This is a sweet time of year on Ravelry, when we see tons of photos of loved ones wearing things that were made especially for them. Here are a few of the many, many projects that were finished in December.

Maschenbaby’s Anna (made for her sister), andreafromtoronto’s ~ Son its cold outside ! ~ (made for her son) and VirginijaSan’s Žiemos Uogos // Winter Berries (made for her daughter)

mng’s 37 Years (made for her friend), samovaren’s Gefjun til kjæresten (made for her boyfriend) and Moonstruckmermaid’s ♥ Mr. M. ♥ (made for Mr. Moonstruck)

KellyInTexas’ Fennel (made for her husband), RoseHA’s Twin’s Favourite Things (made for her brother) and Kazyuk’s Cassavetes (made for her husband)

Jess’ first comment on seeing this post: Wow. How do you get on these people’s gift lists?

2015 Superlatives!

December 22nd, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we wanted to take the opportunity with our last Eye Candy post to show off some of the amazing things that Ravelers have done this year! Over the years, I’ve learned that if there’s one thing that Ravelers enjoy almost as much as knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, and yarn and fiber in general… it’s stats. ? So without further ado, please enjoy:

Ravelry’s 2015 Superlatives!

Most Knit and Crocheted Patterns Published in 2015

most popular knit and crochet patterns

In 2015, Mystery Craftalongs were incredibly popular! Mystery Knitalongs and Crochetalongs are events in which designers come up with a pattern and release it to participants bit-by-bit, often in weekly installments. This year, our two most popular new patterns – those published in 2015 that have the most projects – were Stephen West’s The Doodler, and Dedri Uys’ Sophie’s Universe CAL, both originally published as Mystery Craftalongs.

Most Queued Patterns Published in 2015

most queued knit and crochet patterns

Dedri Uys’ Sophie’s Universe CAL was also the most-queued new crochet pattern this year! The most-queued new knitting pattern is The Baa-ble Hat, by Donna Smith, which we noted in our Rhinebeck Eye Candy post was very popular at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.

Most Used New Yarns and New Indie Yarn Brand

As crafters, we are lucky to have so many beautiful yarns from which to choose when we make our projects, and this year several new yarns were released that Ravelers clearly just couldn’t wait to try!

most projects new yarns

We took a look at the yarns released this year that have the most projects – for commercially dyed, Schachenmayr Regia’s Design Line by Arne & Carlos came out on top! For a hand-dyed yarn, Malabrigo’s Mechita inspired the most people to start using it right away.

most projects new indie yarn line

The brand-new Indie Yarn Brand with the most projects is the lovely Kate Davies Designs Buachaille.

2015 Projects with the Most Favorites!

projects with most faves knitting crochet

pooki’s Lace Boxy and coffeebug’s Wanderwellen 4ply take 2 stood out as the 2015 knitting and crochet projects that received the most favorites from other Ravelers.

projects with most faves spinning weaving

Among 2015’s spinning and weaving projects, stormyautumn’s Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sheep 2 Shoe Kit and LizChristina’s opalized wood shawl received the most hearts!

2015 project most faves handspun

tewshortforu’s Summer Berry Gradient Hitofude, knit up in her berry hunting handspun, was the handspun project that received the most favorites this year.

Most Helpful Project Completed in 2015

most helpful 2015 project

Some project notes on Ravelry are full of great information, and stand out as being especially helpful, so at the bottom of each project page on Ravelry, we have a button you can click to show if the project’s notes helped you. (We can then use this information to help others around the site by showing in among other projects marked helpful on pattern pages, and even linking it for you on your own project page if you make a project from the same pattern.) 2015’s most helpful project was PaperDaisy1’s Lisa’s Rowe, which 145 people marked as helpful – and judging from the comments, her detailed notes (and of course, her gorgeous FO!) inspired others to try this pattern, as well!

Most-loved Forum Post with an Image

forum post with the most loved image

The Ravelry forums can be such a wonderful resource and a great place to find help, as well as a place to connect with friends near and far. We looked for the forums post containing an image that had received the most love button clicks in 2015, expecting to find an image of a beautiful project, and we did! MrsSasha’s post in the Lazy, Stupid, and Godless group, sharing her beautiful Tiger Eye Lace Scarf, knit in Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller, definitely deserves a lot of love clicks… and not just because she revealed in her post that her MIL, who she had given the scarf to, had thrown it away. Y’all. ??? Please go give this beautiful project some love in MrsSasha’s Ravelry notebook, won’t you?

