Community Eye Candy: Dress Me Up

September 29th, 2015

My fall wardrobe plan includes lots of dresses and tunics with leggings which got me to looking at knit and crochet dresses on Ravelry. I thought I’d share with you just a few of the amazing dresses made by Ravelers recently! Make sure you check out the project pages as many of them have details I was unable to include in the screenshot.

First off, a few mostly solid colored dresses. I love the use of the accent ribbon, granny squares and texture in these three.

From left to right: MsTing’s Annette’s Western Dress, mimilona’s Knit dress, and laurau’s Caviar Dress

Next up, a few dresses that make great use of stripes.

From left to right: Hanne-MetteRaae’s Fabelkjole, anouk’s Spencer dress, and abhayafibers’ Askews Me Dress

Lastly, I love the bold color choices for these final three.

From left to right: MrsLis’ Rainbow and Black, krisbock’s Lush Meadows Dress, NishiKnits’ Still Light Tunic: Winter Fantasy

I’m not sure I can fit a dress or tunic into my plans for this winter, but these projects definitely have me adding some dresses to my queue. I hope you find them inspiring, too.

Thursday Tip: Shop Tab

September 24th, 2015

I am back with another installment of my tour of the main tabs of Ravelry. If you missed or want to reread the previous posts, check out these entries about the patterns tab, yarns tab, people tab, forums tab, and groups tab.

The shop tab can be accessed by clicking in the top row of tabs or by visiting

The shop tab is split into 3 columns and we’re going to work our way across starting on the left.

The Ravelry Mini-Mart is the place to buy Ravelry-branded merchandise. The sales of these items help support the site, and are a great way to show off your Ravelry love wherever you go. You can click the link at the top to go to the minimart home and view all the products we offer, or click on any of those pictures to be taken straight to that product. If you have questions about or ideas for products, check out the Ravelry Store Chatter forum. Oh, and keep an eye on the minimart in the coming months – we have some new products coming soon!

Next up, let’s visit the middle column.

The marketplace is a Ravelry advertising slot available for purchase. You can visit it to find out about the shops your fellow Ravelers run, or click on an individual ad to visit it. One thing I like about the marketplace is you can filter the ads by category and also by advertisers local to you, in your friends, or in your groups.

Finally, let’s visit the right-most column.

Pattern stores lets you find patterns for sale on Ravelry. The link at the top takes you to advanced search for patterns from designers that sell on Ravelry, or if you see one you like you can click to go straight to the pattern. These patterns can be added to your Ravelry library and will always be available to you after purchase.

And that’s the shop tab! I hope you’ve learned more about the ways you can shop on Ravelry.

Today’s Eye Candy is all about food… glorious (and adorable) food! All of these knitted and crocheted play edibles were finished within the last three months. I’m so charmed by each of these projects!


Above, from left to right, are: Carolyni’s Hailey♥Cakes, tcakes4u’s Little Pierogi, and KarinV’s Cotton Sushi Set.


Here, from left to right, we have: mamabice’s Apple Pie Play Food, francesgibson’s Bowl of Fruit, and leenk43’s Candy Corn.


And finally, from left to right above, are: kate84’s knitted bacon, fearlesscreatures’ Hamburger Pillow, and BrineyDeep’s Tiny Sushi.

Such cute projects! Thank you all for sharing your work with Ravelry! If you’d like to check out more knit and crochet food, try this Advanced Search link!

As you can tell by our Eye Candy posts, we are continuously inspired by searching through the projects that are being made by Ravelers. You can find the basic options for searching projects in Casey’s project search post, but I thought I’d point out some more project search options available on that page.

When on the project search page, you can see the search options on the left of the page. There are several options that I use fairly often that you might not know about which I have listed below:

Has photo: I almost always choose this option as I like to see what the project looks like, so I want to see projects with photos. To choose this, look for “has photo” on the left and choose the box next to “yes”.

Happiness with project: You can choose one or more than one of these options to see only projects that people rated as being very happy with, or not so happy with, depending on what you are hoping to find.

Finished in: Choosing options here allows you to choose to see only projects finished in the last couple of months or finished in 2013 and earlier.

More search options: There are so many options in this area. A couple of my favorites are the “In Library” option which allows me to search projects made from patterns I have in my library and the “Handspun” option so I can see projects that work great in handspun yarns. The “more search options” often bring up another window to complete before searching. An example of that is the “Favorited by” option which shows me projects specific people have favorited. I love relying on the good taste of my friends using this filter. First, click “favorited by” in the “more search options” box.

That brings up an image where I can enter the username of friends who’s favorites I want included and then hit “apply”.

You can spend a lot of time playing with the different search features available on the project advanced search page. The great thing is that you can save all of that effort by saving your search. We have a handy post about that you can check out for more information on saving searches.

Ravelers adding their projects and project pictures is what makes the advanced project search great, so please keep adding your projects and pictures! I hope this post helps you to better use the projects advanced search to find inspiration from all of the great projects added by Ravelers every day.

Recently, Casey posted a tip about a new filter in the Advanced Yarn Search that allows you to find yarn from local yarn companies, spinners, and dyers. We’ve now added a similar feature in the Advanced Pattern Search that will help you find patterns from local designers!

