I love getting color inspiration from nature. Each fall when we travel to Rhinebeck, I marvel at the beauty of the fall leaves and leave with the beautiful greens, oranges, reds and yellows on my mind. Today, I thought I’d check out the beautiful things Ravelers are making with these colors of autumn.

First of all, some solid color autumnal projects. Clockwise from top right: BrenBoone’s Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf, miastick’s Candlewick Cardi, and aisteb1973’s Kusama.

There were lots of great projects that incorporated several fall colors. Here are a few of them: moonpook’s Gold in Fall, leelaswann’s Tiny Leaf, Garland Edition and LeslieAnnMG’s Fall Cardi.

I think my favorite autumn color is that beautiful gold, the kind that glows just a bit when the light hits it just right. These projects incorporate that golden glow: Birdsoup’s Transformation Shawl, Isrose’s Shawl and jromanov’s HotShorts.

In the United States, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, in the midst of the fall leaves (or in some cases snow). We are so very thankful for each and every Raveler who is a part of our community. You each make Ravelry what it is with every project, pattern, forum post and bundle that you add. Thank you for being an inspiration to us and to other Ravelers every day!

Registration is now open for the Spring 2016 Squam Art Workshops! Every year we so look forward to the creative classes, nurturing teachers, and wonderful attendees, all in one of our favorite parts of the world: Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

Just check out this fantastic list of teachers! I love that SAW offers exciting knitting and textile dyeing classes from incredible folks I know and love (like Kate Atherley, Gudrun Johnston, Kristine Vejar, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Andrea Rangel), but you can also branch out and try your hands at classes in sewing, woodworking, drawing, writing, photography, embroidery… the list goes on. On top of that there are yoga classes, paper cutting, and ample time to relax, hike or enjoy the beautiful lake. I don’t know how I am going to choose!

You can also join the Squam Ravelry group if you want to chat with other Ravelers about all the fun. It is truly a unique experience and we can’t wait to pack up our art supplies and bathing suit and head every year. I hope to see you at the lake!

Community Eye Candy: On the Edge

November 17th, 2015

Today while browsing projects for Eye Candy, I was struck by a few recently completed projects with striking details around the edges. I went searching for more, entering things like “edging,” “border,” and “fringe” in the project search, and was really inspired by the variety of beautiful details Ravelers are giving their projects!


First up are annielight’s bold The Love of Spiders and DreamsinCrochet’s scalloped Midsomer Shawl.


Next we have lmecoll’s beautiful mesh Seastripes and DanaRae19’s squishy, graphic Bee Nimbus.


Above are OrangeSmoothie’s textured Isabelita Test and wendabird57’s brightly beaded beaded peace sign shawl.


Finally, here are Mawie’s boldly fringed Wildblumen Reggae, and Filetstueck’s delicate Handkerchief / hanky in filet-crochet with scalloped edge.

I’m so inspired by these thoughtful, lovely border and edge details. Thank you to everyone for sharing your beautiful work with the Ravelry community!

friend activity update 1

The Friend Activity feature on Ravelry is one of my favorite places to check on the site. To find it, click on the friends section of your Notebook, and then the friend activity tab. (If you don’t have a lot of activity in your friend activity tab, you can check mine out by clicking here!)

I’ve posted a Friend Activity overview before (please check out this past tip if you aren’t familiar with this feature), but wanted to share another tip about it because we’ve just released some updates to this feature, inspired by a suggestion from Raveler Lovewool-Knits (thanks Jenn!) that we hope you enjoy!

friend activity update 2

First: oooh the pretty pictures. We now default to a larger photo view, more consistent with other photo views across the site. (The old, smaller photo view is still an option you can select if you prefer.) You’ll also notice little Ravatars (I’ve marked them with green arrows in the photo above) whenever there is activity for someone adding a project photo – we wanted to make it easier to spot when one of your friends is updating a project they’ve been working on!

friend activity update 3

You’ll also notice an update to the filters that allow you to select which types of activity you want to see. Now, we condense the options into a drop-down list, and display a description of the activity type that the icon represents next to each icon in the list.

Finally, if you select a set of your friends from the drop-down on the left, to see only activity from that set of friends, we will remember your preference, so the next time you come back and view your friend activity you’ll see the same set you’d selected before.