New Yarn Shops with The Most Patrons

new yarn shops with most patrons

Where would we be without yarn shops? Whether they are a crafty community hub in our town, or shipping us yarn from far away, yarn shops are where we turn for our supplies as well as assistance and even friendship! We looked through our shop directory for shops that opened in 2015 and had the most Ravelry patrons (that is, users who added yarn to their Ravelry stashes and noted that they had bought it from the shops). Among online shops, BritYarn in the UK took the top spot here! For local “brick and mortar” stores, Circle of Stitches in Salem, MA had the most patrons. We are so happy to see Ravelers supporting yarn shops!

I hope you enjoyed this look at some of the patterns, yarns, projects, posts, and shops that stood out among our users in 2015! This will be our last blog post of the year, as the five of us on the Ravelry staff are heading into vacation and holiday time. Wherever you are in the world, we thank you for being a part of the Ravelry community. Our members – you! – make this site a joy to work on every day, and we are thrilled to get to continue to improve things and make new features for us all. Casey, Jess, Sarah, Christina, and I all wish you a very Happy New Year, and a safe and fun start to 2016!

Thursday Tip: Rav Nav Round-Up

December 17th, 2015

Since April I’ve been focusing my tips on the top navigation tabs you see on every page in Ravelry. Below is a round-up of those previous posts, a great way to review details you forgot or catch up on posts you missed.

The patterns tab – the place to look at patterns in our database.

The yarns tab – your gateway to our yarns database.

The people tab – find fellow Ravelers.

The forums tab – posts from your groups.

The groups tab – browse the many Ravelry groups.

The shop tab – buy merchandise from Ravelry, our advertisers, and designers.

The help tab – a collection of resources to answer your Ravelry questions.

Quick search – a pop-up with a powerful site-wide search.

There’s no wrong way to use Ravelry, so we hope this information will help you find the areas that interest you! Have a topic you’d love to see a tip on next year? Let us know in this thread!

New Ravelry Merch

December 14th, 2015

We finally have a bunch of new merch in the Ravelry mini-mart!

The sad news: one of our new designs is this sheep breed art that we created for wool and sheep lovers everywhere. We printed it on 3 styles of shirts and 2 bags, and we printed lots of them so that everyone would be able to get one. THERE IS A MISTAKE.

Yep. The Romeldale sheep is missing an L.

You can take home one of our sheep mistakes at a 40% discount. We’re selling nice tees for $12, great quality totes for $12, and large zippered canvas pouches for $9.

Sheep mistakes:

For shirts, we have Women’s Crew Neck from S to 2XL (they run small), Women’s V Neck from L to 3XL, and Unisex (not shown) from S to 2XL.

We also have a canvas tote and a zippered canvas pouch:


More new stuff, sans mistakes

Ravelry Alphabet Tote, a new design by Eloise Narrigan (Eloise is worksweet on Ravelry)

Yarnimal kids shirts. We printed this yarn bowl animal art by verabee on one-pieces and kids shirts in sizes 2 up to 12.

And finally, a Ravelry needle & hook tool that was custom made for us by Raveler katrinkles. You can see her other work at

Thursday Tip: Spread Some Cheer

December 10th, 2015

There are some great ways to spread some cheer on Ravelry, and to help your friends and loved ones send you some cheer, as well!

Are you involved in a swap where the person sending gifts doesn’t get revealed until later? If so, you can now send pattern gifts without the receiver knowing who sent them. To do this, log out of Ravelry and go to the pattern page, then choose the “send as gift” option to send it to the recipient.

Your recipient will receive a notification of your gift, and you can include a message to be sent with that notification, but it will not include your information if you wish to remain anonymous.

Do you want to add patterns to your wishlist for friends and family who aren’t Ravelers? If so, create a wishlist of patterns. You can find instructions for creating a wishlist using these instructions. Then, you can provide your friends and family with the link to your queue and they will see your wishlist. They can follow the links to the pattern pages and send them as a gift to you!

I hope these options help you spread some cheer to others and get a gift you will use, too!

Community Eye Candy: Finished!

December 9th, 2015

Some projects like to take their time. They’ll sit in your queue waiting for the right yarn or the right day, then they don’t cooperate or something else comes along and they’ll be sent off to wait in a basket or bag. These projects were all 2 or 3 years in the making but now they are finally done (woohoo!) and they look SO GOOD! Congratulations, everyone.

CLEOCMC’s Vivien: queued in 2013, started in April 2014, and finished in October.

hiro25neko’s Noro Melody Skirt: queued in 2012, started this May, and finished in October.

clairesoleil’s Couronne. Queued in 2013, started this April, and finished last month.

mrspremise’s Laura Shawl. Queued in 2013, started this March, and finished in October.

taniaho’s Puffin. Queued in 2012, started 1 year ago, and finished in October.

dimples74’s Gilded Grace. Queued in 2013, started this July, and finished last week.

motorharp’s Blue sweater. Queued in 2012, started this March, and finished last month.

