right from your forums page, you can use the start a topic link.

The search link will take you to the forum posts advanced search with the filter applied for that specific forum.

The more link takes you to the discussion board page for that group. From there you can see the topics, moderators and, well, more.

There’s also a handy little triangle dropdown on the view for a forum – let’s look at that, too.

If you want to mark a lot of threads as read all at once, choose the mark all read option. All the topics that are visible from the forums page will be marked as read.

The reorder this forum link allows you to adjust the order of forums right from the forums page. It’s handy for mobile devices as you don’t have to drag and drop – you just click your desired new location for the forum.

Finally, let’s check out the bottom of the page.

If you’re on a tab with one of the main 6 boards, you’ll see a link to the rules on the left.

On the right are a bunch of links to get back to parts of the forums you’ve participated in. You can see all the topics you’ve started, all the posts you’ve written and all the threads you’re watching.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the forums! I’ll be back in a few weeks with more.

Lately when looking at projects and new patterns, I find that things made with linen yarns are consistently catching my eye – I can’t get enough of that gorgeous drape! Today I’m highlighting recently finished projects made with linen and linen-blend yarns.


Above, from left to right, are NoTailKit’s -Anthi-, Antheras’ Windswept Trees, and hellodarlingknits’ ♡ phoenix ♡.


In this group are 783Nora’s Alumna Scarf, LanaTejedora’s astonish, and TeaLover’s Sea Turtle Lace Poncho.


Finally, we have MRansom79’s Jordan sleeveless pineapple top, mijette’s Greco, and kolero’s Aquarelle Creative Linen (that colorful design? It’s not intarsia – kolero handpainted those flowers right onto her finished white sweater!).

Thanks to all of you for sharing your inspiring work with the Ravelry community!

If you’d like to see more projects that Ravelers have been making with linen this year, check out this advanced search link – there are some real beauties. If they make you want to check out linen yarns, then this yarn search link will help you out. Enjoy!

Last week, Mary Heather shared how you can use Instagram photos for your project photos. You can also use your Instagram avatar for your Ravelry profile picture and it’s quick and easy to do!

1. Click your username in the upper right of your Ravelry page to access your profile page. Then, click “edit your profile”.

2. Click “add profile pics” and you will see the window here.

3. Choose “use your Instagram avatar”.

If you haven’t already, it will ask you to authorize Ravelry to access your Instagram. Once you authorize that, your new profile picture will show up on your profile page (it may take a second, depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Hope you enjoy this new feature!

This week is brought to you by a suggestion from juliafc. It’s a little different than usual because the projects shown are not all new projects.

Most Ravelry pattern pages include photos of FOs that were shared by knitters and crocheters. I looked for Ravelers that have had their finished objects featured by an unusually large number of different designers over the years. A sampling of their beautiful projects and photographs are below and you can click through to their project notebooks for many more.

clairedupont from Amiens, France: Forest Cardigan, Couleurs Caraïbes . Afmaeli, Kelpie and Exploration Station.

chitweed from Delaware: Patty Cake Cardi, Corner Start Baby Afghan, Sunday Shawl for Sis and W e d d i n g P r e s e n t .

ittybitty from Jura, Switzerland: spring blossom, winter forest, looking for the summer (her own design), and (big) sister.

roko from Tokyo, Japan: For You Blue, Crochet Bag, Hitofude Bolero (her own design) and Sheep

add from instagram

We recently added the ability to import photos to your projects and stash right from Instagram, making it easier than ever for Instagram users to update photos on Ravelry. Here’s how it works:

connect to instagram

On the photos tab of your project or stash entry, click on the upload from Instagram tab. The first time you import pics, we’ll ask you to connect to Instagram to grant Ravelry permission to access your photos.

instagram photo grid

Once you’ve given us access, you’ll see your Instagram photos appear in a grid on the upload from Instagram tab.

instagram import

Scroll through the photo grid to find the picture you’d like to import; click on it and you’ll see us start to import your picture.

all photos on tab

When we’ve finished importing, it will appear up at the top of the photos tab with any other pictures, and you can reorder it as you wish.

Ravelers of Instagram, we hope this makes it easier than ever for you to keep your Ravelry project and stash photos up to date. Have fun importing!

Community Eye Candy: Blue

July 14th, 2015

Color coordinated eye candy posts give me a tickle, so today we’re going to look at blue projects completed this month.

First up, some lace. Clockwise from top left: mustaavillaa’s Winding Way, tainarauma’s Haruni, Minskuli’s From A Distance – TdS2015-4, and DashPointGirl’s Blue Ocean.

Next, some baby-themed projects! Clockwise from top left: LitlaSkvis’ Clara, undone57’s monsters 2.0, AliceInDilbrtlnd’s Balloon Tying Creations-Elephant, and arosa55’s Menta.

Lastly, some gorgeous blue sweaters! From left: hana2’s Vasa, knittingonlap’s Etch Summer Sweater, and Franchement’s Byeline!

If you can’t get enough color-themed eye candy check out our past posts – red, orange, yellow, green the first, and green the second. Oh, and rainbows!