It is so fun to see all kinds of activity in this section! If you feel shy about adding someone to your Ravelry friends, and aren’t sure where to begin, you can always add any of us on the Ravelry staff! Casey, Jess, Sarah, Christina, and I all happily accept any and all Ravelry friends. (So does Bob!)

When I got home from Rhinebeck and entered all my new stash into Ravelry I realized that everything I bought this year was undyed. Today’s eye candy celebrates my other natural-colored fiber lovers.

I love it in these light-weight items! From left: Eyleena’s Pretty as a White Peacock (neutral peacock is amazing!), tinchen61’s Tea. Earl Grey.Hot. (don’t miss the matching beads!), and anxykaz’s Kroonprintsisall.

These heavier-weight beauties shine as well. From left: madforknit’s Buck’s Hat (the matching pom pom is killing me), ALazyBeauty’s Mega Pompom Scarf (yet more perfect poms), and t28girl’s Starbuck SHF (I couldn’t resist some natural handspun).

These garments are perfection. From left: JacqueRae’s Stephanie’s Wedding Dress (a group of friends made this crocheted, beaded showstopper! Here’s the bride’s project page with more info), PeggyGrand’s Mailin, kiwiknitter63’s Coda (don’t miss the unique back of this sweater!), and cheshirecat’s tight fit aran pullover.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these neutral projects as much as I did. You can find more projects with undyed yarn with this search link.

When you get magic linked in the Ravelry forums, you receive a message that says “Are your ears burning?” Many people therefore refer to a magic link as an “earburn”. These phrases made me look in the projects to see if there are some fun projects with ears, and boy are there! Here are a few I wanted to share.

First off, some fun hats with ears.

From left to right: Carajv’s Zvsi hat, annemariebb1’s Devil-cat hat and Plektou’s Red Fox Hood Cowl

Next, a few cute stuffies with ears.

From left to right: coffeebug’s Sheepies!, mostlymunchies’ Sno-Balls! and spingirl’s Mounted Jackalope

And, last but not least, a few other projects that I couldn’t resist sharing.

From left to right: Irish’s Brantley’s Fox Mittens, fluffandfuzz’s Bunny Ears Egg Cosy and JanuaryYarns’ Check Meowt Cat Socks

These projects with ears really brightened my day and I hope they brought a smile to your face, too!

Thursday Tip: Quick Search

October 22nd, 2015

Today will be the second to last installment of my tips walking you through the top navigation tabs on the site. This week I’ll cover the quick search, and next time I will do a final link-up and summary. If you can’t wait and want to check out the previous posts right away, here are some links: patterns tab, yarns tab, people tab, forums tab, groups tab, and shop tab.

Let’s get started checking out the quick search!

The quick search can be found at the right-most end of the top navigation. It’s not truly a tab – clicking the magnifying glass will open an overlay on top of whatever page you’re currently browsing. Next, let’s walk through the overlay.

There are 3 sections to the quick search pop-up.

quick search

Entering a search term here is a great site-wide search. You can use it to look for people, patterns, projects, yarns – anything you might find on Ravelry! I’ll dig deeper into that below.

advanced search

This section has direct links to all of the sections of advanced search. I can click on any of them and be taken to a search for those items, with multiple options for sorting and filtering. It is the fastest way to get to advanced search – just 2 clicks! – and I use it multiple times a day to look things up.

my saved searches

When you create an advanced search you really like, you can save it for later review. I wrote a blog post about saving searches and subscribing to them last year; I recommend it if you want to learn more about them.

Now, let’s check out what it looks like when you use the quick search.

As you can see, the quick search looks all over the site for matches for your term (I had to cut off the prolific-ness of Ysolda to fit it in this post!). Click on any item in that list to go check it out in detail. We sort the results by type so you can quickly zero in on the result you’re after. You can enter a result type after your search term if you want to limit your search – like “Hitchhiker pattern” will avoid results that won’t be linked to a pattern such as people.

And that’s it. The quick search tab is little, but it’s a great way to quickly navigate around the site; I hope you find it useful, too! Next time I’m back I’ll provide a post with links to all the site tab tips and one more place you can look for helpful info.