Cathri’s Splashes. Queued in 2013, started in February 2014, and finished last week.

hurdygurdygirl’s Lovage . Queued in 2012, started this January, and finished last month.

We are working with volunteers to translate Ravelry into other languages! Right now, if you would be more comfortable using German or French, you can adjust your Ravelry so that you see the translations that volunteers have written so far. Just go to to get started!

Ravelry translate

Right now, we’re testing with German and French, but will have many different languages later. Our hope is to make Ravelry more accessible to our users around the world!

Gemeinsam mit freiwilligen Helfern arbeiten wir daran, die Benutzeroberfläche von Ravelry in andere Sprachen zu übersetzen. Wenn Du möchtest, kannst Du Dein Ravelry so einrichten, dass Du die bereits übersetzten Begriffe auf Deutsch (oder Französisch) anzeigen lassen kannst. Dazu gehst Du einfach auf

Im Moment testen wir Deutsch und Französisch, aber später werden noch viele weitere Sprachen dazukommen. Wir hoffen, dass dadurch Ravelry rund um die Welt besser nutzbar (und verständlicher) wird.

(Thank you to hummel06 and Manfredovna for your translation help for this blog post!)

À l’aide d’une équipe de bénévoles nous avons entrepris de traduire le contenu de Ravelry! Pour l’instant nous vous proposons des versions française et allemande: si l’une de ces versions vous intéresse, vous pouvez configurer votre affichage en fonction de la langue souhaitée en accédant à !

Actuellement nous sommes en rodage pour l’allemand et le français, mais à terme nous aurons bien d’autres langues. Nous espérons rendre Ravelry plus accessible aux utilisateurs du monde entier!

(Thank you to pickleknit and Olbia for your translation help for this blog post!)

We’re officially dipping into below-freezing temperatures where I live, and have already had our first snowfall… and I love it! With the colder weather comes a chance to wear our handmade sweaters that we’ve put so much work into. Here are some beautiful recently finished sweaters that Ravelers have made!


dwj1978’s Weekend Wear looks so cozy and versatile! Juliet73’s Cadmium Orange is elegant and cheery at the same time.


I love the vibrant blue of jillben’s Recoleta, and the bold graphic yoke on ellalc’s Icelandic jumper take 2!


jarmeblue’s Hayride and gramgrampam’s La Maille Sweater both have such beautiful textural details – and I love seeing those happy “my sweater turned out perfectly” smiles!


I’m crazy about greeny blues and teals! Lovewool-Knits’ Gemini and sarahbelle’s Swirl both caught my eye, pairing lovely blues with autumnal tones and using a rich teal with a bold cable design.

If you’re working on a sweater right now, may your yarn be a delight to work with, and your gauge be true!

I love getting color inspiration from nature. Each fall when we travel to Rhinebeck, I marvel at the beauty of the fall leaves and leave with the beautiful greens, oranges, reds and yellows on my mind. Today, I thought I’d check out the beautiful things Ravelers are making with these colors of autumn.

First of all, some solid color autumnal projects. Clockwise from top right: BrenBoone’s Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf, miastick’s Candlewick Cardi, and aisteb1973’s Kusama.

There were lots of great projects that incorporated several fall colors. Here are a few of them: moonpook’s Gold in Fall, leelaswann’s Tiny Leaf, Garland Edition and LeslieAnnMG’s Fall Cardi.

I think my favorite autumn color is that beautiful gold, the kind that glows just a bit when the light hits it just right. These projects incorporate that golden glow: Birdsoup’s Transformation Shawl, Isrose’s Shawl and jromanov’s HotShorts.

In the United States, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week, in the midst of the fall leaves (or in some cases snow). We are so very thankful for each and every Raveler who is a part of our community. You each make Ravelry what it is with every project, pattern, forum post and bundle that you add. Thank you for being an inspiration to us and to other Ravelers every day!

Registration is now open for the Spring 2016 Squam Art Workshops! Every year we so look forward to the creative classes, nurturing teachers, and wonderful attendees, all in one of our favorite parts of the world: Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

Just check out this fantastic list of teachers! I love that SAW offers exciting knitting and textile dyeing classes from incredible folks I know and love (like Kate Atherley, Gudrun Johnston, Kristine Vejar, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Andrea Rangel), but you can also branch out and try your hands at classes in sewing, woodworking, drawing, writing, photography, embroidery… the list goes on. On top of that there are yoga classes, paper cutting, and ample time to relax, hike or enjoy the beautiful lake. I don’t know how I am going to choose!

You can also join the Squam Ravelry group if you want to chat with other Ravelers about all the fun. It is truly a unique experience and we can’t wait to pack up our art supplies and bathing suit and head every year. I hope to see you at the lake!