Designers can link their Ravelry profiles to their designer pages, and if you have a location set in your Ravelry profile, you can search for patterns that have been designed by Ravelers near you. The search filter is at the bottom of the filters list on the left, in the “more search options” box, and it’s called “designer within.”

designer within

I am already enjoying seeing the beautiful patterns that are made by designers local to me! (I also got a bonus giggle this morning playing with this and seeing that Ravelry knows I live within 30 miles of myself. ;) Thanks Rav!)

designer within 30 miles

Try it out here: within 30 miles, within 60 miles

Have fun searching!

Community Eye Candy: Estonia

September 8th, 2015

Some of my favorite eye candy posts are the ones that feature Ravelers from a single country. I love seeing what knitting and crocheting means to people around the world. Estonia is well-known as a place with beautiful traditional crafts, and today’s post highlights some recently finished projects from local Ravelers.

I have such a fondness for colorwork and these projects are all exquisite. From left: betaema’s Muhu sakad. Muhu stockings., AnuPink’s Runö gloves, and kkerli’s Muhu mustritega sõrmikud.

No matter where you are, handmade sweaters are hard to resist. From left: Freddy’s Bluish, Mammutis’ Villatriip (that askew pocket is my favorite part!), and SunnyAmber’s Starry Night.

Of course I can’t talk about Estonia without talking about lace. It was hard to choose just these few beauties out of the many incredible projects on Ravelry. From left: LENA11’s Happsalu shawl #29 (shawls 1-28 do exist! and can be found on this project tab), raamat’s summer snowflakes (the beads on the edgings are such a delicate detail), and K-Kristiina’s Tiina lilleaed (so lovely in color).

I hope you enjoyed this peek into what our Estonian Ravelers have been creating. I found these by setting my location to Estonia and then looking at projects near me – you can use this link to find recent projects near you or any place on the globe if you update your location.

In your project notes, you’ll find a new button that you can use to quickly add an entry with a heading. You’ll see a few options for customizing the heading and once you’ve created entries, you can tap one to edit instead of editing your entire project.

If you like to add updates to your project notes as you work, I hope that this saves you some time!

This is just a shortcut that updates the text in your notes. If you’d like add headings to existing notes, you can do that. Try adding an entry and then edit and look at your notes – you’ll see how it all works.

I have been spinning a lot lately, and therefore looking at all of the great things people are making with their handspun for inspiration. I wanted to share some of them with you today!

First off, some great projects to keep your neck and shoulders warm.

Top row (left to right): millicurie’s Short Attention Span, Sarapomegranate’s pebbleweave, muriel’s Handspun Katriel
Bottom row (left to right): MollysMakes’ Nan’s Falkland Shawl, Moonwise’s Granny Fletcher’s Shawl, clq-jill’s rainbow Romi’s KAL 2015

Next up, a few garments made from handspun.

From left to right: happay’s Fruit stripe, tureby’s stribet kjole, tewshortforu’s Summer Berry Gradient Hitofude

Lastly, a few more that I couldn’t resist sharing.

From left to right: bear-ears’ Sheep May Safely Graze, nikki9b’s Peacock, yenhen’s Earth and Sky BSJ

I’m always excited to get ideas from fellow Ravelers. Whether you spin or not, I hope you find the use of color and texture in these projects as inspiring as I do!

I love making crafty things for my home, and as a result never tire of browsing projects in the “Home” categories here on Ravelry. This week some outstanding wall hangings caught my eye, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites that have been completed thus far in 2015!

wall hangings 1

From left to right: Anisbee’s une licorne pour Lilas, Moipouf’s Grandma Goose Filet Portrait, and Wallebutter’s Alien Autopsy.

wall hangings 2

This group’s wall hangings include Doespins’ Dark Water, textilefusion’s Mama Lion, and AmyThreads’ COSMOS.

wall hangings 3

Finally, we have SupaSteph’s Some Bunny is on My Wall, selyn84’s Sunwheel Dreamcatcher, and collection de papillons from Anisbee.

I am so inspired by this creative yarn art! Thank you to all the Ravelers here for sharing your projects on Ravelry!

This Thursday Tip taught me something new! You can now add photos easily from Instagram by adding #ravelry when you add the image. I added a photo to show you how it works.

1. Add a photo to Instagram and add #ravelry in the caption.

2. After you post it, log in to Ravelry and you will see that you have a new message.

The message will look something like this.

3. Click “yes, add this photo” and you will be shown a list of options as to where to add it.

I scrolled down to “use an existing yarn” as my picture is of my handspun that was already in Ravelry and chose it from the list there.

4. That will take you to the photos tab of that yarn where you can center the photo and rearrange the order of the photos.

My new Instagram photo is there on the right.

Please note, this only works with newly added photos, so you can’t add the tag to earlier photos and make it work. For earlier photos, you can use the Instagram upload. Mary-Heather wrote a great post about that to get your earlier photos from Instagram into Ravelry.

We hope this helps make it easy for you to get Instagram photos into your Ravelry projects and stash yarns!