We just got back from a wonderful weekend at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY. It was a great festival, and definitely chilly enough for everyone to be wearing lots of beautiful woolen garments and accessories – so inspiring! For this week’s Eye Candy post, we thought we’d do something a little different, and took pictures around the festival to highlight here. Enjoy!


Above, at left, IrishSweetheart and her gorgeous mitts, cowl, and hat – all of which are at least partly made from her own handspun! She attended the meetup with her mother on both days, and we are grateful that her mom gave us permission to post this picture of her modeling her wonderful work. In the middle is ShamekaKnits and her vibrant Neon and Neutral Cowl and a lovely Purple-grass sweater. At right is Hannabelle wearing piles of her beautiful knits – I’m pretty sure that cozy scarf is her Lacy Baktus, but check out her Ravelry notebook for all kinds of handspun loveliness!


Here we have Susanjoy, missdmna, and magilson showing off their beautiful Baa-ble Hats! There were so many cute Baa-bles at Rhinebeck this year!


Thank you to Gretchen623 and ZuzuSunshine for showing off your stunning shawls!


Knitwit685 and Megnolia13 clearly got into the Rhinebeck Spirit with their layers of woolen goodness and happy smiles!


We saw a happy group of knitters with matching FOs (and an almost FO that I was delighted to see the woman on the end wear anyway, still on the needles). Turns out they were test-knitting a soon-to-be-available pattern from Raveler ymalcolm – it looks great, Yelena!

My camera also ate a really cute picture of hodgepodge and fibreperson in all kinds of crochet finery – and I am so bummed because they looked great – but you can check out their Ravelry notebooks, linked above, for lots of crochet inspiration!


Finally, Sarah and Christina spotted this awesomeness in the parking lot – brittanotthefiltr’s Girasole, adapted to become a tire cover for her Jeep. We salute you, Britta!

Thank you to everyone who came by our Ravelry meetups to get a button and say hello to us and your Ravelry friends. We just love attending this festival every year, and can’t say enough how much we appreciate getting to meet our community members in person – Ravelers are just the best! If you like, you can check out many more updates from the NY Sheep and Wool festival in the Rhinebeck Group.

It’s October and many of us see mitten weather in our future. The Ravelers featured below all came up with their projects by making modifications to mitten patterns.

Above: coffeebug’s Wanderwellen 4ply take 2, TiiQ’s Newgrange Socks, and lacesockslupins’ Latvian maximitten.

annanann’s Loose me not mittens, hellaorange’s Herbstliche Armstulpen, and Ribbels’ Shetland Chullo.

Imkehim’s In Persuit of Edelweiß, bcat75’s Endpaper gloves, and Venke’s Finnish Gloves.

Thursday Tip: Get Social

October 8th, 2015

social first

Did you know that in your Ravelry profile we give you a way to enter and link to your usernames on other websites? In addition to giving you an easy way to share your profiles on other sites with your Ravelry friends, it is also handy if you’d like your friends from your other sites to be able to find you with your other-site-usernames in the People search.

To add a social site, just click on the edit your profile link at the top left of your Ravelry profile page, then scroll down to the other social sites section and click on the add/change social sites link.


You’ll get a pop-up with a list of the sites we support for this feature, and you can fill your usernames on any of those sites you wish. Click on the save sites in profile button and that’s it! Your other social sites will be listed near their icons on your Ravelry profile page.


Like all the information in your Ravelry profile, filling this in is completely and totally optional – so if this isn’t information you’d be willing to share, feel free to keep it blank! If you ever decide you’d rather delete one or more of your linked sites from your profile, just go back to that add/change social sites box, delete the username you no longer wish to link, and click the save button.

Right now, the websites we can link to automatically on your profile are ArtFire, BookCrossing, deviantART, Dreamwidth, Etsy, Facebook, Folia, Goodreads, Instagram, KnittingHelp, LibraryThing, LiveJournal, Metafilter, Pinterest, Plurk, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yelp.

If you want us to add another popular website, you can suggest it in For the Love of Ravelry; you can also link to any website you like in the Notes section of your Ravelry profile using the regular text hyperlinks.

We hope this feature helps you connect with your Ravelry friends all around the internet!