Eye Candy: Neutrals

January 10th, 2019

Two grey mittens with a tiger design shown when they are put side by side

Many people think neutral colors are boring, but in looking at projects this week, I found several very interesting projects that were made primarily made with neutrals. I love how the light contrast of the grey and white above show off the tiger pattern in CristalLittleK’s Ussuri Tiger project. Here are a few more!

A black and white shawl on a woman in a black shirt on the left and some black and white mitts on the right

The fun thing about neutrals is that they can be used with a light contrast or a more dramatic contrast, as is the case with these two. On the left, nannyknitter62’s Emiliana uses black and white for a stunning finished object. On the right, the same level of contrast is used in a different pattern in skyfox66’s Underwing Mitts.

On the left, a light brown crochet hat with a maroon top, in the middle a light brown cabled hat with a large cream pom pom and on right a cream cabled hat in the snow
I also found several neutral hats that would easily fit into many wardrobes. From left to right: Tjones76’s Slouchy Beanie is mostly neutral, with a little color pop on top, ElafromGdansk’s Bray Cap is perfect for winter and Alisa75’s Frosty hat looks lovely in the snow.

Man in grey vest on the left and a little crocheted bunny on a shelf on the right
Finally, I just really loved these projects! First, joreielle7’s Sand Classic Camel Vest can be worn with so many things and I love this little bunny made by SandrillonKnits, the Lalylala 4 seasons EASTER project.

While I tend to gravitate toward bright colors, these neutrals are inspiring me to take a second look at some of the neutral yarn I have in my stash. I hope they inspire you, too!

knit colorwork hat with pom pom

taniaho’s midnattsol hat (test)

At the beginning of 2018 we added a fun new Ravelry feature: the Ravelry Project Challenge. Knowing that many users enjoy setting personal goals about projects they’d like to complete each year, we added a Challenge tab to Ravelry notebooks so that we could track these projects and our progress throughout the year. As of yesterday, over 8,000 Ravelers have completed their 2018 Project Challenges, and the total number of 2018 projects for those Ravelers is a whopping 236,000! For today’s Eye Candy post we are highlighting projects from just a few of the Ravelers who met their 2018 Project Challenge goals. At the end of the post, we have information on how to get set up for the 2019 Project Challenge, if you are interested!

grey striped handknit socks, a knit shawl in fall colors, and a woman wearing a grey and black colorwork sweater

mustaavillaa set a Challenge goal of 15 projects, and completed 18, including these Grey socks! Purlificknitter’s goal was 40 projects, this Mira, Mira On the Wall – Testshawl is one of the 44 projects completed! h-e-l-i finished 43 projects in 2018, blowing right past her goal of 26 projects. This lovely humulus was finished in October.

smiling woman wearing plum-colored crocheted cardigan, assortment of crocheted produce bags, and a woman in a light taupe handknit dress and bright pink tights stands in a doorway

WolfCrochet set a goal of 8 projects but ended up finishing 26, including this Mandarin Magic cardigan! crochet-hello’s initial goal was 5 completed projects but she ended up making 26 – some of them, like these DRAWSTRING PRODUCE BAGS were multiple items as one Ravelry project! georgievinsun’s Lotta is one of the 20 Ravelry projects (including several dresses) she finished, with a goal of 19.

a woven scarf in creamy neutrals, a woman wearing a handknit cowl in golden stripes, and a mitred square blanket draped on a couch with two cats resting on it.

chalklegs surpassed a goal of 19 projects, with 20 projects – knitting, crochet, and weaving – completed, including this September Weave. NeulistiMNK set a lofty goal of 50 projects for 2018, and ended up finishing 51! This Slanted Stripes cowl is a lovely sample of her work. TheBon made 31 projects in 2019, surpassing her goal of 25, and gaining the approval of her cats with the beautiful Dyed to Shift afghan.

Want to join the Ravelry Project Challenge in 2019?

To set up your Ravelry Project challenge, just go to your Ravelry Notebook and click on the “challenge” tab you’ll see at the top right. (If you are on a mobile device the tab may be hidden behind a button with a picture of 3 dots.) There, you’ll see the 2019 Project Challenge section where you can set a goal for the number of Ravelry projects you’d like to complete in 2019. This is a personal challenge, not a competition, so set a number that seems fun and motivating for you! You can change this number at any time, and there is no deadline to sign up.

After you’ve set your goal, the challenge tab is where you can track your progress, with a list of the projects you have completed in 2019 (once the year begins) and the items in your queue that you’ve given a 2019 deadline. Each time you mark one of your Ravelry projects as finished in 2019 you will get closer to your goal. I’ve been doing the Project Challenge this year and it has been so fun to see my progress as I finish things!

