March 20 is the birthday of the late, great, Fred Rogers, best known for hosting the children’s television show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, in which he changed into a zippered cardigan (all of which were handknit by his mother!) at the beginning of every episode. I hope that both he and his mom would appreciate this selection of zippered cardigans that Ravelers have finished this year!

zippered cardi 1

jettshin‘s Pump It!, booeyedee‘s Rebel Rebel, and FrauMasha‘s Groenlijk.

zippered cardigans kids

EricaG‘s Fana Goes EXTERMINATE!, AnnaE1979‘s Cherise Baby Cardi 1, and JustLivin‘s Steggie. (Extra thanks to EricaG, AnnaE1979, and JustLivin’ for giving us permission to picture their adorable littles on our blog!)

zippered cardigans 2

Finally, we have shellesbelle‘s Woodrose Cable Vision, guroskaar‘s Kjærestens Marius, and WhitneyBeth‘s Émilien!

“The thing I remember best about successful people I’ve met all through the years is their obvious delight in what they’re doing and it seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they’re doing, and they love it in front of others.”

Fred Rogers, The World According to Mister Rogers

I always forget that I can change how I view my pattern search results, and I thought I might not be alone. We have talked about sorting before, so you can sort your results in the way that makes most sense to you, but you can also change how the results look.

The default view for search results is the “small thumbnail” view.

Small thumbnail

You can choose the drop down box, where it says “small thumbnail” to select other view options. Perhaps the prettiest way to view pattern search results is the “large thumbnail” view. You can pick that from the drop down at the top, and you will see larger images with a little box in the bottom right of the photo featuring information regarding the number of projects and favorites a pattern has (green for projects & red for favorites).

Large view

Then, if you want more information without leaving the screen, you can click that little box to see that information.


You can also click the image to see the full pattern page. There are other view options, as well, including a list view without images and a list view with smaller images. So, when you’re searching, don’t forget that you can view things in several different ways! These are great features for when you’re searching for something in particular, or just want to lose some time looking at pretty things.

Sometimes a project starts with a special button. Sometimes the perfect button is that finishing touch. Sometimes you never get around to sewing those buttons. Here are 9 perfect pairings that were completed during the last several weeks.

Above, from left to right: addiesma’s Antrorse in Frost, strickende13′s Kleiner Pullunder, and JenniferLauren’s Miette Cardigan

Above: ClodeSuisse’s B4 Bag, yvonnegut’s No Doubt About It, and irasis’ Cabled Vintage Jumper.

Above: CometParty’s Empire of the Sun, hellskitsch’s Dark Poetry Tam and creativedesign’s 50 Shades of Grey.

Did you know that we have a special setting for the forums that will allow you to preview the first post in a thread when you hover over a forum title? You don’t even need to click on the post or open the thread to read it – so handy!

preview first post

There are two ways you can preview posts in this way: first, simply holding down your shift key while you mouseover a forum topic will bring up the post preview. Easy-peasy! If you’d like this feature to be automatic (so that you don’t have to hold down anything), we provide that option for you on the settings tab in the forums – just check the box in the “other settings” section of your forum settings tab.

forum setting preview post

We hope this helps to make keeping up in your favorite groups and forums even easier for you!

We’re still so excited at hitting our 4 million users milestone, so for today’s eye candy I couldn’t resist a few more related things.

First up, some millionth projects.  angelaknits’ Red Leaves was the 4 millionth project, CarreenWarner’s An Armadillo for a Friend was the 4 millionth finished project, and califlamingo’s Skipping Stones was the subject of the 4 millionth favorite.

Casey calculated some fun statistics about the site, and among them was the fact that more than 4% of Icelanders are on Ravelry.  So, let’s celebrate some of our great Icelandic Ravelers!  auduragla’s Turtles peysa is a wonderful take on the traditional lopi, LitlaSkvis’ Solid granny square blanket is such colorful crochet, and DagnyAsta’s Silkitoppur looks both sweet and luxurious.

Thank you to all of you for being a part of your community.  And if you missed it, make sure to check out these awesome infographics about Ravelry at 4 million!