Will you be joining us for the 2019 Ravelry Project Challenge? Here on Team Rav, we are setting our goals – right now, I think I’m going to shoot for completing 12 Ravelry projects, Jess is aiming for 10, Sarah’s goal is to complete eight projects, and Christina wants to do six! We’ll be posting more about the Project Challenge here on the Ravelry blog and on our @hi.ravelry Instagram account throughout the year. If you have questions or want to share your 2019 Ravelry Project Challenge goal, come chat with us in the 2019 Project Challenge thread on For the Love of Ravelry!

Thank you, Ravelers! You’re the best!

Finally, we don’t want to close out 2018 without saying a huge thank you to all of you! With every year that passes we are more grateful for the Ravelry community and everything you all contribute to make the site what it is: useful, friendly, fun, inclusive, and filled with yarny goodness. Everyone here on Team Rav (including someone new who will be starting this month!) is so excited about what 2019 will bring to Ravelry, and we hope you are too. Happy New Year!

Eye Candy: Fiber Friends

December 19th, 2018

a group of wooden sheep and llamas all wearing little handknit sweaters, on a blue background
heylucy’s A Tiny Flock of Sweaters for Good

Today’s Eye Candy post celebrates projects made to look like some of our most appreciated animal friends: ones who provide fiber for us to use in our knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving projects!

three handmade projects: a crocheted llama in front of crocheted stylized Christmas trees, a group of cotton knit bunnies in festive sweaters, and a crocheted lamb

maidenbklyn’s Christmas Llama, bszen’s Little cotton rabbits, and kmtrry’s Amigurumi Lamb-sheep.

three handmade projects: a knit llama with a hat, a crocheted flat sheep softie, and a crocheted alpaca with a blanket on its back and a pom pom necklace

BlandineWinona’s Liam the Llama, FlamingoStitches’s Sheepie, and YumYarnCreations’ Marcia Alpaca.

I’m grateful in this cold season for all these beautiful animals – and the adorable Ravelry projects made in their honor!

Eye Candy: Hold it Right There!

December 12th, 2018

Hands wearing yellow fingerless mitts holding an elephant figurine
treeseeker’s Hand Holding

I often laugh at the extremes that I go to when photographing finished items, particularly those items that are a bit more difficult to find a good way to capture. When looking at projects this week, it made me smile to see all of the unique ways that people presented their mitten and glove projects and I thought I’d share a few of them!

Three photos: gloved hands hanging a wreath on a tree, gloved hands hanging ornaments and rainbow gloves held against a tree.

First off, several Ravelers photographed their finished mittens and glove projects with trees of all kinds! Wimmelkinder’s Ellri Mitts for Kerstin, tataporto’s White Christmas and mc-chick’s Helix Mitts

Three photos: Hands with mittens holding a red mug, aqua fingerless gloves holding a plant in a pot and a hand in a Fair Isle mitt holding its match
In addition to the amazing elephant above, a few other Ravelers showed their finished projects while holding something. Tippelditapser held a coffee mug when showing us Warm hands Nr. 19: Remember Orkney Isles, drbean held a plant while wearing the Tangled Yarn Mittens and thuisproject held the other mitt in finished photos of the Lotus Mittens.

I love the creativity shown by Ravelers not only in what they make but also in how they show those things off! Thanks to all of those who are featured here for finding fun ways to show us their projects and to all of you who add amazing photographs to our database every day.

Eye Candy: Handmade Home

December 5th, 2018

a birds-eye view of a table-top, with a crocheted potholder, a cutting board with a scone, a jar of jam, and a drink

londonleo’s K i t c h e n C o n f i d e n t i a l

Where I live, it’s beginning to feel quite wintery, which makes me want to curl up in my house with cozy woolens. Ravelers all over seem to be having similar vibes, as there are quite a few projects for their homes being made! Here are some of my favorite recently completed ones:

three handmade projects: a brightly colored crocheted afghan draped on a couch with a green pillow, a red and green striped Christmas tree pillow with a fluffy yellow pom-pom topper, and a stack of striped handwoven towels on a deck railing with fall foliage in the background

I loved the happy colors and touches in OrangeShooze’s Persian Tile / Eastern Jewels Blanket, cherrybling’s Striped Christmas Tree Pillow, and GlaserNo5’s Letterzed Towels.

three handmade blankets with animals resting on them: a blue and grey blanket with an orange cat in the sun, a bright multi-colored mitred square blanket with a dog lying on it, and a textured crocheted blanket on the back of the couch, with a grey and white cat lounging.

These projects are obviously appreciated by the most discerning members of the family: knitsnpurrs’ Moody Blues, ahurley’s Hue shift afghan, and inkypink’s Spicier Life CAL.

You can take a closer look at the home projects that Ravelers are making in our project search!

Eye Candy: November 28

November 28th, 2018

There are so many great projects being finished up right now that I wanted to feature, but they don’t really have a them, so here are my favorite recently completed projects!