We are going to begin periodically featuring some of the fun things happening within groups on Ravelry. Recently, almost 8,000 people challenged themselves to work on a project (or many projects) for the 2014 Ravellenic Winter Games, so we thought it would be fun to see some of their creations

Knit Ravellenic
Some of the knit projects that caught my eye are as follows: LilyLilyLily‘s Laneway, miyokomeow‘s my between the cloud, BookcaseHat‘s Grey Sands, and alicealice‘s crazy stripy rainbow socks.

Ravellenic Crochet
There were also some great crochet projects. These selections are greatly influenced by the fact that I am planning to make some stuffies and an afghan soon. They are kedema‘s Ravellenic Games 2014 Blanket, tinypurrsStarburst Bunny, ClodeSuisse‘s Groovyghan, and missworld‘s Chick in a bunny costume X6.

The Ravellenic Games had a lot of great projects. This post barely scratches the surface. You can see them here, by searching for the ravellenic2014 tag in the project search.

I currently have 107 projects on Ravelry!  And let’s be real, sometimes I just like to look at them and enjoy the memories of creating each item.  The advanced search* is great if I want to look at built in filters like all my crocheted projects, or the sweaters, or everything made from purple yarn.  But sometimes you want to use more personal categories: gifts made for my family, lost projects, items that required time-consuming finishing work.  For that sort of organization, I use project tabs.

I can get started in the project section of my notebook, by clicking on the organize tab.  From there, I can start creating sets, which are based on tags.

And then I can page through my projects and add them to the appropriate sets.

When I’m all done, my new project tab is visible from my projects section of my notebook, right next to the organize tab, so it’s easy to refer back to those projects anytime I like.  And now, if I use those tags in any future projects they’ll automatically be added to the existing sets.

I hope you enjoy setting up some tabs for your projects and basking in the trips down memory lane.

*You can see your own projects in the advanced search by editing the user filter to be your own username.

Today I felt like browsing toy projects on Ravelry. Here are some of the many adorable recently finished cuties!

I think large softies look extra huggable:

KnitsForLife‘s Verne the Squid, shoukea‘s K’s Christmas Whale, and norwain‘s Giant Strawberry.

While smaller ones seem extra fun to pose:

HolofernesTribute to Kasimir & Luna, Saralai‘s Hank the Dorset Down Sheep, and granmama‘s My Little Bluebird goes cheep cheep cheep.

And these (very) small projects are just ridiculously cute:

very small

JodieBodie‘s Teeny Ducks on a Pond, Kimmycup‘s Teddy Bear in a Top Hat and Vests, and ArgT‘s Micro-er Bunny.

If you need a little cheery inspiration, browsing the finished softie projects just might put a smile on your face like it did mine!

This may not be the most exciting tip ever, but I help people on a daily basis who have an old email in their profile and they have forgotten their password. I’m happy to help, but I would love to help prevent that situation in the first place! We use the email address in your profile only to help you if you forget your password, so it is important that you complete that field and that your address is accurate there. To check your address, click on your Notebook tab, then click “about me”.

about me

Then, click “edit your profile”

edit profile

The email address is the very first field there. Make sure that you have an address there, and that it is an address you can access.

One other quick reminder, if you receive message notifications from us and your email address changes, make sure you also update your address in the “email settings” tab of your messages area.

A lot of you have been Ravelers for a while (yay!), and we know that email addresses change over time. Thanks for taking a few minutes to make sure your information is correct so that you don’t lose access to your account!

Community Eye Candy: Remixed

February 12th, 2014

This week, I chose projects where the creator repurposed a pattern or combined more than one pattern to get the result that they were looking for.

Above, from left to right: lacesockslupins’ Foolish Virgins Mittens, revi-and-noa’s (finall)ease! and Maud-Bailey’s a n a r.

Above: 4runner8′s A Tiger Named Tim, AnMiwe’s Animal mobile, and some’s Venezia Snood.

Above: beforesunrise’s Ingwaz, Shivaji’s Festive Cowl, and lotfoh’s Fairy SnowRikke.