Satokichi’s Same Same but different (contiguous Walnuss) is just a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day.

I love the multiple techniques in JaneSezKnit’s Woven Shibori Samples and the amazing use of leftovers in hustigern’s Leftover socks.

PotterandBloom’s betsy the unicorn, jester’s Mama and baby Antlers and krissygirl’s Baby Wellies were all too cute not to share!

You can see recently completed projects any time in the project search when you sort by “recently completed”. I encourage you to take a minute to check them out!

Eye Candy: Hats!

November 19th, 2018

knit hat with blue background, grey stranded designs, and raised grey tree motifs

incs’ Norrland Hat

So far this month, Ravelers have completed more hat projects than any other category – at the time of writing this post, 11,470 hat projects, to be exact! Here are just a few that I loved (it was really hard to narrow this down – if you want more hat inspiration definitely check out our project search!).

three hats: a blue textured knit, a green textured knit, and a blue crocheted hat, all with large fluffy faux-fur pom-poms

I really love the giant, faux-fur pom-poms like those in junepurls’ Two Drifters Fidra, terscher’s Kate’s Tread, and StellaGalla’s Cobblestone Hat. So fluffy!

three hats: a striped, knit hat with chunky cables, a knit hat with a raised squid detail, and a crocheted hat with stripes on the bias

I loved all of these cozy, creative hats: thekarrianne’s Ombre Cable Hat… 39, IrishElinor’s Hagrid’s Giant Squid Hat, and JanjaD’s Give it a Whirl Hat.

In writing this post, I realized I don’t have a single hat with a pom-pom. Obviously I need to fix my pom-pom deficient situation as soon as possible! If you are working on any hats right now, I hope they turn out perfectly cozy and warm!

Eye Candy: Halloween!

November 9th, 2018

halloween ghost

stitchbyfay’s Howl the littlest Ghost

Halloween was last week and as always, Ravelers made some incredible Halloween costumes and other projects to celebrate the holiday! Here are just a few fun, festive FOs:

halloween 1

Nimruse’s Rocking a Cardigan for Rhinebeck, Suff’s Hubble Bubble Double Trouble, and LindaDavie’s Flat Rainbow Skeleton

halloween 2

AmberDawn84’s Halloween Wreath, nybennie’s Holly the Good Witch, and HoopskirtLady’s Shelob’s Lair

There are so many more fun Halloween projects – just check out this search!

Eye Candy: Rhinebeck 2018

October 26th, 2018

New York Sheep & Wool, commonly referred to by many of us as Rhinebeck, is an annual celebration of fiber arts and the animals that provide us with the fiber we use. For some it’s about the shopping, others are all about those cider donuts, but for me it’s all about the people and seeing the amazing works of art they have created for the event. It was incredibly difficult to narrow down what to share in this little roundup post, but here are the finished projects in Ravelry that caught my eye.

First off, some groups of people who made the same thing! I credited the person whose photo I used in these, but you should be able to also check out the other ones in the projects tab of each pattern.

Rhinebeck Rainbow from knitosaurusrex’s project page

Rhinebeck Throwback sweater from ellielily’s project page

On the left here is the Nightshade Swoncho (with Swoncho friends) from lacylibrarylady’s project page and on the right is Fern & Feather For Four Friends from RoseCearley’s project page.

It seemed like colorwork was a big theme this year. Here are some of the sweaters that caught my eye for their great use of color.

From left to right: Guthrie by DrewJacobs83, October House by AnnaW, Tecumseh by tessagreenwood and Còinneach by dixiekins

Finally, I just felt like these pictures captured the beauty and joy of Rhinebeck.

From left to right: Chocolate Lace Flower by love2stitch, Race to Rhinebeck by craftycristyn and Rhinebeck Hat by WillyG

If you’d like to see more things made for Rhinebeck, you can check out the Rhinebeck group. There is a sweater thread there, and you can also check out the projects shared with the group in the upper right of the page.

Eye Candy: October 4

October 4th, 2018

The theme for this Eye Candy is: I Love These Projects! That’s right, there is no real theme. These are just projects I really loved, all of which were completed in the first few days of October.


birgittehk’s Diddy Hedgehog

october 4 1

dorteknits’ Sawley looks so beautifully soft and cozy, LindaVK made such gorgeous gifts with her Napkins for Grandchildren (lucky grandchildren!), and maje76’s Martine votter will make the dreariest winter day brighter and warmer.

october 4 2

robynchristine’s Lady of the Lake is an absolute stunner, Dasshulling’s Damejakka Loppa / Flea – A Lady’s Cardigan looks like such a fun, classically beautiful sweater, and Danielleanne’s The Dreamer is so striking (what a great way to combine a gradient and solid yarn)!

If you’d like to see more projects that Ravelers are finishing this month, check out our project search!